My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

Adina Grigore is the founder of the organic skincare brand S.W. Basics and a total genius when it comes to natural and DIY beauty. She is also kind, down-to-earth and quite hilarious. Here are her tips, including how to heal blemishes and the refreshing way she deals with stress…

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

How did you first get into natural skincare?
My whole life, I’ve been incredibly sensitive to junk foods. As a kid, I would have insane stomachaches and migraines and had to come home from school. Doctors couldn’t find the answer. When I got older, I had terrible skin. After college, I went to nutrition school, where I learned that ingredients are hugely correlated to how you feel. With food it’s so simple: Eat things that are more natural and you’ll feel better. I thought, “That’s so easy! I’m going to apply this to every area of my life.” So I quit using everything to see if my skin would get better, and it did. It was instant.

How do you eat these days?
I feel best when I’m mostly vegan. So if I have a smoothie (instead of eggs), soup (instead of solid food), or a super simple plate of cooked veggies (instead of, you know, the much preferred burger and fries), I feel amazing. This is kind of intense, though, so I ignore it a lot of the time! But every day I’ll take a probiotic, vitamin D, and do my best to have something green at almost every meal.

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

Do you have any natural cures for breakouts?
People always say, “Don’t use anything on an open blemish.” Like if you’ve picked at your face, you’re supposed to leave it alone. But you can put aloe vera on an open wound and watch it heal in real time. It’s crazy. In my dream world, everyone has an aloe plant in their home! But if you don’t, you can use aloe powder, which is a freeze-dried version of what’s inside the leaf. You just add water. For regular pimples, witch hazel is a really good spot treatment.

What about body blemishes?
Sea salt is great for body breakouts. Just dump a cup of sea salt into your bath, and it will help kill any bacteria on your skin and help heal blemishes.

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

Do you wear makeup?
Yes, but not every day. I wear makeup if I have a meeting with a stranger, if I have my period (it makes me feel better!) or if I just can’t deal with my appearance that day. Makeup is the one area where I’ve had a hard time going completely natural. Right now I use Neutrogena foundation and MAC powder, which makes my face bright and glowy. They were gifts from my younger sister. She understands makeup — and life — much better than I do; I always joke she’s like my perfected second draft.

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

What about for special occasions?
I’ve worn red lipstick exactly three times in my life, which felt both bold and terrifying. If I try to wear anything else along with it (eyeshadow, blush, bronzer), I look crazy to myself. I hired someone to do my wedding makeup, and I felt like an alien. I’ve daydreamed about someday reaching the point where someone does my makeup when I need them to, and then, someone gently takes it off. To be fair, I also daydream about people dressing me and choosing/making my food… I guess I want to be a grown-up child?

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

What’s your daily skincare approach?
My first step is looking in the mirror and really taking note of what’s going on that day. If everything is fine, I’ll just wash my face with water. If I’m dry, I’ll still wash with water but then follow it up with our Cream or Oil Serum, and try to take some time to really massage it in. If I’m oily or breaking out — which is the most common case for me — I’ll cleanse, tone, and hydrate with the cream or serum.

Tell us more about washing your face with water. Does it actually do anything?
Yes. Washing with water is especially good to do in the morning, assuming you removed your makeup the night before. Unless you look in the mirror and you look especially oily, you can wash your face using only water. You want to do around 20 splashes, using your hands to rub the water up and down on your face. When you’re done, your face is clean, and it’s a good way to give your face a break from the harshness of your face wash.

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

How do you style and care for your hair?
I rotate between Acure volumizing shampoo and Verb shampoo, and I always use Verb leave-in conditioner. I don’t brush it, I just towel dry it, and purposely go to bed with my hair wet so it looks curly and full in the morning. By the end of the day, it gets super flat and straight, and then I throw it up in a bun because I hate the flat/straight look on me!

