afterparty aniq Zoe

afterparty aniq Zoe

This morning, my sister Lucy and I were chatting on the phone…

“What TV or movie character do you feel like you’re friends with?” she mused. “Where it’s almost like, we just ARE friends.”

I burst out laughing — what a random question! — but to be fair, I had an immediate answer.

sharon Horgan bad sisters

“Definitely Sharon Horgan,” I told her. “In Bad Sisters, Catastrophe, This Way Up, real life — I love her vibe, always. We just get each other.”

after party aniq Zoe

My sister’s reply? Aniq from The Afterparty. “I f-ing love that guy. He’s so funny, he’s always like, Ohhhhh-kay. I want to hang out with him so badly. And I love his girlfriend Zoe. I would be a great third wheel for them to hang out with.”

We were laughing so much, and now, my loves, I turn the question to you: What TV character do you secretly feel like you’re friends with? You know you have an answer!



See? It just works.

P.S. Amazing celebrity impressions, and my friend’s embarrassing run-in with Ethan Hawke.

(Photo montage at end by Miss Moss.)