French bakery

What are you up to this weekend? Alex finally got home from a long work trip, and I’m excited to have him back in my clutches. We’re having a family game night tonight (Guess Who! Zingo!), and tomorrow we’re marching in Manhattan. Sending a big hug, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Obituaries for teenage girls if they actually died when they said they were dying.

How fun does this sledding hill look?

Obama cracking himself up.

How to plan an affordable trip.

I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been and I just bought my first crop top.”

A freezer care package.

YES! What an awesome store.

20 small habits that can change your life. (Worth reading.)

Restaurant advice.

How to reclaim your creative confidence.

Hahaha, would you ever get one of these?

Plus, two great comments from readers…

Says Caitlin on 6 Great Podcasts: “I like to be able to listen to a full podcast episode on my 30-minute commute. Something I’ve found very helpful is the Overcast app. It has a feature called “Smart Speed” that shortens silences without any distortion. It also has the ability to speed it up as much (or little) as you’d like. I listen on the step just above normal, so rarely do I notice it being fast but I do make my way through episodes more quickly!”

Says Amber on feeling safety concerns at the Women’s March: “I think part of acknowledging privilege (for me, that’s the privilege I have as a white woman) and being an ally is our willingness to put ourselves in uncomfortable and sometimes unsafe situations. Our POC, trans, etc sisters feel this fear every day, just leaving the houses, going to work, driving down the street, going to the park with their kids. They don’t get to choose not to show up. They have to face that reality daily. So, how can we use our privilege to be allies? By showing up with them. By putting ourselves on the line and literally standing up with them. It’s scary, for sure. But that’s how change happens.”

(Bread photo by Veronica Olson. Habits via Swissmiss. Reader comments may be edited for length/clarity.)