12 Unforgettable Wedding Moments


What was your favorite moment from your wedding (or weddings you’ve been to)? Mine was probably the few seconds right before our wedding kiss, when my heart was about to pound out of my chest. Here are 12 amazing photos from Moment Junkie, my favorite place to browse amazing captures.


Here, the bride and maid of honor have a drinking race before the ceremony.

Ten more below…


The bride had been nervous and shaky all morning. Right after her dad walked her down the aisle, the groom gave her an unexpected kiss to calm her down.


“The bride fist pumps after she wins an impromptu game of rock-paper-scissors with the groom over who would get to read their personal vows first.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 9.31.45 PM

The column.


The weeping groom.


“This moment happened at the end of the wedding ceremony, during the ‘vidai,’ when the bride bids farewell to her family, as she leaves her home and begins a new chapter of her life at the groom’s home. This part of the Hindu ceremony is always emotional, and you can see the bride and her two sisters sharing a very teary but loving hug.”


The fun adult. Every wedding has one!


An awkward moment. Ditto.


“This wedding had the best [Gaelic] ceilidh I’ve ever seen. Their friends here were enthusiastically encouraging the groom to dance down the ‘tunnel’. I love that the bride wants him to as well, her expression is great.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 9.31.40 PM

Dance floor action.


The bride and groom doing the worm and nailing it.

How sweet are these? See many more here.

P.S. More unforgettable moments: A groom does the splits and a first look that will make you cry.

(Photos via Moment Junkie; The awkward moment by Ian Weldon; The arrival by Sergio Cueto; The dance tunnel by Fiona Walsh; The fist pump by Carly Chaney; The fun adult by Jen Ochwat; The race by Jason Shum; The rice fight by Shelley Hartman; The worm by Amanda Kopp; Three sisters by Rahul Khona; Tickle monster by Stori Heleen; Unexpected first kiss by Roberta Matis; The elated groom by David Tam)

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  3. Love these moments, beautifully captured – I’d love to see the ‘after’ pics from ‘The Column’!!

  4. Oh my godness!
    My picture featured in your wonderful blog. It’s an unexpected honor that will make my day.

  5. Meghan says...

    One of the funniest moments was when my husband and I had our first kiss as husband and wife. My oldest brother-in-law gave all the bridal party and both sets of parents score cards. Once we kissed, we looked up and everyone was holding a sign with scores between 8.0 and 10.0. We had a little chuckle at that.

  6. Meghan says...

    I have so many fond memories of my wedding day: Holding onto my Dad for dear life right before the church doors opened, having to pause for a good minute in the middle of my vows because I just couldn’t get it together, our first dance as husband and wife and the very touching speech that my little sister gave as my MOH.

  7. My favorite moment happened during a wedding ceremony when the bride and groom included a time for the rings to be passed along each row so the guests would have a chance to both see them and to provide well wishes/prayers/happy thoughts for the couple. They had budgeted enough time for an acoustic “I want to hold your hand” and the passing took MUCH longer than expected. The singer was fantastic and did her best to stall before finally saying, “alright, let’s do one all together now!” and the entire room joined in to sing this favorite Beatles song during the duration of the ring passing. A complete surprise serenade for the Bride and Groom!

  8. Nicole says...

    Top 3 moments: a) one of my bridesmaids leaving our rings in the hotel hallway b) my dad stepping on my super long train while giving me away c) my husbands amazing vows.

  9. Carolina says...

    Mine was when I started walking down the aisle and saw my hubby’s very emotional face. He is usually very reserved in that sense, but throughout the whole ceremony he was teary. I, on the other hand, could not stop grinning, it felt like I needed a bigger face so my smile could be bigger! Ohh, I miss it!

  10. I love this post, cant wait for all this summers weddings coming up. A weeping groom is the best, as soon as I saw my Brother crying as he saw him wife coming down the aisle I couldnt stop crying myself.

  11. Favourite moment has got to be walking down the aisle :)

  12. Lindsey says...

    I was able to peak out of the bridal room window and watch from across the pond all of our friends and family arrive to our ceremony. My heart was so full as I saw all the people we love show up to support us as we made this big commitment. Our 1 year anniversary is in 10 days and I’m feeling nostalgic for that warm day in May that we said I do. Loved all these photos!!

  13. Our wedding day was wonderful. The sun came out just as we were saying our vows. Fireworks randomly went off across the lake during our reception. Half of our wedding part and guests (we only had twenty people total) decided to give toasts including my nine year-old brother. There were so many awesome moments.

