What TV Shows Are You Watching?

Three Funny New TV Shows

In the winter, one of the greatest pleasures is curling up on the sofa with Trader Joe’s chocolate-covered almonds and an entertaining TV show. Right now my guilty viewing is…

The Bachelor. Have you guys been watching? I cannot stop! Someone splash cold water on my face! Although Mashable called him “America’s most vanilla-gible bachelor,” I think Bachelor Ben is actually really sweet and compassionate. He really listens to each woman. (I fully realize that I sound insane writing this.) I’m rooting for Caila.

If you’re looking for a new show (that is not the Bachelor), here are some ideas…

Animals, an animated comedy, premiered on HBO on February 5th.

Love, created by Judd Apatow, will be released on Netflix on February 19th.

Girls Season 5 will premiere on HBO on February 21st.

Also, Broad City Season 3 will come out February 17th, Cooked with Michael Pollan starts on February 19th and House of Cards Season 4 will be released on March 4th.

What are you watching these days? A new show? Frasier reruns? Tell us below…

P.S. 7 podcasts to try, and, of course, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

  1. Colette Brown says...

    I just started BBC Two’s Peaky Blinders, about a mob family in post-WWII Birmingham, England. Sort of like a much more fashionable, better accents Sopranos :) Plus, the first two seasons are already on Netflix!

    In a completely different direction, I’m addicted to Jane the Virgin. It’s a hilarious mock-telenovela about a latina girl who plans to save herself for marriage (her grandmother’s wish) but then gets accidently artificially inseminated. In typical telenovela style, the doctor ends up being the sister of the father of the baby and the father is also the owner of the hotel where Jane works. It’s HILARIOUS.

    Also waiting patiently for House of Cards :)

    X Colette

  2. I never could get in to The Bachelor, but I do have some guilty pleasures.

    Scandal is my #1, religiously watch every week.
    Greys Anatomy, The Curse of Oak Island on History (I really think there’s treasure somewhere down there).

    Streaming I’ve watched Narcos, Bloodline, Jessica Jones, and reruns of Friends. I also watched all of Justified on Amazon.

    Wanting to watch: Transparent, the OJ mini-series, The Americans, Bates Motel (season three), I’m sure there’s more.

  3. So excited Girls is coming back… In April Kimmy Schmidt is back and Game of Thrones too…. Currently enjoying Broad City, Crazy ex girlfriend and Wentworth :)

    • Laverne says...

      I like it, too. You might try Broadchurch.

  4. Outlander!!!! the cast, costumes, Scottish history (minus the time travel), super fun show and if anything, will improve your sex life. I also have not been able to look away with The bachelor, and I’ve never watched any of the other seasons! Ben seems sweet and sincere.

  5. jill says...

    I actually am watching Frasier reruns!! Mostly in the background when doing other stuff though : ) That said, I think I will need to be perusing these comments to get through one more month of winter nesting. Thanks for the timely post.

  6. Katie says...

    I’m currently binge watching Velvet on Netflix. Love it.

  7. Jessica says...

    Honest to goodness, I don’t even watch TV anymore. I’ve watched a couple of movies here and there, but most of the time I get distracted and don’t even finish it. I got two episodes into the new season of The X-Files and then stopped. I told myself I wanted to watch War and Peace, but haven’t. Instead I opted to READ War and Peace, and based on an article I read about it I’m glad I chose the path of literature rather than screen. Any day I’d rather choose books over TV. But that’s just me.

  8. Joyce says...

    I don’t watch shows very regularly but season after season, I can’t seem to shake Outlander, Girls and When Calls the Heart.

    Law & Order: SVU is a staple for reruns that I’ve never seen before and I’m with you on The Bachelor front. Love Ben! He just visited my patients at work yesterday and he’s so sweet that I can overlook the polyamory…rooting for JoJo and Lauren B for the top 2.

  9. Erin says...

    I love Parenthood – I think this is my third time watching the series on Netflix. I’m so bummed it was canceled.

  10. caro says...

    Just watched all of Mozart in the Jungle and LOVED it – quirky and full of heart.

