Happy Birthday, Lucy

My twin sister Lucy and I are turning a whopping 34 today. We’ve officially reached our mid thirties. Whattup! Everyone says your twenties are the time of your life, but I actually prefer my thirties. (My twenties were all over the place:) What about you?

A while back, on this post about paying for your parents, a reader named Angela commented, “As a Filipino, I send my mom flowers on my birthday.” How sweet is that? So my sister and I are giving flowers to our mom today. Thanks for the idea, Angela!

  1. When I saw this post last year, it was a mere 2 weeks after my birthday had passed. I vowed to remember to send flowers to my mother next year since I moved away and I can’t spend my birthday with my family as often now. I did. She was a blubbering mess. Such a wonderful, feel good idea. I highly recommend doing this!! I was more excited for her reaction than I was for my birthday itself :) Thanks for sharing!

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  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I definitely want to start paying my mom back for my birthday.

  4. That’s so sweet! My husband sends my mom (& me:) flowers on my birthday, which we both just love. He’s following his own dad’s tradition of doing that for his MIL, and I always thought that was just the sweetest idea to thank the mother of someone you love because as we know, when a child is born so too a mother. Happy birthday!!


  6. I love the flower idea. I am going to do that on my birthday this year. And I am nearly 29 and looking forward to my 30s. They look pretty good and while I had some fun times in my 20s so far, I’m ready for something new.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope it lasts all the way through next week. (:


  8. wow, toby IS your twin!

    i think sending flowers to your mother is such a lovely idea. after all, it was a life changing day for her! perhaps more so than a birthday is to us!

    here’s to a happy and blessed 34th!


  9. Happy Birthday girls! Glad to hear you are enjoying your 30’s, seems like you have to enjoy all phases of life. My 20’s have been great, but I wouldn’t go back for nothing!

    I hope you had a lovely, lovely day!

  10. Happy Birthday!! Wishing you all the love and joy in the world this year… for you and your growing family!
    I will tuck away the birthday flowers for mom idea away until my birthday next month. Such a sweet gesture – made even more poignant because this year I became a mom, too.

  11. Happy Birthday to you and Lucy :) Remember, you are not getting older, just more distinguished :)

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  13. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! You’re a blessing,

  14. Wow Toby looks like the two of you!

  15. Happy birthday, Joanna! We share our birthday – I’m celebrating my 33rd today, and I’m pregnant as well, so by ‘celebrating’, I really mean I’m curled up on the couch with a cup of tea, ready to watch a movie :)

  16. Happy birthday!!!

  17. Happy Birthday Xxx

  18. Happy Birthday to you and Lucy!

    “Toby looks just like you” <– very agree!


  19. You couldn’t pay me to relive my 20’s, and they weren’t even that bad.

  20. Happy Birthday to you and Lucy!

    I love the idea of sending flowers to mum. I think I should send mine flowers on my next (30th!) birthday, since I weighed 11 pounds when I was born. She deserves flowers…and chocolates…and a massage…

  21. Happy Birthday to you and Lucy!! Thank you so much for your blog, I look forward to reading it every day!

  22. Happiest of birthdays to you. :) Headed to 30 myself in just one month, so happy to hear these opinions. All best for a wonderful year ahead!

  23. Happy, happy Birthday to you both!! I absolutely love the idea of giving our moms flowers on our own birthdays. I’m Filipino (only half), and I had no idea about this! Now I feel bad…

  24. Happy Birthday! The only thing I miss from my twenties was my nice body :) I was also all over the place.

  25. Happy Birthday to you and your sister!! You both look adorb in that pic! xoxo ;)

  26. Happy Birthday to you and your sister! Hope you’ve had a lovely day x

  27. What a sweet idea! Happy birthday! You are awesome!

  28. Happy, happy birthday!

  29. Happy birthday to you and Lucy! I hope it’s super lovely! x

  30. Happy birthday Joanna & Lucy……….love the idea about the flowers!

  31. happy birthday!! which one are you in the photo? i’m guessing you’re on the right!