  14. Jessica says...

    Our Catholic wedding was officiated by a priest who struggled with the English language. His homily included a story about an armless and leg less man. After we exchanged our vows he began a series of prayers asking the congregation to pray for us in our new life. As he finished up he added one more saying “we pray for peace….(long pause as he tried to find the right words) in the Middle East”. Needless to say our friends still giggle about our strange wedding ceremony.

  15. Jenna says...

    These are beautiful! My husband and I got married overlooking the ocean at Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia and my favorite moment was when our officiant made us pause for one whole minute mid-ceremony and said “…feel the ground and how strong it is, feel the breeze and the warmth of the sun on your face and remember always how you felt in this moment.”. I remember looking out on the water and seeing sailboats far off in the distance and really thought “I will never forget this.” Stands out the strongest in my mind every time I think about that day nearly five years ago.

  16. Betty says...

    Mine would be at the end when we got back to the hotel, it was a sigh of relief we’ve gotten married and the day was done. The events leading up to the day was stressful for us both and felt more for our family than us.

  17. prudence marule says...

    I really, really want a weeping groom – future hubby, take note!

  18. Shevon says...

    Walking down the aisle and seeing my husband bawl his eyes out when he saw me. He doesn’t cry easily do that was very memorable :)

  19. Susannah says...

    We had a loooong wedding ceremony and finally the priest whispered to us “now is when you kiss,” so I stood on tip-toe to kiss my new husband and the priest said “no, not RIGHT now. In a minute!” and the whole church full of guests laughed. At the time I was really embarrassed, but looking back I love that it happened. My husband still brings it up at least once a month. He loves it.

  20. belinda says...

    a few things, 1st my husband made my bouquet and delivered it to me an hour before the wedding. it got lots of comments cause it was beautifully done (he is not a florist). 2nd was when i turned the corner to walk down the aisle with my mum, dad, son, nieces and nephews and saw the 80 most important people in my life all there waiting for me. third would have to be walking hand in hand with my new husband from the ceremony to the reception venue.

  21. Chelsea says...

    During our kiss, the music crescendoed. I got caught up in the moment and grabbed my husband, and we started walking down the aisle together immediately. There’s a picture of my maid of honor leaning over to tell our officiant to announce us. He yelled after us, introducing us as we made our exit. :)

  22. My moment was when I was walking down the isle with my dad and I noticed that he was nervous. He is a very tough and self confident guy but since I (his little girl) was getting married he couldn’t handle the emotions and I realized that this was the first time I saw him feeling out of control.
    Beautiful posts! Genius Joanna! :)

  23. This isn’t technically an at-the-wedding story, but we went out to Vegas for a quick 48 hour trip to get married just the two of us. And the night before we had to go to the marriage bureau to get the marriage license and we were so giddy and nervous and excited. The place was packed. People out front trying to sell us stuff, and inside tons of couples all waiting with their paperwork. Some were dressed up obviously about to get married right after, it felt like we were part of some special club. We couldn’t stop smiling it was the most bizarre experience. And even cooler, was that literally the day before the ban on same sex marriage was lifted in Nevada, so most of the couples were same sex couples. I felt so happy for everyone in that room!

    x. Morgan

  24. I just got married on SATURDAY and I’m still so excited about everything. The moment I think I’ll remember the most though is when we walked OUT of the room together and this huge wave of relief hit me- We did it! We didn’t cry, we didn’t fall over, no one puked, and OHMYGOD we’re married! It was the clearest feeling of the day and I was just so happy.

    • Gabriella says...

      CONGRATS! And lol to the “no one puked”! :)

  25. Bri says...

    My favorite moment, of my favorite day ever (4 years ago next week), was my walk down the aisle. I entered through an ivy covered arch into an old open-air, above-ground wine cellar, with ‘Don’t Fear’ by the Honey Trees playing in the background. My dress swish-swished as I walked toward my teary husband, seeing my future in front of me, and my friends and family all around me. There were a million other favorite moments that day, but this is the one I replay most often.

  26. We swapped letters around the door, as he wasn’t to see me in my dress until I walked down the aisle. I loved our vows. I wrote our entire ceremony (I’m a writer) and it felt like it embodied our relationship entirely.

