What TV Shows Are You Watching?

The other day, my mom texted me, “I finally know how you live alone…”

“One little word,” she said. “HBO.”

She’s on to me.

My laptop now feels like a dear roommate — it tells me jokes, sitting on the kitchen counter as I cook dinner, and stays up late with me, taking up a little too much room on my bed. The phrase “TV will turn your brain to mush” often echoes through my head, but my shows are so good, I don’t care. If TV is an art form, I’m the ultimate patron.

Lately, my friends and I chat about Big Little Lies as if it were our own life. The glossy miniseries, based on the bestselling novel of the same name, takes place on the rugged Monterey coast. The story is told through the eyes of three mothers, whose lives unravel to the point of murder. Critics have mixed reviews, but the New Yorker describes the series as “a reflection on trauma; at its best moments, it makes risky observations… full of strong performances.” Whatever they say, we can’t get enough.

I’m also hooked on Girls (the new season is the best yet, come at me!), The Mindy Project (did you see the episode where Mindy turns into a white man?) and Chef’s Table (Nancy Silverton’s dessert made Julia Child cry!). I’m currently counting down the days until the new seasons of VEEP (April 16th), Master of None (May 12th) and Insecure (July 23rd).

So many shows, so little time. On nights when I can watch, I feel like this.

What TV shows are you watching right now? Any recommendations? Please share!

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(Photo by Getty Images.)