  32. happy birthday!

    i am going to be 32 this year and i feel like i am still getting adjusted to just being 30! maybe in a couple more years i’ll have the perspective i lack now.

  33. My twenties were wild and my thirties mild, I’ve learned the true meaning of “having the time of my life” being a wife and a mother. Here’s to mid thirties bliss, Happy birthday!

  34. such a sweet idea…and what a lovely arrangement of flowers

  35. Wishing you and your sister a fabulous day! I love the flowers idea! xxoo

  36. happy birthday! hope you have a wonderful day.

  37. I send flowers to my mom too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  38. Happy birthday Joanna and Lucy! I hope you have a fantastic day! :)

  39. Happy birthday Jo and Lucy! What a nice idea to send flowers to your Mum. :)

  40. Happy, Happy Birthday to you and Lucy! Are you having cheese to celebrate?

  41. Happy Birthday, Joanna! Wishing you and your sister Lucy a very lovely day! Enjoy, and have a BIG slice of birthday cake!

  42. Happy Birthday dear Joanna and Lucy!
    Have a wonderful day. xx

    PS: Toby looks just like you!

  43. Happy Birthday to you and your lovely sister!

    And thank you for sharing your life with us, everyday.


  44. Happy birthday, and that’s a really sweet idea for your mom! Did you do anything for your dad?

  45. Happy day to you both (and a lucky day for your mommy!)… enjoy!

  46. Happy Happy Birthday! Your posts bring me so much joy daily:)

  47. Happy birthday to you both! Today is my birthday too!

  48. Congrats!!! 34 is a great age!

  49. Happy birthday, Jo and Lucy! Hope you spend it doing exactly what you want!

  50. Happy birthday Jo and Lucy! We share a birthday too…I love the idea of giving your mom flowers…I think I’ll do the same :) thanks for always sharing great, inspiring stories!

  51. happy birthday joanna and lucy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Happy Birthday to you and your sister!

  53. Happy Birthday to you both and I like the flower idea…what a cute picture! : )

  54. Happy birthday Joanna and Lucy! I hope it’s a wonderful one!

  55. Happy Birthday to both of you! Great idea to honor your mom with flowers!

  56. happy birthday joanna and lucy! you are beautiful and i hope your day is full of fun and happiness.

  57. Congratulations!!!! I love my 30s too!!! Everything just gets better, quieter and I feel more secure about myself. I won’t go back!! I’m 34 and all I can say is: bring it on!

  58. you must have a proud momma. happy birthday to you both!

  59. Happy birthday to you and Lucy! (Lucy is my favorite girl name.)

    It’s funny, because I have always been so much younger than my peers (born in August so always the youngest in my class, always worked with older people), I just sort of generally assume that every blogger is older than me too. I’ve never really gotten used to being an actual adult (I’ll be 35 this August) so it’s always so shocking to find out that a blogger is the same age as me (or even more shocking, a lot younger)! :)

  60. happy birthday! :)

  61. Happy birthday, you two! I love the idea of doing something for Mom, she’s the one who did all the work on the actual birth day! :) When we were dating I sent a card to my husband’s mother on HIS birthday thanking her for raising such a wonderful son. I think that scored me some brownie points, but that’s not the reason I did it, I truly think she’s great and did a wonderful job raising her son.

  62. Happy birthday to you, your sister, and your beautiful Mom!

  63. Happy birthday!

  64. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope this year brings you splendid wonderfulness!

  65. Happy birthday to you and Lucy! What a great idea about sending flowers to a mom on your own bday.

  66. Happy Happy Birthday! I think that is a lovely idea-here in Kuwait we always take in cake etc when it is our birthday to that is not that unusual. My dad (also in the Middle East) took sweets to share when I turned 30. I think any reason to celebrate is good here to be honest!

  67. Happy Birthday! I agree that the 30s are definitely better (almost three years, in at least). It seems like a time when you can really settle into yourself, there are still plenty of things to figure out but it seems like there is less uncertainty and turmoil.

  68. Happy birthday, Joanna & Lucy!! x

  69. Happy birthday to you and your sister! Love the idea of sending flowers to your mom today too, so sweet!

  70. gc says...

