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San Francisco House Tour

Birgit Sfat, owner of the online children’s store Over the Ocean, lives with her husband, Raul, and daughter, Milla, in a gorgeous house in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood. Since moving from Munich two years ago, they’ve managed to build a warm and inviting space, filled with family heirlooms and personal touches. Here’s a look around…


San Francisco Home Tour

On first impressions: When we moved here from Germany, we were immediately struck by how helpful and open people were. We were staying in different Airbnb rentals because we didn’t have a home yet. We also had no car, no preschool, nothing. I’d go to the playground and start talking to other moms and they would say, “Oh, you don’t have a preschool? I can recommend one.” “Don’t know where to live? Here’s a good spot.”

Hang-It-All: DWR. Stool: IKEA, painted with Benjamin Moore’s Platinum Gray. Photo, taped up: Birgit’s grandparents during a trip to Paris in the 1950’s.


San Francisco Home Tour

San Francisco Home Tour

On flexible furniture: It’s always helpful to have neutral furniture that can work in different spaces. Most of our furniture we’ve had for many years — some from before I met my husband! We’ve moved these things through four different homes. I guess we thought one day when we owned a house we would start over from scratch, but that’s never happened.

Black leather chairs: vintage Ole Wanscher. Black floor lamp: Arne Jacobsen for Louis Poulsen. Rug: Turkish Kelim from eBay. Print: Vuk Vidor. Painting next to the bookshelf: Christoph Pradal.

San Francisco Home Tour

San Francisco Home Tour

On the family pet: Our dog Charlie is one crazy pup. Milla’s second word after “Mama” was “Vava,” which was her version of the German word for puppy. She’s been nuts about dogs since she was a baby. Even before we had Charlie, we spent more time at the dog run than the playground!

White sofa: Flexform Italy. Side table: vintage. Credenza: vintage, Paul McCobb. Beach photo: Leslie Anne Gonzales, framed by Andrew Berg. Table lamp: Isamu Noguchi.


San Francisco House Tour

On family dinners: My husband Raul and I both cook — he makes impressive meals that take more time and I make the quicker meals, like pasta. Milla also loves to cook, so once a week she and I will make vegetable soup together. We eat a green salad with every meal, and Milla makes the vinaigrette by herself. One of our family traditions is family pizza night. Raul rolls the dough until it’s very thin, and we cut the olives, mushrooms, artichokes and mozzarella. Milla sits at the head of the table painting while the pizza is in the oven, and Charlie sleeps underneath. Then Raul chooses the records while I open the wine. We even have these red-and-white-checked napkins for our pizza evenings.

Photo of Serge Gainsbourg: By Xavier Martin. Wooden candlesticks: family heirlooms, similar here. Gray pitcher: Stelton. Standing tray: Finn Juhl.

San Francisco Home Tour

On embracing the old: The kitchen hasn’t been updated; it’s really old. When you open the drawers, they come off in your hand. But we like that it has character.

San Francisco Home Tour

Quilt: Hopewell. Painting: Massimo Danielis.


San Francisco Home Tour

On the magic of paint: We had to get creative with the dining table, which used to be dark teak wood. It looked beautiful in our old apartment, but not so much in our new one. We painted it with white boat paint and have been happy with it ever since.

On family activities: We don’t watch movies as a family, because Milla is afraid of them. We tried a bunch of Disney movies, but it didn’t really work. So, most of our family activities happen at the dining table. We have a huge craft basket, and Milla draws while I cook.

Table: Vintage. Chairs: Arne Jacobsen. Pendant lamp: vintage Arne Jacobsen. Paper wall hanging: from a shop in Paris. Matching game: Over the Ocean.

San Francisco Home Tour

On a beloved ritual: Weekend mornings are a very relaxed time for us. Raul often leaves very early to go surfing, and when he comes back we love to eat breakfast for hours. What starts with croissants, fruit, granola and coffee evolves into lunch — without ever clearing the table!

Concrete sign: Johnny Koch. Most glassware: IKEA and Schott Zwiesel.