  11. Jenna says...

    Halt and Catch Fire – AMC. Said to be “the new Mad Men”. It about the rise of the personal computer but has awesome characters with messy lives. You’ll love/hate Cameron and be dreaming of Joe.

  12. Stephanie says...

    I love the Bachelor. This is the first time I’ve ever watched and I love Ben! Although I think Lauren B is going to be the girl he chooses!

  13. I can’t find anyone else who has watched The Knick (on Cinemax) but I can’t say enough about it… it’s brilliant and entertaining and intriguing and a period costume show with incredible acting and plot lines that continuously keep you hooked (I could go on forever)…!

    As reference, other shows I’ve loved include but are not limited to:
    True Detective (only the first season though!), The Killing, Top of the Lake, Game of Thrones, Master of None, Silicon Valley, Breaking Bad and House of Cards!

    Also, Caila is such a sweetheart! The Bachelor and Real Housewives of BH are definitely my guilty pleasures… :)

  14. Nicole says...

    Billions, Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce & Master of None.

  15. I’ve been watching so many BBC shows: Sherlock on repeat.
    The latest show that I am loving (and have now finished) is Jessica Jones

    Mariam | The Petite Bijou

  16. Err… Sherlock, Girls, Fargo, Master of None, Masters of Sex, Peaky Blinders (SO GOOD!!! Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy are brilliant)… Narcos is fantastic! And hell yes, House of Cards :)

  17. KB says...

    Love love love A Chef’s Life on PBS!!

  18. Canem says...

    Really really into:
    The Americans
    Mr Robot
    Both of them get my heart racing. Which you would think wouldn’t be necessary getting given i have 2 boys (3 &1)…my heart is always racing as they fall of various furniture on a regular basis.

  19. Bloodlines
    Fargo, Season 2 is genius
    Bernie Madoff and O.J. Simpson stories
    Making a Murderer

    Period and/or British Films / TV
    North & South
    Inspector Morse
    The Fall
    Top of the Lake (New Zealand)
    Midsommer Murders
    Pride & Prejudice (Colin Firth version)

  20. Marlena says...

    I am absolutely obsessed with episodes starring Matt LeBlanc, he is so funny in a very dry sort of way and the writing is BRILLIANT!! Super send up of Hollywood. Also Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch, have been rewatching those. Another Good one you might be able to get on PBS in the US is Call the Midwife, I am partial to costume dramas. Saddest day when Downton Abbey finished…..

  21. Tanya says...

    I love..
    Bloodlines on Netflix-stellar acting
    Top Chef-always, and Chef’s Table
    River on Netflix- pleasantly dark
    Master of None-clever and real
    Orphan Black-brilliant, and I don’t like sci-fi!
    Reruns of Nurse Jackie, Homeland, Good Wife, House of Cards
    Billions is entertaining so far- love Damian Lewis!
    Transparent is amazing
    Guilty Pleasure is Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce on Bravo- great clothes and fun, politically incorrect girl-drama.

  22. Lisa says...

    I’m hooked on The Bachelor this season, too. I haven’t watched in years… and I’m a former contestant. I just started watching UnReal last night after reading these comments. So good and actually pretty dang real.

  23. Nicole says...

    My husband and I are completely hooked on The Blacklist. James Spader is amazing!

  24. christine says...

    Can’t wait for Season 2 of Outlander and loved The Man in the High Castle, Amazon Prime.

  25. Jane says...

    We’re 10 years late to the party, but my husband and I can’t stop watching Friday Night Lights.

  26. My Fave shows are:
    The Bachelor
    Downton Abbey
    Game of Thrones
    New Girl

  27. Every time I see Olivia I think of her stinky breath. eWww We have to watch on the ABC app a week after the show airs so I force myself not to read anything Bachelor!

    Lately we’ve been watching Americas Funniest Videos and my favorite part is hearing my three yr old’s belly laughs. I know everyone says no TV for littles (blah blah) a few clips of funny videos as a family is so worth it! Promise X

    I’m addicted to crime shows. I loved The Killing, Top of the Lake, and a few I can’t remember the titles bcu I go through them pretty quick! Shame on me ;)


    • Nancey says...

      LOVED Top Of The Lake, and you made me smile with the blah, blah, blah, that’s what I say too!

