Children’s books?

My sweets, Toby and I love to read before bedtime. But we’ve read the same books over and over and are looking for a few more to spice up our repertoire. Do you have any favorite children’s books? Was there a book you especially adored when you were little? We’d love to hear! xoxo

P.S. Two books that crack me up are Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late and Olivia Saves the Circus. Funny for both moms and babies. :)

  1. I’m a children’s librarian. Here are some wonderful hits for preschoolers, especially boys:
    –anything by Mo Willems esp the pigeon books, Knuffle Bunny Series, or our favorite Leonardo the Terrible Monster (very funny)
    –I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry
    –Mr Magnolia (a crack up)
    –Dinosaur books by Bob Shea
    –Bear books by Karma Wilson
    –Where the Wild Things are
    –Bark George
    –Olivia books by falconer
    –The Snowy Day and others by Keats
    –He’s Got the Whole World in his Hands illustrated by Kadir Nelson
    –Harold and the Purple Crayon
    –Eric Carle books
    –Caps for Sale
    –Dear Zoo – the pop up is the best
    –We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

  2. my many colored days by dr. seuss

  3. The Giant Jam Sandwich, the Mog the Cat series and Room on the Broom have been some recent faves. The Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher is a fun holiday book.

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  5. I’m going to spend HOURS sifting through these comments for some new favorites! So many great suggestions from everyone.

    Leo (22 months) adores books. We’ve pretty much memorized…
    The Goodnight Train, Bear Snores On, Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball, Giraffes Can’t Dance, Won’t You be My Kissaroo, Is Your Mama a Llama, Kiss Good Night, Roadwork, Hug Time, Down By the Station, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, Huggy Kissy, Maggie’s Ball, There’s a Mouse in the Marmalade, Little Fur Family, and his new holiday favorite — The Sweet Smell of Christmas.

    Can’t wait to get into some more picture books, too!

  6. My son just turned 2.
    Right now we love:
    All through my town by Jan Reidy, Anything by Brian Biggs (great if Toby loves vehicles of any kid),
    Hug Time by Patrick McDermott
    Chicka Boom Boom

    So glad for this post!

  7. Five Minutes Peace & The Tiger Who Came to Tea

  8. taama says...

    But we’ve read the same books over and over and are cape town rentals looking for a few more to spice up our repertoire.

  9. Yasmeen says...

    I think Roald Dahl books would be wonderful, all the names and made-up words are funny when pronounced out loud, and the illustrations are adorable. Plus, I’m sure your son could read the books on his own once he’s older. Might I suggest the BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Danny the Champion of the World and Matilda. And also, the entire Beatrix Potter series and ‘Charlie and Lola’ by Lauren Child. My brother was fascinated by that book.

  10. Anonymous says...

    The Little Prince was, and still is, my favorite childhood book.

  11. The missing piece by shel silverstein. I had never read it as a child but recently read it in my children’s literature course and feel in love with it. simple words and imagery but so adorably funny.

  12. Jillian says...

    As a 1st grade teacher I am immersed in books. I can suggest ANYTHING by Kevin Henkes or Mo Willems but I especially love Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. It is amazing. Also, Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse is great too.

    I think that The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn is great too. But seriously, KEVIN HENKES is AMAZING!

  13. Magic Beach by Alison Lester

    in fact all Alison Lester books are amazing

    peace and love


  14. oops! I have to amend my previous post — the books are “Skippyjon Jones”. And the author is Judy Schachner. Seriously wonderful!! I had to go grab our stack of the books, as I could *not* recall the author’s name… then realized the first and 2nd name were really one name. Odd – as I’ve read the books hundreds of times, but it never “registered”. Ha ha! The joys of memory loss in motherhood.

    And I agree with all of the other posts – you look absolutely beautiful, and Toby is as handsome as ever. :)

  15. Once Toby gets a few years older, I *swear* he will love the Skippy Jon Jones books. (And if you can find one with the CD of the author reading – it puts an entirely new spin on it! :) Now my children request I read the books just like she does…and I don’t mind at all!)

  16. oh my little girl loves Olivia! She also loves the Peter Rabbit books that have the lift the flap pages. Also she was a fan of Karen Katz’ books.

  17. Any book by Cooper Edens…especially ‘CARETAKERS OF WONDER’. So beautiful! Hope ya’ll enjoy!

  18. Try anything by Oliver Jeffers! terrific illustrations with sweet stories. I love his books :)

  19. I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this one yet but Peepo by Janet and Allan Ahlberg is my favourite favourite. The illustrations are gorgeous. I must have read it to my boys at least 100 times.