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

Do you have any favorite drugstore finds?
My favorites are all the SoapBox products and everything from Aura Cacia. They make super affordable essential oils that are really high quality. Oils can be a shady industry — people can be secretive about their practices — but Aura Cacia is very transparent about everything. They care so much about sustainability and their crops. They’ve been around for so long that I think people tend to not notice them. But their new line is at Target and it’s great.

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

What did your mom teach you about beauty?
My parents are both Romanian immigrants. When I was growing up, my mom’s entire routine consisted of using what was then simply called Oil of Olay. She would apply it first to remove her makeup and then apply a second round with a cotton ball. She would be super greasy after, but always glowing. Her skin was amazing, from just one product! She was also always very well-hydrated, which makes a huge difference.

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

Look how cute you and your sister were!
We wore a lot of traditional Romanian garb growing up. We had these peasant shirts, and now I crack up when I see them in Urban Outfitters. They were pretty, but they weren’t what the other kids were wearing! I remember once, I was in 4th grade and I had a brown and orange dress with orange socks that matched the dress, and got so made fun of. I was like, “Time to assimilate!” Our parents were Romanian tiger parents — we were expected to get perfect grades, weren’t allowed to go to friend’s houses, no dating until late in high school. It wasn’t fun at the time, but now I appreciate it.

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

Do you have any tips or advice for de-stressing?
I practice extreme unbalance. My husband Adam and I do a ton of TV marathons, double movie nights, lying around and eating. That’s what really makes me feel capable of going hard the next day. As for things that keep me in the zone — and slightly more healthy than my other indulgences — I meditate, work out, eat a lot of home-cooked food and force myself to socialize, since I always feel great afterward. But relaxation to me is when you can straight up lie there and stare at the wall. So, I try to make time for that.

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

Do you have any apps or podcasts that help you meditate?
For sleep, Meditation Oasis is 100% the best. The founder, Mary Maddux, has this very sleepy voice, as soon as she starts talking you’re like, “I’m asleep.” Adam and I listen to it before bed and the next morning, we’re like, “How much did you hear? I think I heard the second sentence…” She also has a meditation called Beyond Pain, which I use if I have headaches or around my period. For waking hours, Tara Brach is amazing. She has a Ph.D. in psychology and is a Buddhist teacher, and it’s an insane combination of “Here’s how your brain works, and here’s how to feel better.” I’m completely different by the end of each one.

Any other sleeping tips?
One thing I found surprising is how much oils can help you sleep. I discovered this blend — lemongrass, helichrysum, and vetiver — that straight up makes me pass out. Research shows if you smell citrus oil, particularly sweet orange oil, it’s such a mood booster.

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

What’s it like when your husband is also your business partner?
We spend literally a million hours a day together. We’re trying to change that by working from different places once in a while, or taking different meetings. We have to communicate a LOT and be super honest with each other. Luckily, we get along super well and complement each other’s work styles.

Do you guys ever disagree on anything?
Oh, a ton of stuff! He’s very practical and I’m a dreamer. He’s down-to-earth while I’m up in the clouds, going, “What’s possible in life?” He’s like, “Everything is fine.” I’m insanely ambitious, and he’s a happy Buddhist. My ideal vacation is a resort, while his is a tent in the forest. But I’ve realized you have to find the adventures in each other versus the conflict. We want to be more like each other, and we learn from each other constantly. That’s what makes it work.

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

What are your travel tips? 
As far as packing, I’m a big fan of keeping a beauty bag that’s always ready to go. That’s been life-changing for me. I keep mini versions of my regular products in a bag ready at all times. It’s so much better than sitting there going, “Wait, what should I take?” every single time. And when I travel, I use more moisture in general. Travel makes your skin freak out, so spraying a lavender hydrosol throughout the day makes a difference. Your body is already going through so much, so try to eat healthy foods on the days when you’re flying and of course, drink a ton of water. When Adam and I travel for work, we’ll constantly joke, “Which one of us is going to get sick next week?”