San Francisco Home Tour

San Francisco Home Tour

On stealing some quiet time: Whenever I have a moment for myself, I like to make myself a cup of tea and sit on this daybed. Our sunroom connects to the dining room and has a view of the yard, and I’ll read a magazine and relax. It’s not very exciting, but it’s one of my favorite things!

Patterned rug: Turkish Kelim from eBay. Wooden chair: Hay Denmark. Pillows and linens: Merci Paris


San Francisco Home Tour

On growing roots: For our first three months in San Francisco, we were like, “This is great!” But after the initial excitement wore off, we started missing our deep relationships at home. That was hard. It takes some time to build new relationships and routines — to find your favorite bakery and café and grocery store. But I’ve found that in the U.S., you end up finding everything you want, including our favorite European staples. We’re very happy now.

Bedding: Merci. Bed: IKEA. Black chair: DWR

San Francisco Home Tour

Rocker: DWR. Wicker hampers: Greenhouse & CO


San Francisco Home Tour

On hand-me-downs: This flower painting in Milla’s room hung in my grandmother’s living room a long, long time ago. The record player is an old one from my father. I love having family heirlooms, especially since we’re 6,000 miles from home.

Bed: IKEA. Bedding: Merci. Patterned rug: Turkish Kelim from eBay


On keeping German traditions alive: We still care very much about German traditions. For her first day of school, I gave Milla a Schultüte (“school cone”), filled with treats and school supplies. She’s really proud of her German backpack, even though the other kids think it looks strange. Our Christmas celebration is to decorate the tree together on Christmas Eve, which very traditionally German.

Goose pillow: Over the Ocean.

San Francisco Home Tour

On playing dress-up: Milla loves costumes, so we have a clothes rack with lots of them. She often pretends to be a teacher or a doctor. Whenever friends come over, the adults will be at the dining table, and suddenly the children will appear from upstairs. The costumes will be all mixed together, and they’ll put on a show for us.

World map: Dotcomgiftshop’s wrapping paper. Wooden robot: vintage. Coat rack: Numero 74

San Francisco Home Tour

On special collections: I collect wooden and ceramic birds, which are scattered throughout the house. Also, I took a trip to India once and learned that elephants are supposed to bring strength and good luck, so we keep several elephants in Milla’s room.

Desk: vintage. Papier-mâché elephant: Anthropologie. Dot hooks: Muuto. Glockenspiel: Over the Ocean.

San Francisco Home Tour

Goodnight wire sculpture: Anthropologie.


San Francisco Home Tour

On launching a business from home: I run my children’s store, Over the Ocean, entirely from my studio in the basement. It’s where I store all the pieces, where we package things to ship, where I take all the pictures. Sometimes Milla will help me package the orders, and she’s proud when she can be involved. But I have to be careful that when the day is done, I stop working. That can be difficult; I’m not great at it.

Desk: flea market find, painted with Benjamin Moore Gray Owl. Chair: vintage Thonet, painted with Benjamin Moore Platinum Gray.

San Francisco House Tour

On finding inspiration: When we came to San Francisco, I didn’t know what I was going to do. At the playground, people would approach me to ask where Milla’s clothes and shoes were from. When I told people they were from Europe, people were very open to the idea of a store. There are so many beautiful European countries, each with a very specific style. I thought it would be wonderful to share this — not just a store, but a place for inspiration.


San Francisco Home Tour

San Francisco Home Tour

On renovating the garden: The garden was in pretty bad shape when we moved in. Then our artist friend from Munich came to visit for two weeks. He wanted to do something helpful, so he and my husband worked each afternoon in the garden to build the wooden path. It created structure without having a manicured garden. It’s a magical place, we feel really lucky.

San Francisco Home Tour

On having outdoor space: Except for rainy days, we eat all our meals — breakfast, lunch and dinner — on the deck. Even if we have to put on scarves or a vests, we love sitting outside year round. It reminds us a bit of the cafés in Europe, where people spend time outdoors.

Table and bench: Handmade by Birgit’s husband, Raul. Chairs: vintage.

San Francisco Home Tour

Thank you so much, Birgit! Your home is so warm and inviting.

P.S. More house tours, including a former pasta factory and three kids who share one bedroom.

