Mother’s Day Gift

Pinhole Press photo book

Mother’s Day is less than three weeks away, and if you’re looking for a gift idea, here’s one that always seems to make mothers tear up: A photo book. The ones from Pinhole Press are beautiful, heartfelt and very easy to make.

Pinhole Press photo book

We made my mom a panoramic book, where you can feature Instagram photos, regular pictures or panoramic shots, which really pack a punch. On this opening page, we wrote, “We love you, Nana.”

Pinhole Press photo book

We featured photos from growing up…

Pinhole Press photo book

…and recent photos of my mom kissing her grandchildren. We’re excited to show her. (Here’s the exact one we made.) It was fun to put together and took less than ten minutes once we had our photos chosen.

Bonus: Pinhole Press is giving 15% off all photo books with the code CUPOFJO15, good through April 29th. Thank you so much!

P.S. The The birthday book we made for my dad, and a book about our wedding.

(Photos by Yossy Arefi for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by Pinhole Press, one of our beloved, long-term sponsors. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Cup of Jo.)

  1. I am a european reader of your blog (big fan for years), and in love with Pinhole Press since I first saw it in Cup of Joe. I fell so in love with it that I decided to make a book of names and faces for my one year old twins. As our families live very apart from us, I travelled around and took portraits (I am a photographer) of everyone, the aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents from France and form Spain. After doing all that work I carefully prepared the book on the Pinhole website…..this is when I realised that they only deliver within the US!!!! Awwwww Nooooooo! I am sooooo sad and disappointed!!! I will not be able to order my book after all! Do you know if some day there will be a chance that they’ll open to the european market?

  2. Laura C says...

    I would like to have a relationship with my mom like yours. This is a wonderful gift but I couldn’t make it. It’s complicated to explain. My mom and me have a strange relationship.
    I use to give her some bijoux or spa bonus (that she forgot to use) or some clothes, but I could not give her a book like this.
    It’s sad. I know. Excuse me but I wanted to share it. Thank you.

  3. S says...

    I love photo books! We made one for my MIL after she took me and my then fiance on a vacation we could never done on our own. The book was full of photos from the trip. I also made one with our wedding photos, and gave copies to our families. Making it was a wonderful way to relive our ceremony and put a cap on the whole madness of wedding planning. It was the last step. I even put excerpts and readings from our ceremony in our copy of the book, including our vows.

  4. Tracy says...

    I see who Anton resembles! That picture of you and your sister in red snow suits – I thought it was Anton in front for a moment!

  5. Darcy says...

    Did you scan the old photos? I’m feeling very daunted by the idea of digitizing our family’s old photos.

  6. i gave a personalized calendar one year as a christmas present for my mom. it had important family dates (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.) with photos of the family, and my mom cried! i’m sure this would make her cry even more!

  7. I bet your mom treasures this gift! My brother and sister-in-law had photo books made of their wedding photos that they gifted to their moms, and now those books are getting a second life as all the grandchildren LOVE paging through them when they visit. It makes them feel like they were a part of that special day even though they hadn’t arrived on the scene yet.

  8. Leslie says...

    Beautiful gift idea, thanks!

  9. Mary Jenkins says...

    love this!! it’s a very sweet concept and i am sure it would be cherished more than the typical bouquet of flowers.

  10. jeannie says...


  11. I love your photo book gift ideas. I feel like I need to give myself this gift! haha! I am horrible at getting our photos printed (or maybe I’ll just drop the hint).

    Joanna – are you a gift lover? Do you drop hints at Alex? I can’t help it, my love language is gifts!

    xo Lendy

  12. Such a wonderful gift idea! As a mother, I really value gifts which include memories, ones which remind me why I love being a mother. This is just so sweet. I know my mother would love something like this to treasure forever!


    • Joanna Goddard says...

      that is such a sweet idea!!

  13. Over the years our five children have made me two books, always masterminded by our eldest daughter who is now 19. The first was about 7 years ago and the second one was 3 years ago, they used photos, they included drawings they had done, they have pages of handprints dipped in paint; they are utterly magical and I love looking back through them, so many memories and so special.

  14. Marie says...

    I just made a photo book for my sister and her fiancé for their engagement. They unwrapped it, and my sister was crying before it was out of the packaging! Her fiancé gently suggested that maybe they could get the book out of the plastic? haha. I put in photos from the five years they’ve been together and they really liked it.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      that is so cute :)