  28. I feel weird reading everyone’s comments say they watch The Bachelor. I was never fond of it. I’ve recently watched Narcos, Fargo, Mr. Robot. I am now watching Making of a Murderer and House of Cards! I think my taste for series is very dark.

  29. New girl!!!! Started from the very beginning recently and I’m hooked all over again.

    Friends, of course. There’s something about re-watching from season 1.

    And white collar!!! Matt bomer is just so charming. Love Tiffani Thiessan in it too.

  30. Courtney C. says...

    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills & many, many Seinfeld reruns…

  31. I recently binged through Catastrophe thought it was really great, super funny! I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I just started Orphan Black and so far it’s living up to all the good reviews I’ve heard.

  32. Erin says...

    I’d like to know how many people have checked Reality Steve for the Bachelor final results. : ) I have!

    • Nancey says...

      I HAVE!!

  33. Katie says...

    I think I’m the only adult who is loving” The Muppets.” It’s just…easy? Such a delicious little cupcake of a show plus the jokes are both sweet and sly. On the other end of the spectrum, I just started “Unreal” on Hulu. It’s a train wreck – definitely the dark side of ‘reality’ TV!

  34. Andrea says...

    I’ve been watching Luther and Black Mirror, both mind blowing with top notch actors. I really liked The Bachelor parody Burning Love but my go to reality tv has to be Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

  35. Maddy says...

    At first I was skeptical, but soon, I was totally hooked on When Calls the Heart… It’s streaming on Netflix, and it is such a cute show! Yes, it’s Hallmark Channel and wildly cheesy at times, but it’s heartwarming, which is more than I can say about most of the other shows I watch.

    Also, Jessica Jones is fantastic, as well as Jane the Virgin, The Americans, Daredevil and Master of None. I feel like Netflix has definitely been upping their game lately.

    And there is ABSOLUTELY no shame in watching The Bachelor. It’s reality TV at it’s most hilarious. Ben Higgins does seem a lot more genuine than most bachelors (looking at you, Juan Pablo), and I really do hope he finds love!

    (Also, has anyone else noticed that they never actually eat their dinners on their dates on The Bachelor? My mom and I had this epiphany last week, and I was wondering if others would agree!)

    • J says...

      It’s because of the mic noise. The sound (and the visual) doesn’t make for good TV.

    • Joyce says...

      When Calls the Heart is my favorite!! Can’t wait for it to start up again next week. My best friend recently binge watched season 1&2 in a weekend.

  36. S says...

    Have never watched Bachelor (maybe a portion of an episode) and I can’t get down with it. The premise just bothers me but I have many friends who are into it…

    Recent surprises/loves:

    Mozart in the Jungle – recently finished and love. Unexpected and brought me back to my band days/classical music I properly didn’t appreciate when I was tween/teen.

    Transparent – excellent

    White Collar – helped me deal with insomnia. Unexpected. Not Homeland/deep/ but surprising FBI show and well, Matt Bomer is too charming.

    Togetherness – coming back for season 2 next month I think…

    Master of None – Aziz Ansari outdid himself. Love, race, life transitions, family, diversity and discrimination – thank you AA for this show.

    Mr. Robot – interesting concept. Took a while to get into it…

    Ongoing loves:

    The Good Wife
    Homeland (love you Saul!)
    Scandal (a little crazy now but will still watch for now)
    Madame Secretary – if it was on HBO or something would be better, but love Tea Leoni
    The Affair
    Grace and Frankie – great to have a seniors experience ( I am not a senior but we can’t ignore this demographic!)


    The West Wing
    Gilmore Girls
    The Wire
    Homeland (still going on – but will be a classic)
    Breaking Bad

    Honourable Mentions:

    Veronica Mars
    The Newsroom (despite criticism)

  37. Gilli says...

    “Prisoner of War” which is the Israeli show “Homeland “was based on. Also Mozart in the Jungle, so great!

  38. Marie says...

    Orphan Black! We just finished the third season. So good!

  39. Jillian says...

    I actually really appreciate this post because living in Portland everyone acts like they don’t watch tv. After a long work day I take so much pleasure from sinking into my comfy couch to watch tv and eat some chocolate! And TV is SO good these days. Great picks!

