Gift Guide Part #6: Your Gorgeous Best Friend Who Texts Every Morning, Holds Your Hand in Scary Elevators and Sneaks Wine into Movies.

Short pajama set, $102, because they’re equal parts adorable and elegant, just like her.

nars-nail-polish-best-dark-redSexy winter nail polish, $20. (This color is pretty, too.)

flowers-the-sill-house-plants-gift-best Design-y houseplants, starting at $38.

Anti-stress coloring book, $13.46, because apparently they really work!

baby-foot-japanese-exfoliating-foot-mask Japanese foot mask, $18.20, because OMG it’s the most amazing thing. All my friends are obsessed with it. You wear little plastic socks filled with gel for an hour, and then five days later, your feet start peeling (stay with me here) and you’re left with the softest baby feet. It’s nuts/bizarre/hilarious/fascinating and will lead to 1,000 group texts.

himelli-mobile Himelli mobile, starting at $25, to display on her bookshelf.

blow-dry-thickening-spray-best Blow dry thickening spray, $28, so she can get the perfect blow-out every day.

forest-bound-escape-weekend-bag-best-weekender-duffleMade-in-America weekend bag, $99, for trips and sleepovers (you’re never too old).

Bon Appetit subscription, $12/year, because the magazine is really smart and funny and surprising (even to a non-cook like myself). I always find myself dog-earing the pages.

Dog pillow, $30, to be her best friend when you’re not around.

A print, $23, that’s funny ’cause it’s true.

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(Coloring books via Design Scouting. Tabs print via Diana)

  1. Dana says...

    I know this is a very late comment but could i know know what’s the label of the PJ set?

  2. We’ve had the game Set for several years now, and just love it! A while back my cousin came to visit, and we all sat down to play Set; she couldn’t understand the game at all and swore we were making up the rules! But everyone else we played it with has enjoyed it.

  3. These are all great ideas! I often have trouble shopping for my sister, and many of these are right up her alley!

  4. Joanna! I´m from spain and just spent one hour searching in the web for Baby Foot shipped here for a reasonable price…. I just need it! present not for my VBF but for me?
    Love the gross part of it!

  5. Everything on this list is awesome! I’d really like that anti-stress coloring book (surprisingly). Anything to avoid studying for finals…

  6. oh good let me show this to my friend. Because I am that friend and I want the pajamas and the picture. great post

  7. That last one, the print? I NEED IT. Every time I get a little all over the place with my thoughts my husband tells me “close some tabs/windows”

  8. I just bought the coloring books for myself and a friend. Amazing… thank you for posting. This is your best list yet!

  9. I love those pajamas. For some reason I’m also drawn to that coloring book (the artist in me).

  10. Funny you mention the sleepovers. Earlier this year a friend was apartment-sitting for her boss who has an unbelievably luxe apartment and we all crashed one night, watched Waiting to Exhale, took a steam in the massive shower, drank way too much wine, and ate Entenmann’s cake straight from the box. It was the most fun I’ve had in a really long time.

  11. The foot mask sounds awesome and not too expensive to try! The coloring book is cool too. I’ll bet the finished drawings would look really good in frames. :)

  12. I really like them all but the pillow made me laugh out loud ..

  13. this is my favorite one yet. Love the nail polish and definitely trying the foot mask. Beats getting my foot shaved off at the salon!

  14. Great ideas! Love that anti-stress coloring book, and that print! Totally true. Those would actually work wonderfully together as a gift for that extra busy person in your life :)

  15. Oh my god, that “too many tabs” print is the most true thing I think I’ve ever read. Great suggestions, I want the coloring book!

  16. The foot mask is a very interesting item. Plus, I’d like to get one of those coloring books for me, since I see every day my three-years-old colouring hers and having fun!
    Thanks for the suggestions Joanna!

  17. Those pajama bottoms are adorable, and I love that last quote! I saw it on Tumblr as a text post before :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  18. But what should I give my child’s teacher?! That’s definitely the hardest. Thanks for all your awesome gift guides! XO

  19. Everything on here is so good! Best gift guide ever!

  20. jm says...

    I wait with bated breath for you gift guides. They are always so intriguing! Love those pjs!

  21. I totally need that foot mask!

  22. Wow, you killed it with this list!!!

  23. WHOA. I am so intrigued by the foot mask. Potential life-changer.

  24. Love the title. Clearly this is for that woman in your life that really know all about you & likes you anyway. I think she’d like the jammies & Nars polish. :] // ▲ ▲

  25. I love the print – perfect for my office. And I’m curious to try out the Blowout spray for myself! Thanks for pulling these gifts together.

  26. Great picks, Joanna. Love the Himelli mobile, so cute.

  27. I love giving stress relieving coloring books to friends too! The mandala coloring books are great, but the Jardin Secret looks like something someone could really get pleasantly lost in for hours!

  28. My sister and I are obsessed with the foot mask!

  29. Adorable gift suggestions. Gotta try the foot mask :)