Cookbook for Kids

Forest Feast for Kids

Have you seen the new children’s cookbook The Forest Feast for Kids? Written by Erin Gleeson (the blogger behind The Forest Feast), the recipes teach little ones how to make simple appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks, as well as celebratory food (like a grilled cheese party or an ice-cream sandwich bar). How cute is the Grape Fizz, below? My boys would think it was so fancy

Forest Feast for Kids

Forest Feast for Kids

Forest Feast for Kids

Forest Feast for Kids

Forest Feast for Kids

Do you use any kids cookbooks? Another one we really like is Pretend Soup, which has comic-strip-style illustrations that kids can easily follow. (The boys actually made my dad a milk-chocolate-banana smoothie this weekend from it!)

P.S. Children’s books with female characters, and reading to Toby when he was bald and teeny.

(Photos by Stella Blackmon for Cup of Jo.)

  1. What is so amazing about Erin’s books are their gorgeous color photographs, her beautiful watercolors and how she breaks down each recipe in such an easy to follow and inspiring way. Lucky to have her near me.

  2. CM says...

    LOVE her original (The Forest Feast) cookbook. The illustrations are amazing and the directions are so simple. I am no known as the appetizer maker among my friends and I credit this cookbook. Will have to check this one out for my kids!

  3. We have Kids Cook 1-2-3, in which all the recipes have only three ingredients. I kind of like it just for myself; it’s nice making dinner and only having to worry about three things on the grocery list!

  4. My inner child really wants this cookbook.

  5. This looks great! Our nine-year-old daughter has gotten really into making herself breakfast every morning. She beats us to the kitchen, and can whip up oatmeal in the microwave, bowls of cereal, toast, etc. and is so proud of herself. The independence it’s given her (and chance at healthy decision-making) has been great. Also, we don’t have to make her breakfast. :)

  6. Yes! I love this! My sister spotted it and checked it out for me (her childless sister) because she thought the recipes looked like stuff i would like. (cause i’m the family health nut). She was right. I love the book. So well written and cutely executed :)

  7. I used to have a great book like that when I was a kid – I still make some of the recipes now. Then again, I’d probably make all of these too!

  8. wanda says...

    This looks great, even from an adult standpoint.

  9. love this! i’ve just got a whole stack of new cookbooks that i want to read through and tab my favorites! maybe the next rainy weekend :)

  10. I have her book and I am waiting this one in my mail ANY DAY. I AM SO EXCITEEED!! I love Erin’s style and photography, she is the queen forest food photography. let’s trend #forestfoodphotography gals! :)

    love, from

  11. yael steren says...

    Oh my gosh! This is so cute! My sister’s kids love to help her in the kitchen and I think they would adore this book! I’m definitely getting it for them as a gift! Thanks so much for sharing it! xx yael

  12. Mela says...

    Beautiful book, but please cut those grapes! :)

  13. Forest Feast for kids looks like such a great book! My 4 year old would love cooking from her own cookbook with me. Will have to pick up a copy x

  14. Ana says...

    Amazing book, recipes and general beautifulness of all the photos. Couldn’t love it more.

  15. That is such a beautiful book! I think I’ll get the pretend soup to do with my 4 year old during the week! Thanks for sharing this great idea :)

  16. Ashley says...

    Uuuh, I’m thinking of getting this book for myself! When cooking for one, the last thing I want to do is spend a lot of time and effort on a meal, and these look simple and satisfying. I especially want to try that sweet potato pizza.

    • i’m the same way. this is perfect for my 23 year-old nyc gal- self :)

  17. This is so cute! I just bought it for my niece and nephews. They might be a little young, but I’m giving them a few years to be able to cook me dinner ;) (Just need a *Forest Cocktails: For Kids, To Make For Their Aunt* book to come out…) Thanks for the sweet idea! XX

  18. Anna says...

    I second Fanny at Chez Panisse. Alice Waters is having her new Fanny in Paris illustrated by the same woman and I know it’s going to be beautiful!

  19. Tawny says...

    Love love LOVE this!

  20. Oh this looks great. I feel like life would be perfect if I could convince my boys to prepare all of our meals!

  21. This is done beautifully! I’ve never thought of using a cookbook that is exclusively for children. We try to feed our daughter exactly what we are eating, but it’s way easier said than done! I wish there were a plant-based cookbook for kids!

    • Lis says...

      Emily – this book is vegetarian!

  22. Sara says...

    As a vegetarian mom I have had a hard time finding good kids cookbooks that aren’t full of hot dogs and sandwich meats. So excited to check this book out!

    • Chrissy says...

      you should check out ohdeardreas website and cookbook. She has a kid and feeds her delicious things,

  23. I love the awesome recommendations you guys always give for books that work for my family as well as awesome ideas for gifts! Books like this that engage the whole family are AWESOME!


  24. Sharyn says...

    Just got this last week!

  25. This one is for me! I wanted to like cooking – for years – but maybe this book will me and the kids to make some yummy and simple recipes!


  26. Sarah says...

    I have the original Forest Feast cookbook (for adults) and it’s so beautiful and the recipes are always easy and yummy. I don’t have kids but this kids’ version almost makes me wish I did! :)

  27. alicia maher says...

    Oh, I love this one– what a beautiful book! “Pretend Soup” is great and I look forward to checking out the companion book “Salad People”. The chocolate-banana milkshake is a hit in our house, too!

  28. i LOVE the look at that book.

  29. So sweet! I feel like, as a 28 year old woman, this may actually be a good cookbook for me too, haha :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      haha totally. she has some easy entrees!

  30. Auste says...

    Yes! We got this right when it came out – so far the asparagus pastry straws and the watermelon smoothies are the big winners. It’s such a beautiful book!

  31. I love kids cook books! Everything feels simple, pure, precious, and delicious.