Officially, 2017 is the year of the rooster, but I’m excited to say it’s also the year I’m getting married! Now that the big day is six months away, it feels like the right time to start mentally conjuring my bridal beauty look. Here are a few ideas I’ve been thinking about…

I remember reading on Into the Gloss that Emily Weiss prepped for her wedding for months. (Cleanses! Colonics! Lasers!) She says: “So much prep. Not of the venue, guest list, or seating chart — that was fairly easy — but of my limbs, skin, wanted hair, unwanted hair, nails, muscles, digestive tract, lashes and brows. Did I go overboard? Perhaps. Was it high maintenance? Maybe… But, it worked.”

Way on the other end of the spectrum, one of my friends did only one concerted beauty thing when getting ready for her wedding: she shaved her legs. I fall somewhere in between these two extremes. I still want to look like the woman my fiancé fell in love with, but the most fit and glowy-skinned version of her. So, I’m ramping up my Bar Method classes, and I’m pledging to get regular facials, trim my hair when I’m supposed to, maintain my highlights for once and find some way to whiten my teeth without my smile ending up like this. Wish me luck!

As for my wedding-day look, I think I’ll opt out of the veil and go for Veronica Lake curls with a modern edge, and makeup that’s just an amplified version of what I wear every day. I love a bold red lip like Solange’s (and the other gorgeous wedding looks below), but I’m thinking something more delicate. A makeup artist once told me her golden rule is that the bride should wear her everyday lipstick so her signature look shines through. Despite her intense wedding prep, Emily Weiss chose this route and wore her subtle go-to lip color (she loves the Cake shade) and I’ll most likely go with mine.

But, who knows? My vision could certainly change (l mean, I said I wasn’t going to have any bridesmaids and ended up with four). As of now, I’m just psyching myself up for tonight’s barre class.

I’m obsessed with model Poppy Delevingne’s side-swept curls.

This look may convince me to do a smokey eye.

That red lip on Solange.

I love that she used greenery as a hair accessory.

Flowers can be pretty, too.

Actor Zosia Mamet opted for casual half-up, half-down hair, and a black dress!

What did you do to prepare for your wedding? What was your beauty look? Did you wear a veil? Will you wear your hair up or down? I’d love to know!

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(Photos by Jillian Mitchell, Mahesh Shantaram, Amber Gress and Heidi Benjamin.)