Gift Guide Part #6: Your Best Friend Who Has One Million Books on Her Bedside Table and Can Make You Laugh With a Single Emoji.

The Best Hair Serum

The world’s best hair serum, $20, to give her the gift of sleek and shiny hair all winter long.

Jeni's Churro Flavored Ice Cream

Churro flavored ice cream, $12. Enough said.

Striped shirt

Striped shirt to wear on constant rotation, $55. (Or this one, for $40.)

Things Will Work Out pin< width=

Things Will Work Out pin, $10, because of course they will, you crazy unicorn.


Matte lip cream, $6, a pretty red that lasts forever.

Blackout book by Sarah Hepola

A few of the best books you’ve read this year, including Blackout, Dept. of Speculation, All the Light We Cannot See and After Birth.

Wool bobble beanie

Giant bobble beanie, $92. A hat that’s as cute as she is.

Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

A tarot deck, $40, plus a bottle of wine, for a fun night with deep conversations.

Sparkling disco ball

Disco ball, $15, to make her whole home sparkle.

Funny introvert mug

Introverting mug, $15, to keep her company. Quietly.

Kate Middleton socks

Kate Middleton socks, $11, because that perfect hair swoop will make her laugh every time she takes off her shoes.

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code

Donation in her name to Girls Who Code, so girls can grow up to be badass women like her.

P.S. More gifts for friends, and the 2015 gift guide so far.

(Top photo by Henrik Purienne. Ice cream photo by Suann Song. Blackout photo by Chaucee Stillman. Disco ball photo by Kendra Smoot.)

  1. I love the wild unknown!! I don’t have that deck (yet!) but it’s so beautiful and they are donating money to start a library in Africa as well – something I can really get behind!

  2. Holy moley! These ideas are fabulous! Girls Who Code is such a great website and program to enlighten young girls about coding as a career!

    adorn la femme

  3. Wow, I really love that coffee mug. This is a great list, I can definitely think of a few friends it would fit well.

  4. I love this gift list. I haven’t read the books you have suggested, I think I’ll take a look at these for myself. :)


  5. Courtney says...

    That J. Crew shirt is 30% off today and free shipping!

  6. the socks! absolutely hilarious find

  7. liz says...

    Thank you for the tarot link- I actually was able to buy it directly from the artist, every other time I looked in the past few months it was out of stock! The Wild Unknown is a great place to click around.

  8. Mary says...

    I love your gift guides! I just ordered the jcrew version of the striped top for my daughter in law and while I was looking at jcrew I found a striped top for my son. On sale with extra 30 % off and free shipping! Happy!

  9. Annie says...

    I absolutely love your gift guides and find myself going back to them year after year for ideas. I have a suggestion, or maybe it’s a plea… next year, I would love to see a “yankee swap” gift guide of sorts. I’m often invited to yankee swap/white elephant parties and am always stumped about what to bring that caters to multiple types of people and genders. I would love some advice/suggestions from you brilliant ladies!!

  10. Awads says...

    how do i order those kate middleton socks? would they make it here in time for christmas? they are a dream!!!

    • Awads says...

      Actually, just ordered two pairs to gift to family….here’s hoping they arrive by Dec. 24! (the website says US orders take between 7-10 business days). Fingers …and toes!…are crossed!

  11. kim says...

    Just bought the Disco Ball for a White Elephant party – I’ve been searching for weeks and you had the perfect gift picked out this whole time :) Thanks!

  12. Courtney says...

    Oh my gosh I want all of this!! I might need to buy myself the disco ball… Love the gift guides, as always!

  13. Nora says...

    I so appreciate the price range across all of your lists. I don’t feel immediately disqualified from browsing. I’ve probably bought more from these links than any list before. This is a rare and awesome collection of lists. THANK YOU

  14. Sarah says...

    Jeni’s ice cream = heaven. My house is two blocks from a Jeni’s but I haven’t tried the churro flavor yet… I’ll have to rectify that this weekend! :)

  15. Gosh Joanna! You’re killin’ it with the gift guides this year.? Churro ice cream what?!! And the Kate Middleton socks are simply perfect.
    I was just trying to figure what to get for my two besties this year. Thanks for the thoughtful ideas!

  16. As a mother in a household of coders, where I hope to raise our daughter to be a coder (or anything she wants to be!) I love that you included the girls who code part on the list! Lets get girls interested in STEM!


  17. When did churro ice cream become a thing? I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.

  18. Chelsea says...

    Dammit I was eyeballing that exact striped shirt for myself! Now it has appeared in one of your gift guides, it will totally sell out lightning fast. :(

  19. Such a great list! Those Kate Middleton socks are hilarious! Do people really spend $92 on a winter hat? That seems crazy to me, especially when looking at the fiber content.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Yes it is crazy. We couldn’t resist the giant bobble (especially in the photo on their site where it shows it from the back)! But you’re right, it’s crazy. Madewell has great colorful beanies for a less, and topshop has affordable bobble ones.

  20. Emmanuella says...

    That yellow turtleneck is so gorgeous. Anyone know where I can find a similar one? :)

  21. Mary Jenkins says...

    Joanna I read Afterbirth after you had recommended it, and I found it so intense and moving. It was a great recommendation. I would add Girl on the Train to the list too!

  22. Okay so I definitely need a discoball in my life! I didn’t even know you could buy those for home decor! Amazing! x
    ♡ Chloe | lifestyle junkie

  23. Alice Quin says...

    Yes to all!

  24. Jen says...

    Who’s your BFF, Joanna?