Boxed Wholesale Delivery Service

This month, I made a random-but-life-changing New Year’s resolution: We will not run out of toilet paper this year. Or paper towels. Or toothpaste. Or peanut butter.

Until recently, we were ALWAYS running out of key supplies at the last minute. The basic cycle: We’re out of something essential, panic ensues, and I head to the drugstore with two little boys in tow. The trip home involves juggling bags, the stroller and the kids for five blocks, and then up the three flights of stairs to our apartment. Ends in tears! Especially in the rain or snow.

Now, enter Boxed, a brilliant service that delivers household products and groceries in bulk right to your door. Here are six reasons we love it…

Boxed Wholesale Delivery Service

1. Wholesale prices. Almost everything Boxed carries is discounted (I was thrilled at the prices versus drugstores and supermarkets), and there’s no membership fee. Their own brand of household supplies, Prince & Spring, is especially affordable and has nice packaging.

2. Quick delivery. Whether you order online or with the app, it’s a simple, fast process. All orders arrive within 1-3 business days anywhere in the contiguous U.S. and ship free over $50.

Boxed Wholesale Delivery Service

3. Great curation. Boxed not only offers beloved brands like Ziploc, Cheerios and Oral-B, but they also curate locally made products, depending on where you live. For example, these mini stroopwafels are delicious, and our family has long loved New York-based Peanut Butter & Co.

Boxed Wholesale Delivery Service

4. Feeling like a grownup. Since items are delivered in bulk, our linen closet and pantry are now stocked with everything we need for months. Months! (Insert dancing emoji here.)

5. A super nice company. Boxed is all about surprises and delights. They often send along freebies that they think you’ll like and every box includes a hand-written thank you note.

Boxed Wholesale Delivery Service

6. The box itself! After I put everything away, the boys inevitably transform the box into a boat, car or house. (Boxed will even sometimes send along stickers for kids to decorate with.)

If you’d like to try it, Boxed is offering 20% off the first order, plus free shipping, with the code BOXEDOFJO, good until March 5th.

Thank you so much, Boxed!

(This post is sponsored by Boxed, a genius start-up that has made our life 1,000 times easier. Thank you for supporting the brands the support Cup of Jo. Photos by Nicki Sebastian for Cup of Jo.)