  27. Jill says...

    When I came around the corner and down the aisle, my stern and collected fiancé burst into tears and bawled the entire length of the aisle and barely collected himself throughout the vows. He’s not a man of many words, so if I ever question how my husband really feels about me (as many of us do when we feel blue), THAT’S the image I ALWAYS picture – it’s the most articulate he’s ever been.

  28. Claire says...

    One of my favorites was a mistake moment in the ceremony – our vows were a series of questions, to which we answered either, “I May” or “I Will” “We will” etc. One of the first questions was “will you cause each other pain?” and the answer was supposed to be “we may” (let’s be honest, right? and the next question is “is that your intention?” answer: “no”), but my husband answered soundly and resoundingly “I Will” and it cracked everybody up, including us. Caught on camera:

  29. My favorite moment is when we are walking out of the church and my husband says “now it’s time to celebrate baby!” And at that moment he raises both are arms up in the air. This impromptu moment of happiness was captured by our photographer. We have plenty of beautiful traditional moments, but the arm raising all smiles moment is by far my favorite!

  30. Pearl says...

    Getting married in the spring of next year and selfishly would love to see more posts like this! I remember reading when you were getting married and with some distance now, I would love your thoughts on what surprised you, what you would do if you could do it over, what advice would you give people (both brides and grooms!) who are planning, etc. Know there are lots of wedding blogs out there but I feel like this space and the people who comment are such a great community!

  31. CeeBee says...

    This post put me in such a great mood! My husband wept during our first look, which was so adorably captured by our photographer. He also had everyone in tears with his vows during the ceremony. I danced old-people style, think embraced slow dancing, with each of my three bridesmaids/very best friends, and it was so great to do that. The photographer captured each dance and we’re having the best time, laughing our heads off. During the first dance with my husband, he was spinning me around when the best man yelled out, “Advanced maneuvers!” And my quick witted husband quipped back, “I’m saving those for later!” Of course my father was standing right there! We still laugh really hard about that. But the very best moment of that whole day came when we were standing in our kitchen during the after party (we’d gotten married in our backyard), and we started kissing and totally forgot about everything and everyone else, until all of our friends started whistling and cheering at us.

  32. Marla says...

    The limo we took from the wedding reception to our hotel broke down on the side of the road. It was about 2:00 in the morning. I had to stand on the side of the road with a flashlight while still wearing my wedding gown. Ultimately, we rode to our hotel in the back of a police squad car. Unforgettable!!

  33. Dee says...

    My wedding is two weeks away so I really loved this post!!! I can’t even imagine all the moments that’ll turn into sweet memories in my head but I hope no matter what I’m able to burn every second of it into my memory forever.

  34. We got married in New Zealand in Nov 2014.. my magical moment was walking down the aisle together holding hands after we had said our vows and exchanged rings. It felt so amazing to finally be husband and wife!

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  35. Our wedding was a small gathering in my parents’ living room…so romantic. :) When we went to leave, my mom realized that she didn’t have any rice to throw at us. All she had was shredded coconut so they threw that at us instead! We were finding coconut all over the car for weeks!

  36. We had a 10 day engagement and a surprise Christmas Eve wedding in our apartment. My Mom has terminal cancer and our immediate families thought they were coming over for holiday mulled wine and appetizers.

    I had such (happy) anxiety that day! Preparing, cleaning and getting myself ready. I wore a cream jumpsuit! 1940s waves in my hair and red lipstick! My hands were shaking with excitement!

    Moments before our first guests arrived, I dropped and shattered an entire bottle of red wine all over our white pristine (and spot washed clean!) kitchen. (Jumpsuit was safe!)

    I stood there dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to do, I was completely paralyzed. And just started cry and laugh all at once.

    My soon to be husband walked into the kitchen, smiled softly and sweetly to me and said, “I got it.” He tenderly and calmly gave me a long hard hug and then cleaned it all up as I stood there staring.

    It was such a sweet lovely private moment that I’ll never forget about our wedding day.

    • Gabriella says...

      What a sweet (bittersweet, too!) story. I can just imagine you standing there and his tender words, too. Sorry to hear about your Mum, Lindsay!

    • *crying at my desk* That is the best surprise ever!

  37. michaela says...