(Photos by Julia Robbs for Cup of Jo. Styling by Kendra Smoot. Interview by Caroline Donofrio.)

  1. anne says...

    Looking at this post a few years later as I was searching for San Francisco posts (heading there Thursday eek!). What a beautiful home and lovely, purposeful family. I hope you continue to enjoy your home, Birgit! I echo you – moving can be so hard when you have to rebuild community, let alone find your favorite coffee shop and grocery store. Pretty soon you find that you have arrived and you know people (and they know you!) all over town:)

  2. Clou says...

    Would love a follow up re: “where are they today?” Much as I enjoy the infamous “House Hunters International,” I always wonder about the continuing chapters of their lives. These are big changes in a family’s life.

  3. Tiffany says...

    Very late here but does anyone know where to find a similar curtain hanging wire???

    • Hi! It is from Ikea. xx, B

  4. Gail says...

    Where did you purchase the fold-up table you have in your sunroom??

    • Hi Gail, it is not a fold-up table (that would be good though), it is simply a wooden board that we attached with a bracket to the wall. best, Birgit

  5. LReforma says...

    in the photo of the master bedroom, where did you get the wooden model of the twin peaks antenna? looks lovely and reminds me of SF.

  6. Kadija says...

    I absolutely love the design in this house, but even more so adore the family traditions that you have started. This is great inspiration for starting some traditions with my son. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Markus says...

    Thank you for giving us this tour of your beautiful home. The garden is outstanding. I would love to know what type of wood you used to build the path?

    • Hi Markus, we used redwood planks 1×4 inch on top and pressure treated redwood planks 2×4 inch as base similar to rails. For the small ramp and the wave we used plywood to build the curved shape. All top planks got a final cut in the end when the whole structure was shaped. Good luck with your plans!

  8. Tracy says...

    Birgit, not sure if you will see this but I have been thinking about your table painted white with boat paint since I saw this post! We have a black table we would like to paint white. Would you recommend the boat paint? Was it easy to use? Did you paint outdoors because of fumes?
    Thanks for any help you can offer! Your home is lovely!

    • Hi Tracy & thank you! We painted the table already several years ago when we were still in Germany and yes we painted it outside. So it was actually not exactly this boat paint, but a white boat paint we got in a shop for sailors. I don’t remember the brand. We are really satisfied with the result, it lasts since years now and it is so easy to clean. The Benjamin Moore paints we bought in the US so far, for the stairs and furniture, are not as durable. But I guess they are a lot more healthy to paint indoors. Good luck with your table! Birgit

  9. What a stunning home! Each and every corner of this home is so beautifully organized by Birgit. Love the dinning area and sun room that makes it an inviting place for living. The orange -white tapestry also looks great on the kitchen wall.

  10. Ooooo I just loooOOoved this home tour! So simple, happy, and reflective of years I spent soaking up the streamlined designs of European taste…. So many “Pin-worthy” pictures here! Thank you for the sneak peak!

  11. that sunroom is just dreamy! if i had that, you would find me napping in it all the time :)

  12. This is a lovely home! I know how expensive it is to live here. The minimal decoration is absolutely incredible. Love the details!

  13. This is some of the most gorgeous and cosiest homes I’ve ever encountered. LOVE <3

  14. Wendy says...

    Beautiful Home. I loved everything. I am printing photos to show my husband some ideas now. What is the wall and trim paint color and finish? I think it’s perfect and want to repaint my home one color.

    • Kate says...

      Yes, please, would love to know the paint color!

  15. Resi says...

    What a home-y home!! Thanks for sharing. I’d move right in :) and that garden and the deck and eating outside and the little sun room… aaaaaaah! It’s quite amazing!

  16. Jo Chan Smith says...

    I love this post! First – ALL the wall hangings! I love love love them! From the seemingly random photo near the stairs, the incredible print above the mantle, washi taped text – WOW! I’d been struggling with wall art over the weekend and now I’m totally inspired!
    Also – that red door leading to the deck. So going to do that, one day when we get our deck! Our house is similar – timber clad and grey hued.
    Finally – just want to say, I totally understand about being afraid of Disney movies! Sometimes the villains and music can be really frightening for kids who aren’t desensitized to this sort of thing. My daughter is same!

