A Caprese salad with fruit

Fellow raw-tomato-haters, you’re in luck! A Caprese salad with fruit might be the summer appetizer you’ve been waiting for. “Just aim for something juicy and fresh,” says Bon Appetit. These figs look amazing, and peaches and plums are also on my to-try list.

Best Black Denim Shorts

I am not a person who enjoys wearing shorts. But after a recent miserably humid day, I stumbled across the perfect pair. Now, I never want to take them off. The length is adjustable (you can roll the hems or leave them down); there’s a bit of stretch; and they have a magic amount of high rise (in a vintage-y cool, but actually comfortable way). Turns out, more than 50 reviewers agree with me, with comments ranging from “these are the BEST SHORTS I’VE EVER OWNED” to “the denim short you’ve been dreaming of.”

Are You Going on a Vacation or Trip?

The handy guide for parents — Are You Going on a Vacation or Trip? — made us laugh out loud. “If you are traveling by car, there is a good chance it’s a trip. If you have packed one or more ‘throw-up bags,’ clearly, it’s a trip. If you packed a training potty, not a vacation. A trip if ever there was one.”

Samantha Irby

On the subway last week, a fellow passenger was reading Samantha Irby’s new book of personal essays and laughing so hysterically that other passengers couldn’t help joining in. My friend, whose roommate was halfway through it, said she could hear laughter through the apartment walls. Joanna devoured the first chapter last night — about why Irby thinks she should be the next Bachelorette — and told me it was smart, sardonic and (needless to say) totally hilarious. Sounds like the perfect summer book.

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