1. I love the illustration, it’s so true! The illustration works for when you move within a city too, my map is different than it would have been years ago when I lived in a different part of town. Love this!

  2. Mari, I love this!
    This is so true the way I felt living in Williamsburg during my early and mid twenties.

    Now I’m married and my husband and I roam each week to a new neighborhood and apartment in NYC with each petsit, so we end up with many maps of our lives.

  3. I’m so looking forward to Mari’s illustrations every week – so much truth in there. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So true!! Love this illustration. It’s so spot on, especially with the NYC subway system :)

  5. Escondista says...

    There’s also a common subway stop called “AVOID AT ALL COSTS!”

  6. Perfect illustration. It happened always when we shift to a new place.

  7. This is amazing. I just got back from a weekend trip to New York where I aced the subway for the first time in my life (though mostly thanks to Google Transit). I spent my weekend on the Upper East Side, East Village, and Brooklyn. But I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the possibility of getting on an Express train instead of local, which I did but also I got on the 3 Express instead of the 1 local. These drawings are one of the favorite things of my Friday!
    x Tali

  8. Georgina says...

    Love this! I love the feeling of getting to know a new place. When I first moved to London in 2009 for university, I couldn’t find my way anywhere and felt totally overwhelmed. I could just about manage the tube, but that was it. I used to wake up at 6 every morning, and instead of waiting for my flatmates to get up, I used to go on walks around Central London on my own. I would get lost and then realise ‘oh, I’m HERE’ – I built up a complete mental map of most of the city. I was talking about that with a friend recently and realising that these days I/we don’t really do that anymore; when I go to a new place I get google maps to tell me where to go! I explore new areas and then realise I don’t have that knowledge about them because I rely on my phone. Xx

    • Brianna says...

      I firmly believe the best way to learn a new place is to walk everywhere (assuming it’s safe to do so!).

  9. Sometimes I think I want to live in a city with subways. But I would only do it for Manhattan. Series idea? What it’s like to live in New York City through the lens of your NYC readers. I’m just saying I would read it. For instance, if you tackled all the staples of a New York City living experience, like the subway for instance. Nabbing furniture off the side of the street. Not owning a car (though maybe more people in NYC own cars than I realize?). Having multiple roommates in small living quarters. Or small living quarters, in general. That kind of thing.

    • Of course, these are probably likely of most metropolitan cities. You could probably be more specific since you have that living experience already. I’ve only visited once – heh.

  10. I just moved to a new city, so this feels particularly appropriate and made me laugh with understanding. Love these illustrations!

  11. Allyson says...

    I love love love this, and as someone about to make a major move, this gives me hope!

  12. I *love* this! When I first moved to New York, I felt very lost and lonely. After a year, my sister sat me down with a blank map of Manhattan and told me to mark places where I’d had a good dinner, where I visited often for work or for fun, etc. After a little while the map was full. She reminded me that even though the city might feel big and overwhelming, it’s important to remember that we build our own communities in it. I’ve now lived here for five years and I love my special map spots :)

    • Loribeth says...

      This is such a sweet idea! You’re sister nailed it!

  13. Cat Mouton says...

    This is so so true. I’ve lived in several cities and the left is always me for the first 6 months <3

    I love Mari's illustrated insights!