    • Birgit says...

      Thank you so much Jo Chan! xx, B

  17. Karen says...

    A lovely home! I’m so intrigued by the print that hangs above the fireplace. At first I thought it was a print of credits from a film! Do you mind sharing details? Your daughter is adorable!

  18. What a stunning space! This home is such a dream.

  19. Carol says...

    I’d love to see a piece on HER “beauty uniform.” Somehow she makes the neutrals seem lively. I’m evening thinking of getting those Scandinavian clogs.

    • I second Carol! Would love to see Birgit’s beauty uniform! XO

    • Reba says...


    • Yes!

  20. Beth says...

    I love it! Simple and homey. And I love, love, love the daybed “nook”.

  21. PS. and that kid looks like a clever elf from a fairytale!

  22. claudia says...

    one of the most beautiful homes i can imagine!
    thanks for the tour

  23. That’s a spectacular house, but I especially like the backyard. I’ve never seen anything like it. So simple, but very organic looking. :)

  24. virginie says...

    beautiful place! I love your sunroom… wait? I love the whole house!

  25. Meghan Ulloa says...

    These kids clothes are so darn cute (and so is your daughter Birgit). I’ve already emailed the link the grandmothers. ;)

    • Birgit says...

      ;-) Thanks!!!

  26. Dottie Louise says...

    What a wonderful home! I love love love your style Birgit! Your weekend ritual sounds so magical!

  27. I loved everything in this post! The house is gorgeous – the simplicity and variety of textures. And I was blown away by the garden. I can’t wait until I own my own home.

  28. I love hearing about their lazy morning breakfast ritual. There’s nothing more delicious, to me, than a dirty hair, relaxed, cozy-socks kind of breakfast with my main man.

  29. I can’t help but be curious about Milla’s fear of movies. What is it about them? I know someone whose child had to be told what would happen before they could start a movie, otherwise not knowing this character or that would be ok at the end of scene would stress him out. Even something like Finding Nemo!

    • Finding Nemo, isn’t this the one with the shark where the mother dies? No way we could watch this even if I told Milla hat it has a good ending. It is not only the really scary parts but in general the strong emotions. She really feels with the characters. The other day we watched the beautiful Japanese film My neigbor Totoro because she was taking part in a Totoro theater play. When the little sister ran away and the older sister was searching for her, Milla started crying and even after they found each other again Milla couldn’t stop saying that the sisters must have been so afraid. But I know where she has it from, I am a little bit the same. When I saw the Bjoerk movie Dancer in the dark many years ago I couldn’t stop crying even after I left the cinema and was back home. My husband laughs at me because I also have tears in my eyes when I watch the Oscar laudations. ;-)

    • Mary says...

      I love your home so much Birgit. I am revisiting this beautiful post for inspiration. I’m living in Munich (from Ireland originally, spent time in the Uk too) and love it here! It definitely is ‘die schönste Stadt der Welt’ but San Francisco is very special too and having the sea nearby is something i miss lots. Anyway, I had to chime in here because I’ll never forget the time I saw ‘Dancer in the Dark’ in the cinema with my friend. I often cry at films, books, adverts on tv (I know!), music, even a really beautiful space…but i could never watch Dancer in the Dark again, ever. I was so, so upset about that little girl. Even thinking about it now, all these years later makes me sad and angry for her! At the time however, I was sobbing out loud in the cinema. It was beyond sad for me and so the normal tears streaming silently down my face didn’t suffice! So, you and your daughter are not on your own! Ha! ? ?

  30. What a beautiful style you have in your house. I just love the whites with the colors and the wood your using.

  31. Roxana says...

    What an absolutely beautiful home! It’s open and airy yet warm and inviting.

    I think what’s even more beautiful, though, is how you spend your time as a family. It seems that you are very close to one another, and that you’ve figured out how to just “be” together. Lovely.

    Thank you for sharing!

