Have a Lovely Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? We’re heading to the small town of Beacon with a couple friends. Since it’s really snowy, I think we’ll be mostly chilling inside and making mulled wine. Also, I’ve never been to the Dia: Beacon museum, and I can’t wait. Have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

9 Trader Joe’s staples.

Literally crying with laughter over these kids crashing their dad’s work call. Reminds me of all those years I worked in my bedroom.

A guide to NYC street crying. We’ve all done it!

People are losing their minds over this novel. (Look at all the celebs in the audiobook.)

Do or don’t: bodysuits.

My secret life as an undocumented immigrant.”

Have you seen the statue of a fearless little girl on Wall Street?

25 songs that tell us where music is going. How cool that the Times plays the songs while you read.

Ina Garten’s #1 tip for decorating your dining table.

Seven times Emma Watson’s beauty routine surprised me.

Loving Mott & Bow’s great jeans, especially their free home try-on program since I never go to stores anymore :)

Plus, three comments from readers:

Says Kristen on female anatomy: “I read ‘The Egg and the Sperm‘ by Emily Martin for my Women and Science class, and it talked how the language we use to describe anatomy and conception reflects gender norms. Even in textbook and research literature, the egg is discussed with passive language (just waiting around to be engaged), while the sperm is very active and responsible for conception. New research has shown that the egg is extremely active in the process, even rejecting sperm if the conditions are not right.”

Says Rachel on Toby’s five outfits: “Every single day all through preschool and kindergarten, my oldest son only wore tucked-in button downs (buttoned up to the top!) and khakis. And he would slick his hair down with water and comb it to the side.”

Says Amanda on 7 instagram illustrators: “Absolutely love this one entitled ‘People Who Have Seen My Boobs‘ by new mom Anna Denise Floor.”

(Photo by Ana Kamin/Instagram.)