    • Katie says...

      Hey Jillian –
      Amen! So true. I just moved to the burbs (Wilsonville) after living in Portland for 15+ years & I’m considered weird for not having cable out here! But I do watch TV plenty (thanks, Roku) & agree that it’s a treat after a hard days work!

  40. sherry says...

    Billions on Showtime!

  41. J says...

    I think a post by you during Ben F’s season was what got me to tune in to the Bachelor and I’ve been hooked into the Bachelor franchise ever since! It’s totally embarrassing, but I can’t help myself! I’m also really into listening to podcasts rehashing and snarking on episodes of the bachelor. May I suggest “Here to Make Friends” (HuffPost) or “Rose Buddies” for starters? :-) They are not kid-friendly, so I listen in the car by myself or while walking – plus I’m too embarrassed to have anyone know what I’m listening to! TV wise, my husband and I are currently into The Leftovers, Wolf Hall and The Man in the High Castle. If you haven’t seen The Wire, it’s very gripping.

  42. We have recently switched fom Netflix to Amazon Prime and have binged on “Transparent” and “Mozart in the Jungle” – loved them both

    • Jasmine says...

      Yes. After the Golden Globes I started watching Mozart in the Jungle. I love it.

  43. Blair Williams says...

    Veep. Always and forever, Veep is so consistently great. Especially in election years, it’s terrific. And the new season airs in April!

  44. kendra says...

    THE BACHELOR has been AMAZING this year. It’s so good. This week was bananas with Olivia and Leah. This has been my favorite season.

    I love Broad City, Drunk History, Empire (I cannot wait for it to come back)

  45. eg says...

    You should feel no shame about The Bachelor – I was just visiting a friend of mine, and a large amount of time was spent watching Real Housewives (Beverly Hills, Potomac, New Jersey, Atlanta…. ALL OF THE ABOVE). It is so horrifying, and so hard to turn off!
    But in real life, I decided to rewatch Buffy from the beginning. Also can’t wait for Love and the new season of Broad City!

  46. sue says...

    Rectify seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix.

  47. Avalon says...

    This is the first season of Bachelor I’ve ever seen and I really like it! I also think Ben is really thoughtful and kind which is refreshing. My boyfriend and I also watch The Magicians (on Syfy, based on a book series), Suits, and criminal minds on Netflix. I’m really excited for the new season of Twin Peaks that will be coming out :)

  48. PAtricia says...

    Jane the Virgin. I love it. I’m obsessed.

  49. Maryam says...

    My husband and I just binge watched The Americans and we are waiting for season 3 to be available on amazon prime in a couple of days. Can’t wait for season 4 either in just a month. Awesome show with great acting and such gripping storyline.

  50. Watching French shows: The Returned (Les Revenants) zombies, but so NOT zombies!!! and Spiral (Engrenage) season 1 sucked (to gimmicky) but the characters are enjoyable and seasons 2-4 are great police drama stories. Turn on Netflix is super as well!

  51. Has anyone else heard of the FX series “Justified?” My husband and I are hooked (you can watch for free with Amazon Prime) and I’m surprised I never hear anyone talking about it. It’s really well written (though it is pretty violent.)

    • Yes, Justified!!! Absolute favorite of my husband and myself. It is such a great mix of gripping plot and humor. It gets a little less violent during the last two seasons which I appreciated. My parents turned us on to it- they are from Kentucky and were happy to see the state depicted on television, even in the horribly stereotypical way it is shown!

  52. OBSESSED with the Bachelor. Obsessed.

  53. Jeannie says...

    Just finished all seasons of Nurse Jackie. Started out loving it. Then I stopped for a while because I thought it was getting fairly depressing. Finally finished and loved as a whole. Edie Falco is amazing. I would definitely recommend.

  54. A bunch of my co-workers and friends worked on Animals! I’m so happy you’re featuring it! Did you know that it’s improv? Isn’t that cool? xx

  55. Madelaine says...

    We started the West Wing a few months ago and haven’t been able to stop. It’s taken over just about every other show that we should be watching right now – we missed Homeland, Masters of Sex, and have even foregone Downton Abbey while we try to get through all 156 episodes!