You used to be a personal trainer. Do you think exercise plays a big role in skin health?
Absolutely! Exercise directly correlates to firmer, more youthful skin. I love super intense workouts like HIIT and sprints, because I feel almost high after doing them. I’m prone to mood swings, and endorphins really help me. I also love the feeling of getting flushed from exertion. I like imagining my pores getting cleaned out.

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

What’s your desert island product?
Shea butter. It fixes all the things and is super protective and rich. Not only is it moisturizing, but a lot of people don’t realize that it has an SPF of 6. It’s not meant to be used as a sunscreen of course, but it’s great to use during the summer. It helps heal what the sun’s already done and protects you from making it worse.

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

Your business is doing amazingly well. Is it a lot of pressure to run a growing company?
It’s actually much scarier now than it was at the beginning! In the beginning, it was really slow and I treated it experimentally. I was like, “If I can have one success today, that’s amazing.” When you’re first starting out, it’s like you’re yelling into the abyss. When more people are watching what you’re doing, it’s more exciting but also scary. This is what I always wanted, but sometimes it’s like, “Hoooooly shit, it’s working.”

Are you psyched that green beauty is catching on?
Green beauty is definitely having a moment. But for the change to be real, big companies need to start making changes, too. When small companies act competitive with each other (which they do), it’s like the sharks are swimming at the top of the tank laughing at the guppies down there. We all have to rise, and we have to grow it together.

My Beauty Uniform: Adina Grigore

Last but certainly not least, do you have an overall beauty philosophy?
One, life is not about being beautiful, and two, everyone is beautiful. Seriously. We need to shift our priorities, we need to start being nicer to each other, and we especially need to start being nicer to women. It’s time.

Thank you so much, Adina!

(Photos courtesy of Adina Grigore. Interview by Caroline Donofrio.)

  1. Cat says...

    There are so many words of wisdom in here! Adina, I’ve just devoured your books and am in the process of switching to homemade products as I run out of store-bought. Thank you! As for making the switch to natural cosmetics, I can whole-heartedly recommend Moonrise Creek… maybe you’d like them, too.

  2. Dottie Louise says...

    “One, life is not about being beautiful, and two, everyone is beautiful.” Wow, such a cool beauty uniform! Thank you for the suggestion of sea salt baths – I usually do epsom salt, but that sounds amazing! Also, my younger sister got me S.W. Basics 4 Vegan Lip Balms for my first vegan birthday. I still use them all the time – yesterday in fact (the ones I have are made with candelilla wax). Adina, your beauty uniform was such a fun and interesting read! I too have a husband named Adam, don’t usually wear makeup, keep my skincare routine natural (mostly using grapeseed + jojoba oil) and also have an aloe vera plant that we just took cuttings of to make more aloe plants!

  3. Jodi says...

    This was my favorite post in this series and the only one I’ve read every word of. Most women seem to say “beauty comes from within” and then list 20-30 beauty products that they use regularly. It’s refreshing to see a naturally beautiful woman who doesn’t use dozens of products.

  4. Leah says...

    Love her and her company!

  5. What a great interview! I love her beauty philosophies. So true.

  6. Jessica says...

    This was such a lovely interview, Caroline and Adina. This isn’t a beauty-related question per se, but the silver pendant necklace Adina is wearing in several photos (including all the ones in the polka dot dress) is so pretty and simple–perfect for everyday–and I was wondering if you’d be willing to share where you got it?

  7. makes me want to get an aloe plant now! and i’ve been going through phases of just washing with water. i used to rinse with face wash but that made my skin so dry but just sticking with h2o has been great so far

  8. Jamie says...

    What a smart cookie, and an absolute beauty!

  9. Laura L says...

    I love her overall beauty philosophy!

    “One, life is not about being beautiful, and two, everyone is beautiful. Seriously. We need to shift our priorities, we need to start being nicer to each other, and we especially need to start being nicer to women.”

    What an inspiring woman.

  10. Emmanuella says...

    The best! Just the absolute best!!

  11. She’s so adorable and a veteran in the green beauty space!

  12. adorable. i love sw basics.