  20. Hippos Go Berserk is my kids’ favorite Sandra Boynton book. They also love Marie Louise Gay’s Stella and Sam books, Cats Sleep Anywhere by Eleanor Farjeon (who wrote lovely little poems for children) and There Are Cats in this Book (this one’s great because it’s very interactive and silly).

  21. “Where is the green sheep?” by Mem
    Fox, illustrations by Judy Horacek – brilliant for babies and toddlers.
    Anything by Oliver Jeffers.
    Anthony Browne – especially “My Mum” and “My Dad” – sweet stories and beautiful illustrations.
    Alison Jay – magical books.
    Happy reading!

  22. Owl Babies, Good Night Kiss, The Wild Baby (now out of print), Milk & Cookies, Good Night Moon are a few sweet classics. Perfect for bedtime!

  23. MarisaD says...

    Anything by Sandra Boynton! And How to be a baby by Sally Lloyd Jones! It’s got hilarious illustrations!

  24. too many to list!

    Doll House Mouse by Natalie Standiford

    Red is the Best by Kathy Stinson

    Rainy Day Magic by Marie Louise Gay

    Jonathan Cleaned Up — Then He Heard a Sound: or Blackberry Subway Jam by Robert Munsch

  25. Anonymous says...

    You absolutely have to try the “Walter the Farting Dog” Series! These books are hilarious!

    It is also my personal belief that no child should be without a hardcover copy of ” The Cremation of Sam McGee” a Robert Service poem Illustrated by Ted Harrison.

  26. The Pigeon books are our favorite!!! The Pigeon Wants a Hot Dog is pretty cute too.


  27. The Napping House by Audrey Wood

  28. OMG What an adorable photo!! So sweet!! I think pop up books are great for babies and little kids…I always loved, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”!

  29. Counting Kisses! It’s a great bedtime book and the pictures are wonderful

  30. Anonymous says...

    perfect the pig

  31. omigish – the one book that I remember my mom reading to me (and reading it now just makes me cry) is “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch.

  32. The Pigeon books are a huge hit in my first grade class! The author, Mo Willems, writes a great one called Knuffle Bunny, and it is set in New York. A favorite for Moms and babies to read:’Love you forever, Like you for always.’

  33. My mom used to sing Love You Forever by Robert Munsch to me, and I loved it! It is the sweetest book. Also, Mama Do You Love Me? by Barbara Joosse. Too cute!

  34. I know you’ve already had a gazzillion comments but I have some great ones for you…

    1)Socks for Supper by Jack Kent – this was my absolute fav with a great lesson too.
    2)Tikki Tikki Tembo by Arlene Mosel – Maybe not politically correct for this day and age but fun nonetheless.
    3)Alligator Pie and/or Jelly Belly by Dennis Lee – Creative nursery rhymes that I still remember to this day.

    All gems!

  35. Well, when I was wee I loved “Go Dog, Go!” by PD Eastman … or “Flat Stanley” by Jeff Brown. Today, however, I get my nephew the likes of “Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed” by Mo Willems.

    …though Toby may prefer something a little more chewy …

  36. Jen says...

    The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss and illustrated by Crockett Johnson is my absolute favourite story for little people. I read it to my kindergardeners all the time! Hope Toby and you love it! It’s a classic. -JY

  37. big rabbit’s bad mood – is just awesome… check it out!

  38. The little prince. I still love hearing that book.

  39. Anonymous says...

    Strega Nona and Corduroy are my two personal favorites!

  40. r says...

    Click, Clack, Moo… Cows that type.
    It’s really funny.

    And for the classics, you can never tire of Beatrix Potter!

  41. Some of our favorites: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, King Bidgood’s In the Bathtub, Princess Furball, You Are Special, Ish, and Dot. Enjoy!

  42. Anonymous says...

    I’ll Love you Forever.

  43. Anonymous says...

    Anything by Mem Fox engages babies.
    Esp Where is the Green Sheep and Ten little fingers and ten little toes. Mem advocates reading everyday to your child, three books, two rhymes, and they will learn to read and love books. We did this and our son began reading (really reading) at three. At five he adores books, has his head buried in one and still loves to be read to….

  44. Apologies if these are repeats…

    To keep with age appropriateness, my babes LOVED the book “Baby Boo.” They really started to get it at about 7 months. And as others have suggested: Pat the Bunny, Goodnight Moon, The Big Red Barn, Sylvia Long’s version of Hush Little Baby, My Friends by Taro Gomi, anything by Eric Carle, etc.

