9 Fun Instagram Accounts

Gemma Correll on Instagram

What are your favorite Instagram accounts? Here are 9 funny ones worth checking out…

Above: Gemma Correll, a self-described antisocial pug lady, draws everyday things with a twist.

Fashion Dads on Instagram

Fashion Dads, celebrating the black socks and sweatpants of the men we love.

90s Movies on Instagram

90s Movie Clips. What a flashback.

Pug on Instagram

Jeremy Veach takes adorable photos of his adventures with his dog, Norm.

Average Parent Problems

Average Parent Problems. No explanation needed.

Symmetry Breakfast on Instagram

Symmetry Breakfast shows the breakfasts that London-based Michael Zee makes for his boyfriend every morning. (How cute are they?)

BJ Novak on Instagram

B.J. Novak takes hilarious Pictures of Text, and his captions are even funnier. (Worth checking out.)

70z on Instagram

The 70z is effortlessly cool and makes us want to jump in a time machine.

Chill Wildlife on Instagram

Chill Wildlife. The guy on the top left!

Any other recommendations? We’d love to hear…

P.S. More cool Instagram accounts.

  1. Kat says...

    @overheardla will change your life

  2. My tops are @cannellevanille, @coco.kelley, @local_trove, @watsonkennedy, and @historyphotographed.

  3. Jenn says...

    Thanks for the recommendation. @ihavethisthingwithfloors is pretty cool.

  4. Debbie says...

    Retta’s instagram account is always hilarious! Her handle is @Unforettable.

  5. Barbie Savior is absolutely hilarious and pokes fun at the white savior complex.

    • This is HILARIOUS! Thank you for sharing :)

    • Ashley says...

      Oh, this is just too perfect! Now I can roll my eyes at something(one) and not feel guilty about it.

  6. The captions @marniethedog always get me laughing.

  7. catalina says...

    The 70z! It’s amazing how thin they all were. What the hell happened in the 80s?!! ;)

  8. Amy says...

    @Historyphotographed is a super cool one!
    @scarymommy has the best posts (similar to averageparentingproblems)
    @adele is amazing without explanation
    @fuckjerry is so funny I swear I tag my friends in the posts every single day.

  9. OK, I just spent a good 20 minutes of my life looking at symmetry breakfast. Magnificent! And very diligent to make such extravagant breakfasts every morning (aside from the ones eaten at restaurants).

  10. Julie says...

    @bookbento!!! Eye candy for book lovers.

    • Ooh, I love this! Thanks for the rec.

  11. @lizclimo does super adorable hilarious comics with animals. She also works for the Simpsons :)

  12. Elizabeth says...

    I started watching the Chill Wildlife videos at work and was crying trying to hold in my laughter!

  13. Katie says...

    Yay! I run the 90’s account :)
    Thanks for spreading the love <3

  14. Natalie Brennan says...

    Great picks! I like following the Broad City girls and other comedians. It’s fun to get a peek at their lives outside of their tv shows.

  15. I can’t decide which I like best! So many made me laugh out loud. But those breakfasts made me JEALOUS.

  16. Maddy says...

    Love these. Also would love to know what you think of my side project @LetsCookTheBook, taking a Obama, Zuckerburg approach to cooking– cutting out choices by limited each week to one cookbook. Having a ton of fun!

  17. Alice Quin says...

    Hahahaha love the bj Novak one.

  18. Natasa says...

    My latest: pumpkintheraccoon

  19. Lauren says...

    I love the illustrator Julie Houts:

    I believe she works at J.Crew — it’s like Garance Dore fashion illustrations gone delightfully wrong.

    • Rebecca says...

      Yes, my fave!

    • Just looked through that account and followed it right after! Great stuff.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you!!

  20. Colleen says...

    that dad with the matching pjs and sheets is KILLING me!! thanks for these, I always love the new material in my Insta.