  32. Ana says...

    Birgit, I love your home. I think the garden path is the most unusual and inspiring element; and to know it was hand-made by you husband and a friend makes it even more special. I am also, personally, a fan of the one child – one dog dynamic. Thank you for showing and I hope you enjoy San Francisco!

  33. Charlotte K says...

    What she says about eating meals outside except for rainy days…yes! I want to do that when it’s possible. I live near Boston and it seems we have weather too harsh for that about 8 months of the year, but when I can do it, I should.

  34. peninnah says...

    This is so beautiful.i am addicted to this house tours..serious attachment!!!each statement is a pill…and Caroline writes so well :)) We will miss her.

  35. corina says...

    I fell in love with this beautiful home. I absolutely love the wooden work in the garden. Such a warm and lovely vibe of this place…

  36. Karen says...

    This is totally the kind of bright airy house that I hope to have one day. What a lovely family!

  37. MJ says...

    Favorite house tour yet!!!

  38. That little Milla is such a beautiful child! She glows with happy!

    Your home is beautiful, Birgit! So lovely and low-key and real.

    I always love reading the home tour posts!! Thanks Cup of Jo!

  39. Everything is a dream but that garden, especially–I’m totally the heart-eye emoji right now!

  40. Rosha says...

    What a beautiful home! I love your comfy cushions on your deck. Where did you get them from? We have a bench outdoors and I would love to make it more inviting.

    • Hi Rosha, thank you! I made the cushions myself. I used an outdoor fabric from Sunbrella and then simple pillows inside. At least for San Francisco it is really important that the fabric is for outdoors. I also had some cotton cushions outside and this was not a good idea! xx, B

    • Rosha says...

      Thank you for the Sunbrella tip! What a good excuse to break out my sewing machine.

  41. rach says...

    one of the most gorgeous little girls!!!!

  42. Meredith says...

    Love this so much! Thanks for sharing your home with us, Birgit, and thanks Caroline for the lovely write-up and photos.

  43. Aki says...

    I’ve bookmarked this page! What a charming house and family!

  44. Your home is lovely, and the backyard deck is amazing! I would love to have a friend who could help design something like that in our backyard. Beautiful family!

  45. Sarah says...

    This is lovely! I’ve lived far from family before and it does indeed take time to make those close relationships. I hope since Americans are usually considered so outgoing and friendly to the outside world that will help ease that transition :)
    Also, my nephew was also scared of movies (including those Disney movies) but next time they think they are ready to try a family movie, I recommend Milo and Otis (should be available on Netflix I think). It’s a sweet and innocent live action movie about a puppy and a kitten who leave the farm where they were born and have an adventure. It was my nephew’s first film he felt brave enough to sit through, and we adults love it too.

    • Thanks Sarah! Sounds lovely, I will check this movie out. Good that the puppy has a friend when he leaves… ;-)

    • AzureSong says...

      Your daughter might not be so afraid of films any more, but the best non-villain film I found for my daughters was Mary Poppins. We also enjoyed watching the middle part of Sound of Music. Start when Maria arrives at the Von Trapp house; end after the song So Long, Farewell!

    • Birgit Sfat says...

      Thanks a lot! Yes, I think Mary Poppins is a wonderful idea, I loved it a s child too!

  46. I loooove this!! What a beautiful, light and airy house. I love her store – all the things look so well-made and comforting. Could you tell me where the art in the bedroom is from? I love the sketch of the lady!

    • Hi Sydni, thanks & great that you ask about the drawing. It is from our friend Tim Wolff who also made the wooden path in the garden together with Raul.

  47. LOVE this house tour, and the interview as well! So many of their traditions and rituals seemed like something I would love for my (very future) family!

  48. Hamden mom says...

    Beautiful home, enchanting products from Over the Ocean, loved the descriptions of their sweet family life. Could someone tell us the names of the manufacturer and style of Milla’s bed was purchased? Thanks!

    • Hello & thank you so much for this compliment! The bed is from Ikea. But it is an older model that they don’t have anymore. We liked it because it is extendable, so when we have an adult guests we can pull it out. xx, B

    • KylieO says...