    These make me so happy. My favorite moment from my wedding was right after we left the church after being pronounced husband & wife. We didn’t have a grand exit plan, we were just trying to make it down the aisle, out the door, and into the church office so we could sign the marriage certificate while encouraging everyone to meet us at the reception site. My new husband & I ran outside alone, ran to the church office, and shared one quick moment where we looked at each other, burst into happy tears and embraced before our photographers and pastor came through the door to join us. I love thinking about that moment because it was the very first time we shared in the realization that we were married, we were briefly alone and it was too quick for the photographers to capture as they came in the door. Something about knowing that moment will only live on in my memory instead of on film makes it that much sweeter.

  38. Erin says...

    My favorite moment happened right after we were officially married, but before the ceremony was over. My husband and I were seated off to the side while the priest spoke and we completely tuned everything else out. We just sat there smiling and laughing quietly with each other, so glad to be married. Afterwards people asked us what we were talking about and neither of could remember exactly. We just remembered being indescribably happy. Everything else that day is a bit blurry, but I remember the happiness of that moment clearly.

  39. Kelsey says...

    Joanna, I have been reading your blog since college and though I have never left a comment, I just had to let you know that two weekends ago, Robert and I were married at a courthouse in part due to my ritual of reading your blog every day at lunch! I am Dutch/American, grew up in Germany, and met my now husband in college at Texas Tech University. With family both in Texas and in Germany, planning a wedding that including all of our loved ones with a bit troublesome from the onset. Eventually, we came up with the idea to legally marry at a courthouse in Texas and then travel to Germany for our honeymoon and a second ceremony among 25 friends and family at castle ruins above the town where I grew up. I actually hiked up in my dress with our guests. Robert led the group and I brought up the end of the party! If not for your posts about courthouse weddings/nontraditional ceremonies, I may not have ever dreamed that a courthouse ceremony could be as sweet and sentimental as it was. I just wanted to simply thank you for I feel you somewhat inspired the concept. Here are some pictures my friend Angie took for us in case you are interested in seeing! Many thanks and warm wishes! – Kelsey B.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my goodness, your photos are gorgeous! you look so happy and peaceful. congratulations:) and thank you so much for your sweet comment, that makes me so happy.

    • Alena says...

      You are such a darling couple! Was glad to hear you met at Texas Tech, since my twin sister graduated law school there. Blessings!

  40. Laura says...

    I have so many favorite moments, it’s hard to pick just one! My husband and I adopted a supposedly Australian tradition of giving our own speeches at our wedding (also a good way to avoid awkward toasts by other people!) So often you hear nothing from the bride and groom at their wedding, other than an “I do” and “Thank you for coming” and we thought it was wonderful to hear this other couple whose wedding we attended talk about why they were getting married and their hopes for the future. So we stole the idea. Neither of us had any idea what the other would say, and we were both moved to tears, as were many of our guests. It made our wedding very personal, and I love to go back and re-read what I wrote (especially when I’m annoyed with my husband-ha!)

    • We did that too! :)

  41. Amanda says...

    We just got married last month so this is all still so fresh in my mind! One of my favorite (unexpected) moments was just before the start of the ceremony. We did our pictures before the wedding and we needed a place to hide out after we were finished but while our guests were still arriving. There happened to be a cafe/bar just down from our venue that we stumbled across and ended up hanging out in for the 30 minutes before it was time to start. It was just so peaceful and relaxing. My husband and his best man shared a beer. Our photographer got some great pictures of my sister and me in front of their amazing chalkboard statement wall. A few friends came down to say hi. And my Dad brought our baseball gloves down and we played catch for a few minutes outside to warm up for our father daughter game of catch (instead of dance). It was so good and peaceful :)

    The other best moment was the ceremony! We wrote the entire thing ourselves and it was perfect for us! The best part though was this text that my friend sent me after the wedding relaying a conversation she had with her boyfriend: “Did you see how suave Clark looked during his vows? He was so smooth. F-ing Don Juan up there. He was giving Amanda ‘The Smolder.’ Seducing her in front of a room full of people. And his piece was so perfect. We can’t invite them to our wedding because I wanna use that.”

    I laughed so hard! Apparently we accomplished our goal of having a personalized, memorable ceremony!

  42. i had been so nervous. and apparently so had my now husband because everyone tells me he was on the brink of tears as i was walking down the aisle. and then… i tripped. ha! should’ve made me cry with embarrassment i suppose but my dad and i just died laughing! it really broke the stuffy tension in the room and relieved the stress my poor hubby had been holding in! it was the turning point of the wedding – from then on it was nothing but fun, laughter and light hearted celebration which is perfect for us :) plus the pics of us laughing down the aisle are my favorites.

