Have a Lovely Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? We’re having people over for burgers tomorrow. Do you have any recommendations of sides to serve? (Potato salad? Corn?) Then we’re hoping to take the boys to the beach on Sunday. It’s slated to be 95 degrees out! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

If Sex and the City were on today, Miranda would be the star.

Wise words.

Wine lollipops exist!

Don’t you light my expensive candle.” Made me laugh.

Thumbs up for older models.

A trip to Spain changed the way I eat forever.

Have you read this book? I’ve heard such rave reviews.

Tina Fey on parenting, haha.

Do you work alone? Here’s how to stay sane. (I totally agree with #3.)

The 25 best films of the 21st century.

A little household glamour!

Plus, two great reader comments…

Says Gaia on four fun things: “We saw Wonder Woman last night and during one of the opening scenes, to my surprise, I started crying. I was baffled. Until I realized that I’m 38 and this was the first time I’d seen a huge budget movie like this — with twenty minutes of JUST women, a female protagonist who is the MAIN character, and whose love interest is cool, but the sidekick. I write children’s books and think a lot about representation in the media. I’m a white woman, not exactly hurting for role models. But this hit me so hard. I hadn’t realized it was missing until last night. Explaining to my husband, I said, “Imagine that all the movies you had ever seen up until tonight we’re exactly like that one.’ ”

Says Anela on baby names: “Four years ago, when I was a few months pregnant, I googled our secret name and was excited that not much was out there. Right before my daughter was born, I googled it one more time and was taken aback as her name is MOANA! We considered other names as I wanted something unique but now that my daughter is three, it’s been pretty fun and no one calls her ‘Mona’ anymore!”

(Photo by Brooke Fitts/Instagram.)