A French Bra Trick

A French Bra Trick

This summer, I’m curious to try out this different way of wearing a bra…

First off, what color bras do you wear? I have two black and two nude. I haven’t had a white bra since my childhood training bra.

But the other day, we were chatting with Allison Beale of Journelle, and she pointed out something interesting:

There is definitely a difference between American and French approaches to lingerie. We talk about this constantly around here. Most American women are not as bold in showing off their lingerie. There’s a basic understanding here — maybe it was a lesson we all learned from our mothers and grandmothers? — that bras are for support, coverage and not to be seen. A nude bra, the American staple, showcases your blouse. A white bra, which European women often wear, showcases your whole outfit, bra included.

Have you heard this before? European readers, do you wear white bras? I’m inspired to pair one with white tees and jeans this summer.

P.S. My underwear solution.

(Photo by Whitney Hayes.)