  13. Adina is so lovely! Like a few other readers, though, I was surprised to hear her say she’s still using MAC and Neutrogena products. As an ambassador of green beauty products and ethical treatment of animals, I would’ve thought she would be on board for fully converting to all natural and green beauty products. No judgement, live and let live, just stood out for me. :)

  14. Loved this. And her beauty philosophy at the end is a great reminder and super quotable!

    “One, life is not about being beautiful, and two, everyone is beautiful. Seriously.”

  15. Awads says...

    My name is also Adina. You don’t see that a lot, so I totally did a double-take! She seems like an ok person to share a name with :-)

  16. Dawn says...

    I really enjoyed this interview, such a pretty girl too. I downloaded the apps from meditation oasis immediately, thank you so much for the tip. My great grandmother had beautiful skin and only used water to wash and taught us too. That’s what I’ve always done unless I ve worn heavy makeup.

  17. CC says...

    Has anyone used her products for anti-aging? Suggestions?!?

    • Hi CC! I think you’d like our Cream or Oil Serum. Happy to guide you more if you want to email us:

    • CC says...

      Thanks so much Adina! I will send an email :)

  18. Z says...

    Would love to see one of these from a professional working woman who is not a small business owner – what about a lawyer or professor or actuary or ….

  19. Love this interview! I also have super sensitive skin and find that junk food affects my skin and my moods so I loved reading this, so interesting!

    Thanks for sharing!


  20. Madeleine says...

    Hi Jo, I’ve read your blog every single day for many years and I love it so much! It always is such a pick me up! I just want to say, in my opinion, you don’t talk enough about men. Although I am aware that most of your readers are women, I, for one, would find a new weekly series on men refreshing and fascinating. You could, for instance, cover men’s opinions on parenting, men’s beauty secrets or men’s style tips. Men are awesome too! Just a thought I wanted to share :)

  21. So there are other people who like best to just lie down and stare at a wall to de-stress. :) What a lovely women she seems to be.

  22. Katie says...

    Wait, I feel like you just interviewed me??? So many similarities, loved her!

  23. Ivy says...

    I LOVED this article. She seems so honest and authentic!

  24. LJ says...

    Can you have her back for a total interview on her style? LOVE!

  25. VerbalGoldBlog says...

    I love this article because it shows more natural beauty than a lot of people on the internet care to show these days. It’s quite refreshing

  26. Lauren says...

    My favorite beauty uniform yet. Adina, you a gem.

  27. Paula says...

    Love this interview–thank you so much for sharing!!!

  28. Melissa van Herksen says...

    I was surprised to see she used Neutrogena and MAC products. They are full of toxic ingredients that can be linked to many human health issues. Have you heard of a brand called Beautycounter? They are a disruptive beauty brand changing the industry. She touched upon this about how smaller companies can’t make it in a tank with sharks…but this company is doing something right and even lobbying Cingress to change the rules. Their products are also amazing…a celebrity favorite!

  29. Nina says...

    Yay! So many people say they keep their ‘routine’ really simple, and then they reel off a list of about 19 things they use every morning. But this – water, healthy food, shea butter – I can relate to!

  30. It was a really nice surprise to find out you’ve featured an interview with a Romanian woman, as that’s where I’m coming from too.
    It made me so proud to read it, she’s so smart and down to earth.

    Thank you!

  31. “We practice extreme unbalance.” I love her! What a lovely, honest post. I can’t wait to try her products.

  32. Elizabeth says...

    What a smart, awesome lady!

  33. S says...

    Like her philosophy and her products. Wish more info was described in her products.

    I too was surprised at her make-up choices considering her non-toxic philosophy. I know – no one is perfect! I too struggle with finding greener make-up choices vs. skincare. However, this is what she does – and they all usually know the green skincare community leaders. Instead of judging – here are are some options for foundations: Kjaer Weis, Vapour, Jane Iredale and RMS (concealer pot, on the oily side).

