New Favorite Show: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Have you been watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? The title and posters initially made me wary (would it be vapid? sexist?), but when the New Yorker‘s rave review called it a “funky, off-the-radar sleeper,” I decided to give it a try. Turns out, the show, created by two women, is 30-Rock-level smart and hilarious.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend tells the story of Rebecca Bunch, an unhappy Manhattan lawyer, who bumps into her old summer-camp fling on the street. When he mentions he’s moving back to his suburban hometown of West Covina, California — where everyone is happy, he says — she quits her job and (unbeknownst to him) moves there, too.

The show is a “skewed take on romantic comedies, where love conquers all and happiness abides,” writes Lorne Manly in the New York Times. Says co-creator and star Rachel Bloom (who won a Golden Globe earlier this month): “This is the dark flip side of that.”

The creators also play with the social pressures on women: “You’re supposed to have it all, but also you should give everything up for love,” Bloom told the Times. “But also know what’s your zodiac sign. But also you should be substantive.”

It’s fresh, diverse and very, very funny. I love how so many of the new shows (Master of None, Broad City) are so fast-paced and innovative. Anyway, I’d highly recommend it. xoxo

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

  1. Julienne says...

    Love this show! And I think I may have a little crush on Santino Fontana.

  2. Alison says...

    It’s so good! I was put off by the title, too, but I realized its brilliance once I got to the opening song. Any jingle that includes the phrase “it’s a little more nuanced than that” is alright with me.

  3. Lindsay says...

    It looks like it’s not possible to watch it for free anywhere starting with episode 1. Lexi mentions Amazon above, but it’s $1.99 per episode. I’m just starting maternity leave and need some shows–does anyone have any recommendations for free ones? Thanks!

  4. Marti says...

    Ah! I am so glad that you posted about this show! Something I love about it (besides the ridiculous humor) is how “normal” the bodies are — I know that may sound strange, but Rebecca has back-rolls, and a sometimes-double-chin, and a teeensy bit of an unkempt appearance… just like me! There is something wildly awesome about seeing women who looks like you being funny and shameless on TV.

  5. PreencessZan says...

    I’ve been following it since the first episode when I caught her body rolling with her spanx on the “Sexy Getting Ready Song ” video…..

    This show is the best!

  6. I was super skeptical about this one but I went for it after seeing Rachel Bloom win the Golden Award. I’m only a few episodes in so far but I’m sold, it feels so unique.

  7. Sarah says...

    Oh, man. I could not stand even the first episode. Barely made it to the end!

  8. Elena says...

    Where is everyone binge watching this? The CW site and hulu both start on Episode 5.

    • Lexi Mainland says...

      I’ve been watching on Amazon video, which has all the episodes here: Enjoy!

  9. Lauren says...

    The best!!!!

  10. Amanda says...

    Yes!! I was also turned off by the show’s name initially but was captivated by the first episode when I gave it a chance. So funny, smart & different!

  11. loved master of none! i will admit that i was pretty skeptical of this show because of the commercials/ads but i’ll have to give this a try

  12. I LOVE this show!! It’s a hard sell to many (the musical numbers, in particular), but every episode is hilariously heartfelt. One interesting fact I learned from co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna (via the ScriptNotes podcast, a podcast for screenwriters) is that the show was originally meant for Showtime and was much darker/racier. The deal ended up falling through, and at the very last minute the show found its home on the CW, mainly due to Jane the Virgin. And if you’re not watching Jane the Virgin, do!! It’s name/marketing can also make it difficult to approach, but this article might change your mind:

  13. Kim says...

    Yeah West Covina! I grew up there, too, and spent the past three months in the town. Never thought I’d see it on mainstream TV.

  14. Gleemonex says...

    Uccch, there’s singing?? I’m out.

    • Angel says...

      Um, with Broadway stats like santino f, the guy who voiced Hans in frozen. Worth a try.

  15. I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things about this show. Definitely on my watch-list, especially after seeing Rachel Bloom win the Golden Globe for her role!

    Anika Yael Natori, aka, “The Josie Girl”

  16. How funny! Right before I clicked to your site I was thinking I should give this show a chance. It’s a sign!

    When I saw the previews I thought it looked horrible, but all I hear is high praise!

  17. AJ Douglas says...

    Another great part of this show are the original songs, with clever lyrics that are also very funny. The cast are multi-talented–singing and dancing their way through the storyline. If you enjoy Broadway musicals, you will most likely get addicted to this show .

  18. MK says...

    I really want to start watching this from the beginning. Are all the episodes posted somewhere?

  19. Liz says...

    Have you watched Jane the Virgin? I feel like you would love it. The first season is on Netflix and it’s basically one of the most clever shows I’ve seen in a while. And it’s so refreshingly diverse and honest!

    • Lucy says...

      Yes, Liz! I totally agree. When it first came out, I was not going to give it a chance. But I think last year it was nominated for a golden globe. And I tend to like CW shows so I gave it a chance and love it! I grew up watching soap operas so this show it totally in my wheelhouse. :) But it’s much more clever than a traditional soap opera lest anyone get turned off by my description!

    • I saw the ads for Jane the Virgin and was like I’m DEFINITELY not watching that show! Especially since it was on the CW and I have not watched that channel since high school (hello One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl). But call me a (wannabe) snob but I decided to give it a chance after hearing a review of it on NPR fresh air.

