Have you been watching the new season of Girls? I’ve loved the scenes in Tokyo and secretly want to be best friends with the actress Aidy Bryant. Here’s a fun video showing the behind-the-scenes.


This morning, Lexi walked into the office wearing this Madewell shirt, and it looked so great (lightweight and soft, and the pink color feels really fresh) that it’s now at the top of my wishlist. Which makes me ask two questions: a) thoughts on the shirt? and b) do you dress like your co-workers?


Can three words turn anxiety into success? Instead of saying, “I am anxious,” think “I am excited.”


These spoof Dad Magazines. Because get off the highway an exit early, we know a way.

P.S. Also, this dating story! I cringed and then laughed so, so much.

(Photo of Yves Saint Laurent in Paris, 1986, by Abbas/Magnum. Dad Magazine via Michelle Neuffer.)