    I also am not a proponent of not washing your face in the am. Your face has been on a pillow or was doing it’s magic for several hours. You need to clean that. Part of the problem is people using too many foaming cleansers. This will strip your skin. You can use a cream cleanser or cleansing oil if your face is more dry. Should still clean it. Everyone is different – I know.

    • Sam says...

      Have you used any of these non-toxic foundations? I bought Beautycounter’s tint skin foundation and don’t really like the formula or how it looks on my skin. I’m back to my usual Estee Lauder but was really hoping to switch to something non-toxic.

  34. jeannie says...

    OMG, this woman is beautiful!

  35. Tara Brach changed my life! Incredible, incredible stuff.

  36. I love this series! Btw… didn’t know her book was released in Poland. Greetings from the Land of Piasts ♡

  37. Rach says...

    YES YES YES to Meditation Oasis! Mary Maddux’s voice has got me through some tough times!

  38. Emma says...

    I love this beauty uniform! Maybe my favorite yet. And I’m so curious about Adina’s glasses-I would love to know where they are from! Thank you!

    • Warby Parker! I’ve tried to stray and always end up back with them. :)

  39. Love this interview! And love knowing that she’s behind such a great brand. Will definitely be stocking up on S.W. Basics next time I’m at Target…

  40. sarah says...

    i was *so* excited to see this post! adina’s book “skin cleanse” was the best thing i read last year (and i read a lot) – it *changed my life*. i followed her advice to try only washing with water for 3 days and the results were instant. this tip and other pieces of advice have turned out to be totally solid. oh, i wish i would have read the book 20 years ago. so much love to you, adina!!!

    • Thank you Sarah!

  41. Nina says...

    Oh she is beautiful – gorgeous hair and smile. I am so intrigued with her line but how nice that she recommends just water too.

  42. Amanda says...

    I’m so glad you featured Adina! I recently read her book and have been dying to know all her beauty secrets. :) I’m also really glad to hear that she uses Neutrogena and MAC cosmetics. I switched over to using natural skincare products but have had a really hard time finding natural makeup that actually WORKS. I’ve been beating myself up for still using my Clinique cosmetics I was using before.. hearing that she still uses drugstore and makeup counter products makes her more ‘real’!! Thank you for such a lovely interview. :)

  43. k.s. says...

    one of my favorite posts – I took less of a beauty regimen away from this and more of a – what a badass – away. to be that intimate and to be able to word so perfectly your relationship with your body, your husband, & the world? I think we all hope to get there someday. xx
    ps. glad to have a real term for my similar approach to down time – complete unbalance.

  44. Alex says...

    This one is my favourite! She’s so genius and down to earth!

  45. Mariela says...

    To me, this one is for the sure the best one yet! Seems so laid back and joyful, while still being ambitious about the right stuff.

  46. KT says...

    I’m really surprised she uses Neutrogena makeup! Neutrogena products are often listed as containing carcinogenic ingredients on “green” product lists. There are so many chemical free and organic options, such as Ilia, why use Neutrogena after going to great lengths to eliminate chemicals from your diet and skin care regimen?

    • You’re so right KT, I swear I know. I’m working on it!

    • LJ says...

      I had no idea on Neutrogena.. I use the makeup remover wipes.. I will be checking out Adina’s makeup remover!!

    • AD says...

      LJ – Adina’s makeup remover is the best thing ever! Do try it :-)

  47. “My Beauty Uniform” is my favorite blog feature that exists in the whole blog world. Often I’ll see that it’s popped up in my Bloglovin’ feed and be like, “OH! Wait! Let’s make a cup of hot tea before we sit down to read this one.” And I click all the links and imagine my answers to all of these questions, too. :)

  48. Oh it’s so great to learn more about Adina.

    I just finished reading her book and totally wondered what she looked it, how her life was, besides all the super interesting stories she tells in it.

    Thank you for this ITW!

    Now can you make one of Roxane Gay, cause “Bad Feminist” is the next book I’m reading, ahahah!

    – Chloe

  49. Meggles says...

    I learned so much reading this interview!

