Jerry and Elaine

Jerry and Elaine

What are you up to this weekend? On Saturday, Alex and I are sneaking off for a long bike ride, like we used to do pre-kids! I can’t wait to stretch our legs and see how far we can get. Also, thank you so, so much for the comments on this post. I felt so buoyed this week and can’t tell you how much that meant. Have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Tiny ballet auditions.

6 things I wish I’d known when I moved into my first apartment.

I’d love to bring this to my next girls’ hang out.

Whoot, whoot! The trailer for Master of None’s second season.

What a flirty dress for spring evenings.

Apparently, one behavior separates successful people from everyone else.

I’m a woman and I don’t want children.”

Pretty candles for a dinner table.

How to get kids to eat broccoli.

Nine amazing podcast episodes. (#2 sounds really great.)


Plus, two reader comments:

Says Jia on celebrity crushes: Paul Rudd! What a funny sexy stud. Plus, he must be a age defying Time Lord because look at pictures of him from two decades ago — it’s the same beautiful face.”

Says Rue on a personal note: “Our friends are there to show us we are not alone. I happy-cried when my friends welcomed their new baby this winter. And then, of course, I had that twinge. Here I am, dating in my 30s, feeling like a battered ship in a rejection storm. And here are my friends, living the beautiful sea breeze life, now with a perfect newborn. It’s what keeps me up at night: worrying that I’ll never have that version of a full life, the one with a partner and a baby. But I’ll Skype them this weekend, and they’ll tell me about what’s bone-achingly hard about parenthood, and I’ll tell them not just about the heartache of the single life, but also all the funny stories. They’ll have that little twinge, too, when I talk about deciding while heading out the door to eat dinner in a town an hour away, or when they think of the thrill of kissing more than one person in the past few months. But blissfully, we have each other, and they’re an anchor in my storm, just the way I suspect they see me as an anchor rather than a shipwreck.”

(Photo from Seinfeld, of course. Broccoli link via Dinner: A Love Story.)