What Do You Pack for a Picnic?

What do you bring for a beach picnic? It’s funny how adventurous it feels to hang by the water with a basket of food, a gigantic blanket and just maybe some sneaky cans of wine or beer. After all, what’s better than stretching out on a lazy summer day surrounded by snacks?

It reminds me of Amy Krouse Rosenthal‘s funny quote: “When you go on a picnic, it is customary to pack three times as much food as your would normally eat. For lunch at home, you’ll have a sandwich, chips, maybe a pickle, and be quite satisfied. The picnic version, on the other hand, would be something along the lines of: sandwich, chips (for ten), some Goldfish crackers, pickles, fruit, potato salad and/or coleslaw, a few fried chicken legs, some random leftover from the fridge, and a bag of Tootsie Rolls. Even the napkin ration is askew: At home, one napkin is standard, but for the picnic you figure about seven per person.”

For this summer, the open-faced sandwiches on crusty bread from Dinner at the Long Table sound delicious and easy to pack. There’s no recipe required — you just need a tomato, mayonnaise, salt and pepper for one; and prosciutto and butter for the other. Prep it at home how you like and wrap it up. Then, as the cookbook states, “Sit on the dock of the bay. Call it a day.”

So curious to hear, what do you pack for the beach? Any go-to picnic foods?

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(Recipe reprinted from Dinner at the Long Table. Copyright 2017 by Andrew Tarlow and Anna Dunn. Photo by Michael Graydon and Nikole Herriott. Published by Ten Speed Press.)