  50. Thanks for sharing this- what a great interview and a great outlook on life and beauty.

  51. Laura says...

    “One, life is not about being beautiful, and two, everyone is beautiful.”

    Exactly. Finally.

  52. Pip says...

    Just a really great, kick ass smile!
    What a lovely person.

  53. Kate says...

    My favorite beauty uniform yet! Gorgeous inside and out!

  54. Love love love Adina and her company! I’ve had the opportunity to speak with her and she’s such a kind person. I love her outlook on her relationship: “But I’ve realized you have to find the adventures in each other versus the conflict.” So good. Thanks so much for featuring her here.

  55. Wow, what a beautiful and inspiring spirit! So much of this resonated with me, especially “One, life is not about being beautiful, and two, everyone is beautiful. ” Thank you for your exceptional work, Cup of Jo team! xo

  56. cora says...

    loved this beauty uniform! hello Adina from a fellow Romanian.

    • corina says...

      well, hello Cora and Adina from another fellow Romanian, and also avid reader of CupOfJo. :)

  57. Christine says...

    love you Adina! you are a superstar now!!!

  58. Anna says...

    LOVE THIS POST! I too use mostly warm water to wash my face, I too am vegan, and at 33 with two kids I always get IDed ?

  59. OMG, I love her and was so inspired by this interview. What a refreshing interview.

  60. Kelly says...

    I love this series, thanks! I was really surprised though that Adina doesn’t use natural/green makeup products. For someone with such a holistic outlook on body and skin health, and with a company promoting natural/green body care, it seems she’d want to use and support other similar products and companies. I realize this sounds judgy – not how I mean it. Just surprised and wondering if she will try to move in that direction or if there is a reason she isn’t?

    • Meg says...

      I wondered the same thing!!!

    • Jeannie says...

      I read her book and it sounds like her body is just SO reactive to products, that even with natural skin care makeup I bet it’s scary to try them (e.g. may cause crazy breakouts, etc)!

    • KT says...

      I asked the same question. And I am pretty sure Neutrogena and MAC test on animals and so are not vegan products.

    • Casey says...

      I know a lot of people who make an effort to be “clean” but compromise on makeup. The fact of the matter is that natural products are not at a place yet where they provide an end result comparable to a really great MAC product – they have gotten SO much better, but not there yet. The science just doesn’t exist for it. (I am speaking as someone who works in beauty and has gone through hordes of makeup because of it, so I have been able to compare and have happily seen natural makeup lines evolve so much recently.) And most natural makeup is not available at drug store prices, like Neutrogena.

    • I know. I’m working on it so hard, I promise. I recently started using W3ll People and love it a lot. I think for me, so far my experience has been that my face has the same exact reaction to the natural stuff as it does to the chemicals, but the chemicals work better and last longer. I test new stuff constantly though. And I didn’t know about the animal testing, am definitely going to look into it and stop using these products if that’s true!

    • Sam says...

      I’ve been wanting to switch all of my skincare and makeup to natural, non toxic products. I’m pretty much there with all of my skincare and have been seeing great results. I haven’t yet found non toxic makeup, however, that performs well for my skin type. I just bought several Beautycounter products, and while I like the powder I just don’t love the formula of their foundation or how it looks on my skin. Also, I think most of their products are pricey, even compared to department store makeup. I want to do the right thing for my skin, animals, and the environment, but it’s hard to justify spending more money on products I don’t like. Anyone try any non toxic makeup (foundation in particular) that they love?

    • LJ says...

      Cover FX foundation in the compact is my FAV.

      PETA says:
      Vegan Notes:Lip FX treatment contains carmine and beeswax and Bronze FX contains carmine. All other products are vegan.
      Company is cruelty-free! It does NOT test on animals.


    • Kelly says...

      Sam – I found Sarah James’ blog Whoorl to be a huge help in sorting through all of the new green beauty brands (and hype in many cases). She has done a TON of research on all of the brands, tested them, etc and put together a great post this fall on her ultimate green beauty guide:
      I found that Integrity Botanticals is a great site to try out products as you can order samples of lots of the foundations, etc before purchasing.