      It’s from Ikea! I think it’s called Minnen or something similar :-)

  49. Lisa says...

    That back yard and the day bed on which she relaxes with a cup of tea…I am in love. What an absolutely beautiful and peaceful home.

  50. Carina says...

    So much Danish Design in this home. Yay!

  51. What a beautiful home! Especially the dreamy garden. Every time we are in SF we ask ourselves would we really like to live here and this reminded me…Yes! Thanks for sharing Birgit! I loved seeing your beautiful family of three (like us).

    Xo Lendy

  52. Heather says...

    breakfast until it evolves into lunch … every meal outside … swoon.

  53. Anny Schomburg says...

    Beautiful place. I would love to live in Noe Valley, but alas there is not enough money in my bank account to even rent just a closet..They are a fortunate family to be able to,come to the states and live in SF. CONGRATS!

  54. Teresa says...

    That backyard!

  55. Tovah says...

    I’m so curious about the little sitting area in Milla’s room. Is it a shipping pallet with folded blankets on top?

    • Hi! Yes, it is a shipping palette which we painted and put 2 thin mattresses folded in blankets on top. It is our reading nock (and more and more often the dog bed). ;-)

  56. Jessica says...

    Love this tour! Add me to the list of people wanting to know the paint colors (interior and exterior!).

    • Hi Jessica! Thank you so much! Actually the house was already painted inside and outside when we moved in. No idea which colors were used. I only painted the wall in Milla’s room and I don’t remember which Benjamin Moore color I used, sorry! Just remember that I did it twice because I did not like the first one. …

  57. Jessa says...

    What a beautiful life and family. Thank you for sharing. I was really inspired by your style and way of life.

    • Thank you Jessa!!

  58. Nina says...

    Simply lovely. So is that a wooden pallet painted white with a small featherbed on top of it in Mille’s room? A book nook?

    • Hi Nina, yes exactly, it is so easy to make. We sit there every evening when we read the good-night-story. And then Charlie, our dog, takes over. She sneakes in Milla’s room every night and sleeps there.

  59. Jenny says...

    I think I’d like to be them! Very, very cool.

    • Hi Jenny, oh, well be careful with that! ;-) But thank you very much!

  60. Tawny says...

    This is, by far, my favorite home tour. They are all lovely and inspire me in different ways but this one just speaks to me. Thank you.

    • Thank you Tawny! I was so honored that our home would be featured in my favorite blog but also so very nervous….

  61. Meggles says...

    I really enjoyed this house tour. What a lovely family too.

  62. Sara says...

    This is such a beautiful, inspiring space. Thanks for sharing! The wooden path in the garden is particularly lovely :)

  63. aly says...

    wow, i could stare at their house and her clothing website for days.

  64. Gillian says...

    Would love to know the white paint they’ve used in the entryway and throughout the house.

    • Sarah H says...

      Me too! Xoxoxo

    • Nicole Brant says...

      Me, too! I adore all the white! I wonder if it’s all different shades of white or the same? Please, please, tell me, Birgit!

    • About the white paints: actually we did not plan this really. The walls were all white when we moved in. When we did some repair work we always had to paint the whole wall because we did not know the original color. We did paint the stairs and the banister and used some kind of Benjamin Moore floor paint. It turned out more beige then we had planned. So now we have all different shades of white but that was not on purpose. ;-)

    • Hi, what color did you paint the banister? And where did you get the mattresses for the pallet reading area?

  65. I love their style! xx

  66. Katie says...

    Ahh, so beautiful. Any other moms out there feeling a tad bit jealous of how magical this all seems? :) Including parenthood?! I’m a mom of one (a boy) and I can’t fathom a leisurely breakfast turning into lunch on a lazy Saturday! My husband and I could only wish for that!! I wonder what their secret is :)

    • Edan says...

      I have an almost five-year-old son and a five-month-old daughter, and I had the same thought!