  43. YES weddings! I love them!! After planning and having my own I can’t get enough of them. I loved the planning process and being a bride. I love seeing others weddings and pictures. I have two great moments…But one has a significant meaning…It was 3 weeks prior to our wedding and we had gotten a shocking email from our officiant that our wedding reception venue had closed up shop (if you’re from New York or Brooklyn you might have heard about reBar…we were one of those couples). We were determined to keep our date and move ahead with our wedding. It was 3 weeks of stress, tears and happy moments. We were able to keep our date and move forward with our wedding (with lots of help from our friends, family and the Brooklyn community)…so after the first kiss, I gave a little fist pump as I was elated that even with the weeks leading up the wedding we were still able to say our I Do’s like we had planned. And I got to marry my best friend and the one who kept me grounded those 3 weeks. Our photographer was able to catch that moment:


    • Claire says...

      Wow, I was just talking about that venue & hearing stories of people banding together to help pull off the weddings that were supposed to be there. A wedding I just went to this weekend was rescheduled from the reBar madness. When it shut down they had just given their check so they were able to cancel the check and reschedule, but their original date was in the fall and they just had theirs this weekend at the Montauk Club.
      Congrats on pulling off the wedding & your wedding!

  44. We were on a tight budget and so our reception was just a coffee and dessert one at a cafe we had convinced to stay open later for just us, so there was no real speaker system, no DJ or dancing, etc. But when our friend introduced us as we walked in, and I was ready to go off and start talking to people, my husband pulled me back and surprised me with a dance in front of everyone! AND, it was to the music from Up, from the montage of Carl and Ellie’s life together. It was absolutely perfect, and it was so fun to have such a meaningful surprise snuck in to something I thought I had completely planned out.

  45. chio says...

    I got to the church on my husbands ’66 Chevy Caprice, with my father and a dear friend of ours driving. The ride to the church went smoothly, but when we got back to the car after the ceremony, only my husband and me, the engine didn’t run! And all the guests were outside the church watching us leave. After three tries the engine runned finally! But it was hilarious, and for a minute I thought someone would need to give us a ride to the party. After that, we went just us two, to a park near the party, to wait and let the guests get there first. We got a few minutes alone before the party and it was the best. Those two were my favorite moments!

  46. Anitra Sweet says...

    I love these photos!

  47. Megan says...

    Like Mallory, my wedding is just a few weeks away, and due to life circumstances (buying a condo in the midst of a crazy market, mom’s Stage IV cancer diagnosis), I haven’t given my wedding nearly as much thought as I had anticipated. What’s so reassuring about this is that NONE of these moments could have been planned for. That’s the beauty of it. I can rest easy knowing I won’t be able to prepare for the most memorable parts of my wedding, so I just have to put one foot in front of the other in the meantime, and trust that the big day will be perfect because I get to marry the love of my life, surrounded by all of my loved ones. Thank you, Joanna, as always. xo

  48. Jackie says...

    You are nailing it with these posts, Joanna!!! Pretty awesome week for your blog.

    My entire wedding was just the perfect day but my favorite memory was during our ceremony. We had a Catholic ceremony in a big beautiful cathedral. It was exactly what I wanted but my husband is much more of a funny, chill guy. Not stuffy at all. He ended up screwing up his vows a bit and he and the Deacon starting making fun of each other. It was hilarious and made everyone laugh. Our ceremony ended up being the perfect mix of tradition and sacred and silliness. I just loved it.

  49. Of course, we had loads of sweet moments, but interestingly–as I’m a super sentimental person–my favorite one is a funny one. I’m not quite sure why, because we were both raised Baptist, but during the ceremony, my almost-husband reached out and did the (Catholic) Sign of the Cross to me. It made me giggle in the middle of the ceremony and when I asked him later why he did it, he said, “I don’t know! I was just trying to lighten the mood!” He has always been and will always be the best mood lightener I know :)

  50. Kate says...

    We had a dessert bar with pies and candy instead of a cake.

    My favourite moment was when I caught my husband’s aunt scraping the contents of one of them into her purse for the road!

  51. These are so fun! I have so many fun memories from that day – 13 years ago! Holy cow. One of my favorites is when “Blister in the Sun” came on – I added it to the playlist because it was a favorite of me and my sisters. My older sister grabbed me out onto the dance floor, and she spilled most of her glass of wine on the floor as she rocked out. (That was most definitely not her first glass of wine!) It was such a fun night! Nothing but happy.