  20. Love this show. I especially love that it continues to be excellent with each episode. No signs of fizzle yet!

  21. I love this show! I was wary at first too because of the title, but just watching the opening credits made me realize that it has a very different take than most shows. Rachel Bloom is also hilarious! Love her!

  22. I watched “Master of None” after you recommended it and I loved it! So I will trust your judgment on this as well ;)

  23. Very unique, clever show and she is also very talented, BUT it just gets on my nerves after a while. Wish I could stay tuned, because I love theater, and this is basically wacky theater for TV.

  24. ceci says...

    last week i binge watched the first seasons of 2 shows that i recommended: “sensitive skin” with kim cattrall (she’s so great in it, love her!) and “detectorists” with toby jones and mackenzie crook.

  25. It’s a pretty good show! The first episode I watched was the Thanksgiving one because in the Asian community there have been rumbles of “woohoo they represented us in a authentic and non-mocking way!” But I wasn’t really paying attention and got more whiff of the wacky and less of the clever part.

    I started watching again after her golden globe win and I’m glad I did. I just love that it has all these elements–musical, unrealistic premise, heart, social commentary, silliness–all these things that could make a show a pure cheese fest, but because it’s executed so skillfully it actually works!

    I do like Jane the Virgin better, though. (It’s another CW show and the star Gina Rodriguez was also a new comer that won a golden globe for said show!). It too sometimes has it’s lulls but it feels like a tighter show to me. It also has all these elements that could make it so very cheesy–a very unrealistic premise, for starters (it’s based off a soap opera). But the performances make all the emotions feel grounded in reality. And there’s no one truly villainous ( besides the really really bad guy). The love triangle is a legit love triangle–not oh two guys are interested in the protagonist but we all know who she’s *supposed* to end up with.

  26. Carolyn says...

    This has just started in Australia on Channel Eleven – yay will watch .

    • Porkchop says...

      Had no idea it was going to be airing in Australia till I read your comment! Yay!

  27. I watched the very first episode and wasn’t super impressed, but it was almost like a train wreck that I couldn’t look away from in the BEST possible way. Probably an awful analogy seeing as I’m a total fan of the show now, but I think you get the point. :)

    P.S. LOVE the 30 Rock reference … May or may not have just rewatched that entire series for the second time on Netflix!

    Chelcey |

  28. Sandra says...

    I was watching this from this start and was a little concerned at first that the “crazy” might not be handled with sensitivity, but it really is so well done and hilarious!

  29. Haha that last gif made me laugh! The show looks awesome.

  30. Jristy says...

    Gah! Damn you Hulu. Anyone know where to get the first four episodes fo free?

  31. i watch from first series until now. haha i really love that movie. she so funny and lovely story on there. and yesterday i watch her do a sexy dance on the bus and make all of them shock. and i just LOL haha.
    really love that movie.


  32. koderzz says...

    Have you seen Nurse Jackie? It’s on Netflix. Be careful if you start, you’ll lose your whole weekend :)

    • jen says...

      Uh oh. That show broke my h eart. Slowly.

  33. Is the love interest an Asian guy? I hope so, we need to see more Asian men in television and especially in love interest roles. I’m definitely going to check this out to see if that’s really the case.

    • jen says...

      He is, a socal Asian guy who is still riding a skateboard while she is a successful lawyer. It’s wierd but it works.

  34. Aaack! I cannot watch this! She is always trying to pretend she isn’t doing what she is doing and I HATE waiting for people to get caught out! I want to like it but it makes me too crazy!

  35. I haven’t watched this one but I’ve heard a lot about it! I thought I heard it got cancelled?

  36. I fully binged watched this last month! For some reason a musical TV show always gets me (RIP SMASH). Check out my latest post about our recent trip to Hanoi, Vietnam on

  37. AH I’m keen! Ever since I started dating my now lovely husband, I found watching chick flicks or girly shows so easy. Now it’s totally another story because husband just wouldn’t budge!

    • Sorry was meant to say *Before I started going out with my now husband


  38. Megan says...

    Dude, I love that show. And the guy – the guy who works at the bar – is a Broadway guy and did the voice of the prince in Frozen. That made me like the show even more. It’s got its bonafides.

  39. Lux says...

    How great is the bartender’s voice?? *swoon*

  40. Molly Paulick says...

    OMG yes I love this show. The random bursts of singing and smart writing have me completely hooked. I can’t wait for more!

  41. Diane says...

    It is so great to see you guys endorsing this show. It really is brilliant and Rachel Bloom is deserving of every bit of her recent awards recognition. Adjectives for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: funny, biting, witty, clever, moving, UNEXPECTED! Absolutely worth adding to everyone’s growing list of “must watch” TV!

  42. This show sounds hilarious! Too bad we don’t have Hulu! I’ve been binge watching the Time in Between its on Netflix & Hulu the whole thing is so dreamy, the clothes, morroco, Spain, spies & love affairs. ( I especially love the main characters gorgeous nightgowns—I know that may be random, but you have to see them to understand). Oh and it’s based on a wonderful novel.


    • Hayley says...

      You can stream it free on The CW website

  43. Paula says...

    I binge watched the first 8 episodes after reading that Rachel Bloom won a Golden Globe – I love it, it’s hilarious!