    Happy Birthday to you and your sister! How thoughtful to give flowers to your mom! She will adore them.

  71. Such a GREAT idea!
    Super happy birthday!!! :D

  72. Wishing you and your sister a very fantastic Birthday!

  73. a says...

    Happy, Happy Birthday!! And I fully agree with you! My thirties, so far, have been WAY better than my twenties. Have a GREAT day and year ahead!

  74. Happy birthday Joanna and Lucy! Toby looks so much like this photo of you! WOW! I love the flower idea…

  75. Happy birthday, ladies!

  76. Happy Birthday to you and your twin!! such a cute photo.. and I actually love the idea of sending your mom flowers on your birthday. I might do the same!

  77. Happy Birthday Joanna! Hope you have a wonderful day : )

  78. I really hope my thirties are better. I feel like I’ve missed out on my twenties because I’ve been in school for all of it. I’m 26 now, and I’ll be getting my masters when I’m 27. I’ll still have two years to enjoy it!

  79. Another nice gesture is to send flowers to your in-laws for your spouse’s birthday!

  80. Happy Birthday! I totally agree about the thirties over the twenties! Although I will say, I turned 34 in November and just last week I looked over at my husband and said “Am I 34!?” I had sort of forgotten and it felt old for some reason… I guess after a while it all runs together. But so far the 30’s have been my favorite decade!

  81. Happy happy birthday! I sent flowers to my mom last December on my birthday, and she LOVED it (obviously). It felt so great to spend a portion of the day thinking about my mom and how thankful I am to her (literally) for life :)


  82. Happy happy birthday! I hope it’s lovely, and I know your mom will love her flowers!

  83. Happy Birthday Joanna!

  84. Happy Birthday!
    Our Dad gives flowers to our Mom on our birthdays! So sweet!

  85. Happy birthday! I love the idea of sending your mother flowers on your birthday. I’ll keep that in mind for my birthday in April.

  86. that’s such a sweet idea. happy birthday to you both!

  87. Happy birthday to both of you.
    I am going to chat up my twin sister about getting our mom a bouquet on our 33rd next month.
    Such a nice idea.

  88. I love the flower idea. Happy birthday to you both! I hope you get spoiled today, Joanna :)

  89. I love this idea! I think I’ll implement it this year. Happy birthday to you and your sister! I’m so glad so many people seem to be loving their thirties…it feels good to know the best is still ahead.

  90. Happy birthday, Joanna and Lucy! What a sweet idea, sending your mom flowers :)

  91. a very happy birthday to you both!!!

  92. Happy Birthday, Joanna! I turn 33 this weekend, and I couldn’t agree more. My thirties have kicked ass! I feel so much more confident, secure, and creative than I did in my twenties!

  93. My dad always brings my mom flowers on all of their children’s birthdays to say thank you for birthing us. I think it’s super sweet.

  94. How sweet, Happy Birthday Joanna.

  95. The happiest birthdays ever for both of you!!!
    I will turn 30 in little less than two months an I’m really glad to hear that thirties are better because I don’t really like my twenties :)

  96. Happy Birthday! You’re right, I love my 30s too. I got married, I graduated, I had my gorgeous baby, we relocated to the US. Perfect so far!

  97. Happy birthday! I think it’s a pretty neat idea to send flowers to your Mom. Have a good one guys.

  98. Happy birthday, Jo & Lucy!! Technically you’re still in your early 30s ;)

  99. Happy happy happy birthday to you and your sister! My sister and I share a birthday as well, but we were born 4 years appart – crazy, huh? I’m glad to hear good things about the 30’s, I’m almost there myself. Have a fantastic day!

  100. Happiest of birthdays to you and Lucy, Joanna! I have a twin sister, and I have to ask, is it difficult being so far away on special days like this? Or just every day? I couldn’t imagine having so much physical distance between us! Do you have little birthday rituals? Abby and I do little things on our birthday-silly little stuff that doesn’t seem like a big deal to anyone else except us. :)

  101. Happy Birthday, Jo!!!!

    • (and of course your sister!)