  52. I had so many favorite moments but if I really had to narrow it down it would be three. 1- Hearing our friends playing “Wild Horses” as I walked down the aisle (with a giddy smile). 2- The Mariachi hoedown (it’s exactly what it sounds like). 3- Holding my wedding dress in one hand and my guy’s hand in the other as we walked home at 4am after eating halal cart at the end of a very long, festive night (and morning).

  53. Erin says...

    so sweet! Right after we got married and the recessional (and hugging our wedding party), our coordinator forced us upstairs to the church balcony so guests could exit and grab their bubbles. It was just my husband and I, freshly married, looking down as our guests left and so, SO happy. It was such an intimate, sweet moment. Second choice would be our first look where we both sobbed and my bridesmaids got the best video!

  54. Sarah H. says...

    These are great! My wedding day (11 yrs ago) was just a wonderful, joyous time, and I love any excuse to relive memories from that day. During our ceremony, my groom said “I do!” twice before it was time. Ha! Good to know there was no hesitation there. :) Another sweet moment happened during our reception when a family member told us that he envied our fresh start. Happily married with two kids, he simply meant that he envied our being right at the start of the great adventure he already knew marriage to be. I’ve thought about that often since, and I now know exactly what he meant. Ah, weddings. Love!!!

  55. Lisa says...

    Love Moment Junkie! Thank you for featuring it.

  56. Alexia says...

    The read more… link doesn’t show up in the main page, I need to click on the post’s title to keep on reading!

  57. During our ceremony, I was so nervous that I tried putting my husband’s ring on the wrong hand! Everyone got a huge laugh out of it, and it certainly helped with our nerves! But the most special moment for me during dinner. I was finished eating and I just sat there looking at everyone in the room. They were there for us. It was a really emotional and touching thing to realize.

  58. Nicole says...

    It’s hard to pick a favorite moment, but there are two standout moments. We did a first look and as soon as my now-husband turned around to look at me he started to dry and one of the photographers captured the BEST photo of a single tear rolling down his cheek. It still makes me cry when I look at it. Another standout moment was when my dad was walking me down the awhile one of my aunts let out a catcall (I have a very rowdy family!) and suddenly my whole side of the family starts clapping and cheering which made the rest of the wedding join in. The look on my face in the video is hilarious and it’s a moment that people still talk about almost three years later!

    • Nicole says...

      Woops, aisle not awhile!

  59. It’s so hard to narrow it down to one moment. Also, that day was kind of a blur — so much excitement that I feel I’ve forgotten a lot of it.
    One of my favourites though was when I saw myself in my dress right before I went into the room to get married, I’m not sure I’ve ever felt more beautiful. Another was the moment we got married, it was a really sacred experience. And another, was right after the ceremony, I gave one of my husband’s family friends a hug and he told me I was glowing, and I seriously felt that I was. I’ve never been happier.
    Of course I also loved our photo session too. My brother was our photographer, and my sister, sister-in-law (who was just one of my best friends at the time) and my best friend from childhood had so much fun there isn’t one picture without us laughing so hard we couldn’t be serious.


  60. The bride on the first photo looks so worried!

  61. Sue Harris says...

    Right before my dad walked me down the aisle, he turned to me and asked me if I was really sure about this. He said that if I wanted to change my mind, now was the time–no repercussions, that it was not too late. He liked my husband to be so I am not sure why he asked me that–I was always a daddy’s girl though, so maybe that’s why. I had been nervous and that made me start to tear up of course. There were also moments during the reception that touched me: my ring bearer was 4 years old and the son of a college roommate that I had shared an apartment with. He was quite upset with me because he said that he wanted to marry me when he grew up! We had a quiet discussion at the reception and our photographer took a picture of the two of us with our heads close together clearly having a heart to heart talk. I also have a photo of my flower girl hugging me and I clearly have tears in my eyes. She was upset because she had caught the wedding bouquet but my sister-in-law made her give it to an older, more eligible single woman.

  62. ana says...

    My husband looked totally calm as I walked toward him and I thought wow, he’s really holding it together and I’m SO nervous! Then, just as the officiant began to speak, he totally lost it – as did everyone sitting in the first few rows. That was my favorite moment. Very sweet and in the moment.