  45. Our favorites:
    The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers (we like all his books)
    The Bear Snores On
    If I were a Lion
    Robert Muncsh books
    Fancy Nancy books

  46. man! you are the cutest mom. that’s all. :)

  47. anything by mo willems – the elephant and pig adventures just might be my favorites!

  48. Maya M says...

    All The World…. by Liz Scanlon
    You are going to love the poetry and drawings.

  49. My all-time fave growing up was King Bidgood’s in the bathtub! A lot of visual stimulation!

  50. here are some must-haves. my little boy loves the following:

    In A Dark, Dark Wood (he laughs hysterically even though it’s supposed to be spooky!)

    Dinosaur Roar, Dinosaur Squeak..


    any little books that have moving wheels means HOURS of fun for your little guy come next year. if toby is like my benji he will adore spinning little car wheels.

    happy reading. xo.

    click the link for a more detailed list of my little one’s faves.

  51. Strega Nona and Stone Soup are great, too!

  52. Oh, fun! Here are mine:

    If you give a Mouse a Cookie

    The Lorax

    The Giving Tree

    The Velveteen Rabbit

    Or maybe something happier… I’m thinking those last three might make you weepy at bedtime.

    For great illustrations, I would check out Anamalia or Dinotopia. Those books are absolutely beautiful and he will enjoy them as he gets older :)

  53. Maggie says...

    I always loved Roxaboxen by Alice McClerran. My mom was a big fan of The Runaway Bunny.

  54. You must find “The Seven Silly Eaters,” which really is quite silly…and charming.

  55. Snuggle Puppy and Chika Chika ABC are two of my favorite read aloud books.

  56. I’m a little late (as usual it seems!), but I recommend any Caldecott honors books. There are so many great, great picture books on that list!

  57. Owl Babies and Jamberry. Still can recite the lines from these super sweet books

  58. Lynne says...

    Stellaluna by Janell Cannon is lovely.

  59. “The grumpies!” is fantastic! Makes me & my little ones smile everytime!

  60. I loved Eloise!

  61. Awww, I used to sell children’s books- I love giving recommendations, so I’ll be the 467th to chime in :)

    Good Boy, Fergus (or anything else by David Shannon)
    Little Hoot (such a good bedtime book!)
    Mouse Mess (beautiful artwork)
    ANY of the Leslie Patricelli board books, they’re hilarious
    Dog and Bear
    And of course, Goodnight Gorilla

    There are so many beautiful children’s books out there- you’ll have so much fun with him as he gets bigger and more involved in the stories!

  62. Love You Forever, is probably the most memorable book from my childhood. Such a wonderful and sweet story about a boy and his mother.

    I highly recommend it for your little one.

  63. Goodnight Moon!! I’ve had that read to me zillions of times. Also Guess How Much I Love You

  64. My son has the runaway bunny lol which has been read many times!

    My favourote books when I was a kid are:

    -Green eggs and ham
    -Theirs a monster a the end of this book(staring lovable furry old Grover)
    -where the wild things are
    -Zoe’s snowy day
    -Love you forever
    -Grumpy Bird or Boohoo Bird

  65. It looks like you have lots of good suggestions here! If you need any more I would suggest checking out the Bank Street College of Education’s “Best of the Best” list of children’s books. There are brief descriptions, and lots of great choices which are organized by age group. Here’s a link:

  66. I love that Runaway Bunny is in the picture! That was my favorite book as a child.

  67. I LOVED Cowardly Clyde by Bill Pete! Shepherd says hello to Toby :)

  68. Anonymous says...

    Story books for kids are the best. Try ‘No matter what’ by Debi Gliori, it’s the most beautiful thing ever. Also i loved ‘the rainbow fish’ by Marcus Pfister. Hope you have lots of fun reading them to gorgeous Toby. xx

  69. Ferdinand the Bull.

  70. Not that you need another suggestion… : )
    Hippos Go Berserk, by Sandra Boynton

  71. Dina says...

    The Todd Parr books are awesome for all ages, including parents!

  72. * anything by Eric Carle
    * The Great Alphabet Fight!

  73. not that you need more recommendations, and someone else might also have suggested these, but some of our faves are:

    the elephant & piggy books by Mo Willems
    Knuffle Bunny II
    Goodnight, Gorilla
    Sandra Boynton books
    Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb (great rhythm)

    Happy reading!

  74. Seen Art? is hilarious and has tons of awesome MoMA art in it and great illustrations. Also, Squids Will Be Squids is really funny