    • Hi! No secret, except for maybe not registering for soccer or ballet or anything else on Saturdays! ;-) But since you are a mom you know that we also have our stressful times! Just not on those lazy Saturdays…. xx, Birgit

    • Having grown up an only child with an introverted and independent personality, I was so content painting, reading, entertaining myself with make believe, and leisurely home-based activities! My rambunctious, high-energy half-brother born 15 years later… a whole different story. This home tour reminded me a bit of my childhood… loved it!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Yes, children are all so different! My good friend’s daughter can draw all day long and barely move a muscle; my boys are like little puppies and need to be taken out for a run three times a day. :)

  67. Sarah says...

    Their backyard pathway/deck! That’s the stuff dreams are made of, incredible!

  68. LOVE! Thank you for your sharing your home Birgit! Such a bright and calm home. That backyard is incredible and is giving me some fun ideas for my own.

  69. K fish says...

    Nice house, indeed.
    I’m happy to hear someone else has problems with Disney movies being scary. My son has nightmares with the villains every time

  70. sarah says...

    What a cute pup! Also, that kitchen and yard are both gorgeous!

  71. While all the homes in this series are very beautiful they are all decorated in a very similar way (white walls, mid century furniture, books sorted by colour). It would be great to mix it up a bit.

    • Grainne says...

      Yes, I feel the same way. It’s a lovely home (and I love the details of their routine — it makes me want to change up mornings/dinners with my son a lot), but I would love to see some variety in this series!

    • Laura says...

      I second this. I just moved from a small apartment where white walls and clean lines helped maximize the space, but my new house is a charming Dutch Colonial with incredible molding and white would be way too sterile. I’m having trouble finding inspiration that doesn’t feel dated!

    • meredith says...

      Does Birgit happen to remember the name of the amazing red on the exterior door to the deck?

    • Jill Palumbo says...

      I was thinking this too. While I love white/neutral colors, I’m not a fan of mid century or modern at all. Would love to see some true vintage pieces and antiques, soft colors and warm spaces.

    • Meghan says...

      I agree! I’d love to see different styles of design in these home tours.

  72. Lauren says...

    I would like that super cute grey dress in an adult size, please :)

    • A says...

      Just logged on to say the exact same thing! So cute.

  73. Mary says...

    Wow, oh wow! I just love this. I could see myself living in this space so easily. Funny thing is I’ve just moved to Munich (from London mind, not SF!)

  74. Favorite house tour yet! I love her style and emphasis on intentional time together around the table. The pizza night — cooking together, daughter painting, records spinning, dining on the deck — sticks out to me. This is exactly the approach to life and family I hope to always have!

  75. Beautiful home and family! Thank you for giving us a peek inside your home. You’ve inspired me to try and eat outdoors more often with my family.

  76. This is so great, happy and sophisticated! I love it and your clothing line.

  77. Awads says...

    I did not know that anyone could even afford to buy a home in San Francisco, what with housing prices being what they are (i live in DC, so i know). This is inspiring!

  78. Heather D says...

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  80. Barbara says...

    This is a beautiful home! Do you happen to know the paint color of their white walls in the living room and stairwell? I’m always on the quest for a great white paint that goes well with warm wood floors.

  81. jill c says...

    oh i loved this of my absolute favorites! i now want to eat every mean outside with my kids!

  82. Oana says...

    I absolutely LOVED this post. The question I am pondering right now, as I’m in a moment of transition, is what my dream life is. How do I want to live. I don’t want children, but I want the homeliness and quiet, simple life you built for yourself here. I’m also a transplant from Europe and I love California. I absolutely love the spaciousness and coziness of your home. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  83. LJ says...

    What color is the banister painted in the first interior photo? I love the creamy white!

  84. Rebecca says...

    This is beautiful, but can you please do a home tour where all the walls are not white? It looks great in all the houses you’ve profiled but it just wouldn’t work in ours and I’d love some hints on decorating with walls that aren’t neutral.

    • Ellen says...

      Caroline’s house and Jo’s sister’s house have both featured in the last month or so, and both have dark/colourful walls or wallpaper feature walls…
      That’s just off the top of my head and I’m sure I’ve seen more in the past.

  85. Carrie says...

    Milla has amazing hair!

    • Sarah says...

      That’s what I was thinking! It reminds me out Courtney Adamo’s hair. #hairgoals ;)

    • Daynna says...