  63. Jenny says...

    Two of my good friends weren’t going to be able to make it to my wedding- one had to have unexpected spinal surgery on the Thursday before our Saturday wedding. Another friend was a surrogate pregnant with twins, and ended up having a c-section on the Wednesday before our wedding. When we were pronounced man and wife, I turned around and they were both right behind me. I yelled “why are you here?!!!!??” Their husbands thought they were insane for insisting that they make it to my wedding, and they left right after I hugged them (gently!!!) but it meant so much that they were there.

    • Lena says...

      Wow, what fantastic friends!!

  64. Eeeee these make me so excited to get married! I just got engaged a couple weeks ago, and I hope this blissful, lovey, elated feeling never fades :)

  65. Sarah Beth says...

    Unsurprisingly, my whole wedding is very memorable to me, but I know there is one moment that definitely stands out to everyone who was there– The Sound of Music is my favorite movie, and my whole life I’d wanted to walk down the aisle to “How do you solve a problem like Maria” with the baroque beginning, just like she did. Was it a weird choice for a jewish wedding in a temple? sure, but it was my wedding and I was so excited. As I was standing outside the sanctuary with my parents, we heard the big booming chords of the song as our pianist started playing it, followed by laughter from our guests as they realized our choice. I LOVED that moment, and our wonderful photographer captured it so perfectly! Walking up the aisle to my husband, with my parents on either side of me, to that gorgeous music, is such a happy memory for me.

  66. Mallory says...

    Joanna, Thank you so much for this beautiful post. I am a ball of anxiety regarding my wedding in TEN DAYS! I just finished my first year of law school last friday and I have not had the time to fully prepare for my wedding. This post just filled me with joy, rather than anxiety, about the big day. Like so often, your blog speaks to me and I am grateful.

  67. lindsay says...

    we got married at san francisco city hall, so we had to wait for another couple to finish their ceremony right before ours took place. i’d had bruce springsteen’s “dancing in the dark” stuck in my head all day (no significance, it’s such a sad song but i am a jersey girl so of course it was bruce!) so my husband and i started singing it and dancing while we waited. we were just so happy and excited.
    our fantastic photographer captured the moment, of course:

  68. Love all of these! I’m a wedding photographer and there are so many great little moments in weddings that keeps me loving my job. Here is one favorite from this past summer. We set up the first look shot and told the groom to let the bride walk to him. He couldn’t stand it he was so excited he ran to meet her, forcing us to chase him and regroup trying to capture the moment!

  69. Alex says...

    My father was totally the star of our wedding. His speech at dinner brought the entire place to tears, friends still talk about how touching it was years later. And my favorite moment of our wedding was our father-daughter dance to “My Girl” by The Temptations. I never knew my dad could cut a rug like that – quick stepping and twirling and spinning me and passing me behind his back… He ended it with a low, dramatic dip at the end and everyone went ape-shit!

  70. Fun to see so many moments from Moment Junkie! And always so nice to see the photographers properly credited for their work. :) xx

    • I second this comment in its entirety! Exactly what I was going to say!

  71. It’s almost my first anniversary and my husband and I had a boozy jam sesh recently talking about what we remember about the day. The most epic moment of my wedding though was when I began to walk down the aisle, outdoors on a steep hill surrounded by tall pine trees, it began to rain, and like, REALLY RAIN. My husband says there was lightning. It was torrential! My dad and I walked down anyway, even though we could barely see, and I couldn’t hear the processional which was a meaningful song to me. Anyway, when I reached the back of the aisle, all of our guests errupted in cheers and applause. I’ve never seen that happen ever. It’s all sort of a blur, but I pumped my bouquet in the air while my photographer, who was having the time of his life, was in front of my frantically snapping away. Our guests said it was the best/most memorable wedding they’ve ever been to, even though they all got soaked.

  72. connie says...

    These are so great. I adore moment junkie. My favorite wedding day moment for us was after we made our “getaway” from the church. We decided instead of a limo to drive ourselves to the photo sites with a convertible my parents owned (It was actually an elaborate inside joke for my husband who as of that day was now insured to actually drive it after he had simply admired it from afar for years…). We got in the car and drove down the road, and at the first stop sign, my husband stopped the car and looked at me and we simultaneously said, “Hi.” We went the traditional route and hadn’t seen each other by ourselves since the evening before. Then we sat at the intersection and laughed and laughed at how surreal that whole day had been. It’s a memory I will never forget. :)