  56. Sam says...

    The hubs and I are watching Breaking Bad for the first time and it is SO GOOD. Other than that, I’m excited for House of Cards season 4 to come out and for Mindy to start up again.
    I can’t stop watching the Bachelor even though I think every season will be my last. Jubilee was my favorite (and I hope she comes back to be the Bachelorette) – but now I am rooting for Caila.

    • Nancey says...

      Would you believe I went back and started Grey’s from the beginning. VERY time consuming and it’s been a year and I’m only on Season 8, but I’m doing it. Love Grey’s.

  57. Boyfriend and I started watching American Crime Story (OJ Simpson), the new season of Wicked Tuna and Big Fish Texas (old man tv – HA!). I watch The Bachelor (I’m loving this season too) and Jane the Virgin, and when is The Mindy Project starting?? I’m also on a constant rotation of Grey’s Anatomy and Gilmore Girls re-runs. I’m easily entertained! Ha!

  58. Man Seeking Woman. It is wry, trippy and wildly funny.

  59. Alex says...

    Making a Murderer was jaw-dropping. My husband and I binge watched it in 4 days. I needed something light and funny after that one so I started watching Jane The Virgin, and I LOVE it! (I did grow up in Miami so I’m sure that helps). But of course the all-time greatest television show ever is The Wire.

  60. Linda says...

    Fresh off the Boat, The Goldbergs, Downton Abbey, and Master Chef are our favorites!

    • Celeste says...

      Fresh off the Boat is great-I was so glad that it came back for a second season!

  61. Megan says...

    My boyfriend and I are re-watching Game of Thrones. So many things that I missed or forgot about! We just started watching Billions too which I’m really enjoying and must admit I’m a sucker for The Bachelor too

  62. jen says...

    Current shows we watch are American Crime and Downton. We are also binging on XFiles as we didnt watch it when it came out. Lots better than the new XFiles which we also catch. Oh, and I watch Transparent on the laptop at work :(

  63. I am currently watching ‘Crazy ex girlfriend’, and i am loving it. It is sooo strange but also really funny. and weird. definitely weird. Good show tho!

  64. Hate to admit it but am slightly obsessed with The People v. O.J. Simpson. It’s really good! Also, agree with another commenter that Black Mirror is a must watch. Also love Portlandia and can’t wait for Broad City, Girls and The Mindy Project to start again:)

  65. 2 Danish shows

    Rita and Dicta both on Netflix
    Loved Transparent and Catastrophe( 2nd season about to air)on Amazon and right now we are binge watching 30 Rock which we love.

    Oh, also loved Grantchester which I think is a Masterpiece production

    • Michelle says...

      Loved Rita, she is so in your face about everything

  66. Kaitlin says...

    I’m 100% obsessed with PBS/BBC lately… Poldark, Mercy Street, Call the Midwife, Luther… I pretty much watch one, then look in “people also liked…” and watch another… It’s a problem!

  67. Julia says...

    I adore Homeland for the immense suspense!

  68. Allison says...

    Just finished watching Red Oaks (SO GOOD!) so the timing of this post is perfect. Need to find something new to binge on!

  69. Jo says...

    Every winter we get hooked on British television. Something about curling up on the couch under the blankets sipping tea just feels right.
    Recent favourites – Broadchurch season 1 (drama) and Agatha Christie’s Poiret (almost campy detective series turned into TV). Old favourite we watch over and over– QI, a fun panel show with Stephen Fry as the host quizzing comedians about facts in science, history, music, etc. You learn something new every episode!

  70. Eliza says...

    Hubby and I are watching Doll and Em on HBO.

  71. I just got into the new The People Vs. OJ show on FX and as much as I didn’t think I would like it, I am sure I am addicted. I’m also super excited for Broad City to come back. I feel like we have to wait so long in between seasons, but it’s always worth it. Thanks for the Love (on Netflix) video. I will have to check that out!


  72. loving the bachelor as well. i tried not to watch it this season, but after 4 episodes in, i had to start. huge lauren b fan!