  102. Happy Birthday to you and your sister!

    Thirties feel more established than the twenties.

  103. Crazy, it’s my birthday too! (34 too…seems wild. I kind of liked the comfort of how young 33 sounded.) We share a birthday with Jackie Robinson, Ernie Banks, Nolan Ryan …. and Justin Timberlake. Maybe I should have been a baseball player. Go us!

  104. happy birthday to the two of you! hope its a great one

  105. happy birthday! I am gonna be 34 this year too! I think my 30’s have been awesome.

  106. Happy Birthday :) My Birthday is on Jan 7th and the same is my baby daughter Hana. I also give flowers to my mom on my birthday and my little son gives me flowers on his birthday. Much in common!


  107. HP says...

    Happy Birthday lovely ladies! Jan 31st babes are the best – I’m one too :-)

  108. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YOu give us readers a gift every day! xo

  109. Happy birthday to you and your sister! The flowers are such a nice thought! Your mother is celebration with you today =)

  110. Beautiful flowers and happy birthday to you both!

  111. Happy birthday, Joanna!

  112. Happy birthday Joanna!!

  113. I love this idea! I will be sending flowers to my mom on my upcoming birthday. What a sweet idea :)

  114. Love the flowers idea and I’m sure you hear it all of the time, but that looks like Toby in a dress…he looks so much like you.

  115. Happy birthday to you both. I’m so glad you said “my twenties were all over the place”. I really feel like that at the moment (I’m 25) and it’s good to hear other people have done and do feel exactly the same. I can’t wait to feel a little more settled financially and career wise. Relationship wise I’m pretty sorted. ;D

    I always liked this SATC quote..
    “Enjoy yourself. That’s what your 20s are for. Your 30s are to learn the lessons. Your 40s are to pay for the drinks.” Carrie Bradshaw

  116. Happy Birthday! <3

  117. Happy birthday! I definitely agree on the 30s being better than the 20s, I feel much more settled in who I am. Have a great day!

  118. I just turned 34 a few weeks ago too. Completely agree with 30’s being kinda awesome. I feel like your 20’s are about living it up kinda sorting it all out, finding your way…your 30’s might just be about enjoying what you’ve discovered.

    well, that, and popping out three kids…but that’s just me :)

  119. Happy birthday, Joanna! :)

  120. Happy birthday! I love that idea of sending your mom flowers. I will have to copy it!

  121. Happy birthday! I love that idea of sending your mom flowers. I will have to copy it!

  122. Happy birthday to you and your sister! What a beautiful picture! May this year be eve happier than all the previous ones!

  123. Happy Birthday! & how sweet of an idea is that to send flowers to your mum?! Love it!!
    PS. I’ve just entered my 30’s & I wouldn’t go back to my 20’s for nothing…except maybe to revisit my wedding day <3

  124. Happy Birthday! I love this idea, and it would be so special to me if Taylor did that in the future. Do you think it would be too obvious if I include this blog post in her baby book?

  125. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and your sister!!! Flowers to your Mom is such a great idea!! =) I hope you ladies have a great day!! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  126. 30’s are definitely better than 20’s. And I hate to give away my “seniority,” but 40 has been best yet. :)

    • Agreed – I didn’t start “getting it” until my 40’s. I’m a #latebloomer ;)

    • I’m really glad to hear that because once I hit my 30s, I thought the 20s were overrated. You know more of what’s going on and what’s important to you—and I hope that keeps continuing, just so you keep enjoying turning those corners and seeing what’s on the other side.

    • I agree. Who ever said that your 20s were the time of your life was in their 20s. 30s were great but 40 is the bomb. My mom says 60s are the best so I wish us all the time of our life to come

  127. Happy Birthday! The flowers to your mom idea is so cute!

  128. I turn 34 this year and I feel the same way – I love my 30’s! I find them much less stressful and dramatic than my 20’s. Happy Birthday!!

  129. MJ says...

    We share a birthday! Happy birthday to us! Hope you have a great day!

  130. MJ says...

    We share a birthday! Happy birthday to us! Hope you have a great day!