Our Family's Trick for Good Sleep

This is a pretty random tip, but I’ve been shouting it from the rooftops…

Do you use a humidifier? I’ve always found them burdensome. I know they help with dry winter skin and congestion, but they’re usually eyesores that weigh a ton, and their tanks get scummy. Recently, though, I found the humidifier of my dreams. It fits on my bedside table (it’s only the length of a cell phone) and is completely quiet. The mist it puts out is super fine, so nothing gets damp, and you simply attach a plastic drinking water bottle. Kind of genius.

I don’t want to jinx anything, but since we got this humidifier we’ve had the best stretch of sleep of our lives. My stuffy-nosed toddler has been logging 12 uninterrupted hours at night for the first time since he was a baby. (Last night: 8 p.m. to 8:15 a.m.!) My lips are no longer chapped, my skin feels supple, and I don’t wake up dying of thirst. Other people’s reviews are just as glowing. One guy, who gave it five stars and called it “remarkable,” lives in the driest place on earth: “I use it at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, where the average humidity is in the single digits,” he says.

The Best Humidifier for Sleeping

Thoughts? Do you have any other sleeping tips?

P.S. The best foundation, and the prettiest napkins.

(Bottom photo by Stella Blackmon for Cup of Jo. This post isn’t sponsored, we just love this thing!)