Have a Great Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? My twin sister is coming to visit for our birthday! We’re turning thirty-something-or-other on Tuesday, and I’m looking forward to blowing out candles on a very chocolate-y cake. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

What a fun marriage proposal!

Missed connections for parents. Made me laugh.

Egg sandwiches for a party.

What financial type are you? Take this quiz.

How Iceland got teens to say no to drugs. Amazing.

Wise words.

How pretty are these outfits?

What a good night’s sleep looks like, by the numbers.

What a beautiful tennis magazine, of all things.

Bra nicknames.

Here’s a great new Wall Street Journal tool that helps people get out of their bubble.

On that note, I recently ordered this book.

Plus, three comments from readers:

Says Shannon on swapping books: “I was dating this man who found out my favorite book is Jane Eyre. One night out of the blue, he said he wanted to discuss something with me — and promptly whipped out a copy of Jane Eyre! He had been furiously reading the whole thing just so we could talk about it together, because he knew I loved it. Well… Reader, I married him.”

Says Claudia on five-ingredient meals: “In France, we have ‘the easiest cookbook on earth.’ [There’s an English version.] Four-to-six-ingredient recipes made in four steps — tops! They’re delicious.”

Says Jenna on the Women’s March: “I drove from NYC to D.C. this weekend; two things I never want to forget: 1) The Wendy’s was out of salads at the rest stop off the highway. How funny is that? I can’t imagine that happens too often. 2) On the drive back, we came upon a car accident between two cars of ladies coming back from the march. I assume they were strangers before the accident. By the time we passed them, the women from both groups were hugging one another. I think the weekend energized us all.”

(Photo by Amanda Jane Jones.)