      I saved all the pictures with her daughter in them because I love her haircut SO much and now want to cut my own daughters hair in that style! And um, maybe mine.

  86. Lo says...

    Home tours are one of my favorite things on this blog! I love the interview details and gorgeous photos. Thank you so much for sharing these.

  87. Caitlyn says...

    I had no idea that decorating the tree on Christmas eve was a German tradition! It is one of the only family traditions that my family has cherished and the older I get the more I realize how unusual it is – so lovely to find that it’s part of our heritage!

  88. Benay says...

    The house is absolutely gorgeous. But the thing I noticed about this family is that they make having just one child incredibly fun and relaxing. My husband and I haven’t had kids yet (we’ve been married nearly 8 years so everyone expects it) but I think that if we do, we will just stick with one. And then maybe adopt down the line. Who knows, but I loved learning about the little rituals of this family! Breakfast all day until it runs into lunch…what a dream.

    • Kim says...

      I was also pleased to see a profile of a very close and engaged one child family. My husband and I have one 8-year-old daughter and even though many people insist that we must have at least one more for her benefit, I would argue that she derives a lot of happiness and satisfaction from one-on-one time with mom and dad as well as solitary activities at home which makes her very independent; just like Milla who is content to paint by herself while the pizza cooks. And yes, having one means that everything is more manageable and therefore more fun and relaxing for all of us.

    • Maire says...

      Only child here. I would like to tesify that being an only child was awesome. I got to have friends over all the time and my parents both have big families so I was never lonely. But I also liked (and still do) solitary activities like reading and coloring. It is only now that I am older that the only child thing is a bummer, just because I feel pressure to have at least one child because my parents desperately want to be grandparents, but I really don’t think I want to be a mother myself. It would be nice to have a sibling to take away/share some of the pressure.

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  91. El says...

    Gosh I love there family style of eating outdoors, not watching movies, long lunches together, family treasures…so nurturing!
    The home is lovely and yes to that amazing garden walkway!

    • El says...


    • Thank you El! xx, B

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    This is one of the prettiest house tours I have ever seen online! Thank you so much for sharing your home and store with us, Birgit!

  95. Loved this home tour! And the honesty that when u move far away it can be difficult to miss home. I’ve always wanted to live in Europe and I don’t often give thought to what I would miss about home.

  96. What a beautiful tour of your home, loved every minute of that and the garden is beautiful. As Europeans who have also lived in the USA, I remember when we arrived, it was all so different, we knew no-one, but everyone was so incredibly friendly, all Americans made us feel so welcome, just as you say, it was such a lovely place to live. Now we are back in France but we have remained very close friends with so many people from the States who now come and visit us here.

    • Meggles says...

      Thank you for sharing that. I know there’s so much good in the States, but since I know it so well, I mostly notice the bad (especially this year with the crazy election cycle). Thanks for those positive observations. :)

  97. Shannon says...

    Not sure what I love more: magical back yard or that very inviting sun room with the day bed. I dream of reading and drinking coffee in that space.

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  100. Hadley says...

    Where on earth is that INCREDIBLE flamingo hat from? I must buy it for my niece! Xo

    • KK says...

      It’s from an old Unicef for H&M collection (around 2012)

  101. This is my favorite home tour so far!!! Absolutely beautiful and inspiring :)

  102. lexi says...

    The backyard wooden path is the coolest thing ever. But I’m confused about the TV placement, even if it’s on an adjustable arm. How does that work?

    • kiki says...

      i bet they moved the furniture for the shoot…maybe not, but that would be my guess :)

    • Hi Lexi & Kiki! I had to smile reading your comment. No, the TV does not have an adjustable arm and the furniture was not moved . When Raul and me watch a movie in the evening we just lay together on the sofa, which is a very deep divan (so we lay full length with the head on the cushion/armrest). It is really comfortable. We never had the situation that we watched something on TV with more than just the 2 or 3 of us, so it works well. xx, B

  103. I was thinking, yes, this is nice and all, and I do miss bow windows, which you don’t find in France. But then I got to the yard and that amazing wood structure and I let out a gasp. Wow. And how wonderful that it was a gift from a friend. It really is a work of art.