  61. She is so fun! Love her approach, especially the line, “You have to find the adventures in each other.”

  62. Kathy says...

    She didn’t mention sunscreen. Does she use sunscreen?

    • I like Badger sunscreen, though I do not wear it regularly, since I exist solely indoors.

  63. Christine says...

    Love S.W. basics! I’ve on my 2nd bottle of cleanser and my first jar of cream (it lasts forever!!) and have the toner and makeup remover as well. I have been washing my face with water in the mornings too. The skin on my face hasn’t been this soft since I was a kid!

  64. abbey says...

    Yes! This is great. “Life is not about being beautiful” — I couldn’t agree more. A refreshing perspective.

  65. Anne says...

    I just found your site and am enjoying it!

  66. A says...

    I feel bleurgh today and didn’t think I had the energy for a beauty uniform post… but this one is super special. What a wonderful lady. I’m inspired.

    Adina, if you’re reading, where is your polka dot dress from? Your body shape is somewhat like mine and that dress looks so lovely on you.

    Thank you for the article Carolina and Adina.

    • Danielle says...

      I also wondered about the polka dot dress! So cute!

    • Lauren says...

      Thirded! Plus, Adina, if you could tell us where you like to shop for clothes — I would love that!

    • Believe it or not it’s from Target! Clearly I’m obsessed with them. I try to shop used or vintage a lot and also really love Everlane, but you’ll usually find me in sweats and a shirt I’ve owned since high school. I did Stitch Fix for a long time to build up my wardrobe into what a real adult would own, but I quit and am holding out for a new ethical Stitch Fix… which I hope someone creates really soon!

  67. Shea says...

    What clarity of thought and vision. I actually looked forward to next question as her answers were just more about life and beauty that everyday living should bring in. It is and effort, some have to try more than others but it must be done.

  68. You may feel “silly” with the red lipstick, but you looked great with it! You can make it your special occasion fancy touch.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i agree!

  69. Hannah says...

    I’ve been reading for years and finally inspired to chime in! I especially love the beauty uniform series. Adina has such a wonderful beauty and philosophy. It instantly made me feel beautiful and relaxed, too. Thank you, ladies, for featuring her and all the diverse and radiant women in your posts!

  70. Yes! Shea butter!! I started using Shea butter and get all sorts of compliments on my skin and never ever wear foundation anymore. I try and convince everyone I know to start using it, it’s amazing :)

    • I want to know more about the Shea butter that you use, Kerri (or that you use, Adina!). It seems like whenever I complement a woman on her soft skin, I find out that her secret is shea butter. Do you use it in it’s “raw” form? Or a shea butter lotion? Where do you buy it? How do you store it? Share your secrets!!

    • Hi Allison! Hopefully I’m actually doing this whole “reply” thing properly :) I use African Fair Trade Society 100% organic Shea butter. It’s unrefined and has been the best thing ever for my dry skin. After I wash my face I put on a little of my normal lotion and then slather this stuff on. It helps to warm it up in your hands to make application a little easier. I buy it at my local health food store in Victoria, Canada, but I know they at least ship to Canada and the US when you buy online :)

    • Ashley says...

      L’OCCITANE Shea butter! The best quality, the best formulas, and the partnership with women in Africa is so inspiring! Shea really is a game changer!

      Loved this beauty uniform. Adina has a beautiful outlook on life and business :)

    • Anna says...

      Raw, unrefined shea butter has all the healing benefits intact! I’ve found the best price to be Allafia at Whole Foods – a big old tub for $10. Makes me feel more free to slather it all over my body.

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    SW Basics changed my skin, seriously! I use the cleanser, oil serum, makeup remover and hibiscus face mask. I make my own apple cider vinegar toner to save money. It took about six months, but my skin is glowing and i rarely ever have breakouts anymore. I will never go back to conventional products! High highly recommend.

    • Cc says...

      Does this line have anything that helps with anti aging?

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