Have a Lovely Weekend.

Have a Lovely Weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend? I’m getting a long-awaited, much-needed haircut this weekend. I always contemplate getting something new (like thick bangs) but then just get two inches off and call it a day! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

This Melting Olaf cocktail made me laugh.

Will you be watching Master of None? (The Atlantic says it’s “Ansari’s best work yet.”)

What a beautiful bedroom.

Attention new parents! A cool trick to getting your baby to sleep.

A gentler way to talk about suicide.

Do you like him? A helpful guide.

Caramel cake.

I never thought of adult coloring books as filling the particular activity niche of “something to do with my hands while I watch Netflix.” Now I’m more curious.

How chic is this coat?

The town that is literally living under a rock.

A father’s beautiful advice to his son.

Finally, head’s up: Nordstrom is having an amazing fall sale.

(Photo by Stella Blackmon. Rock link via Emily)

  1. Those weekend posts, I love them! Every single time I find something fascinating or funny that I want to share with everyone around me. Thanks for sharing all these funny/lovely bits from the internet :)

    xx B

  2. Melissa says...

    I work at a suicide prevention agency and so as you may guess, I encounter people dealing with loss and thoughts of suicide on a daily basis. I think people have to keep in mind everyone experiences it differently. Someone may not be comfortable with using particular words such as committing suicide or even dying. It helps to be person centered.
    Also with having a high stress job, adult coloring is the best. It’s a wonderful distraction at times :)
    Love your site and it’s ever changing content!

  3. Lauren Lally says...

    My S.O. and I binge watched the entire season of Masters of None on our lazy Sunday yesterday. It was so. unbelievably. good. Ansari was insanely relatable to this generation of adults navigating their late-twenties-early-thirties and there is something for everyone: married, single, young, old, with kids, without kids, etc etc! Brings humor to real life issues in such a smart way!!

  4. Prudence says...

    I would never be able to live in the town under a rock.. gravity is real! one day that rock is coming down and i would live life constantly thinking that day is today or tonight..NOPE! no thank you…

  5. I actually bought an adult coloring book for my best friend’s birthday (she’s 27)! I thought it would be a good thing to do to lower stress levels! We had a blast coloring together and I ended up buying my own. It’s a great thing to do when you are having heart to hearts. Takes the pressure off and gives you something to do besides stare at the person! :):):)

  6. I love Story Corps so much. I need to remember that it exists when I’m feeling down. So uplifting, every time.

  7. I LOVE adult coloring books :) I just took a Dabble class called Mindfulness and Meditation and learned that they are also a great tool for calming the mind! You can read about their connection to meditation here if you’re interested!


  8. Hi Joanna. I am the same with a haircut. My husband always jokes that it looks the same every time I come back and excitedly ask “so how does it look”. I see my old pictures with bangs and they look so good but I tried it last time and noticed that nothing drives me more crazy than bangs in eyes while trying to play and take care of two kids. It was actually making me angry more than the tantrums! So I have told my husband that anytime I say I’m going for a haircut, to remind me that I highly highly dislike bangs. Hopefully it will keep me from slipping! I have made my peace that they look good in pictures and the other 99.99% of the time they just drive you insane. Thanks for sharing the weekend links. I plan to try the “Ommmm” strategy with my 5-month old!

  9. I really need to buy colouring book for myself! xx

  10. I love your weekly round up of such eclectic things from all over the internet! I’ve found the most inspiring/helpful things from these posts.


  11. Nina says...

    It’s so important to remember that depression is sometimes a fatal illness. Someone I used to know died of suicide earlier this year and it was very clear that it was wrong to see his death as something he “did” rather than something that happened to him – but I hadn’t thought about how our language apportions blame even when we don’t mean to. Thank you for sharing the link.

  12. Coloring for adults is a super trend right now. It makes sense, if it is fun for a child, it can be fun for adults too… most of the times. ha! I thought of 5 examples where that is not necessarily the case. Well, I still like coloring.

  13. Mary Denis says...

    Live a little, be saucy …feel like one of those french sirens!
    Might find yourself deepening the hue, for a sultry look.

    ..or bang it out, into a shag-like rocker look…its only hair yours looks which and healthy— go for it!

  14. Maria says...

    You would look great on bangs, like Jane Birkin I think! You should do it next time, maybe as a way to make winter more exciting? Hope you have a lovely one, anyway!

  15. I’ve read so much on the benefits of adult coloring books lately, I ordered some for myself on amazon (mom’s best friend!) Love the listing!


  16. The bed in that cute little bedroom looks so comfortable! Thanks for letting us know about the Nordstrom’s fabulous fall sale! Have a great weekend!


  17. Story Corps is a favorite go-to when all else fails; and this one was a beauty. Enjoy a wonderful weekend, Joanna. Your hair will look fab, regardless:)

  18. Jean says...

    Out of all the blogs I quickly scan through when I have time each day, I do read through yours, and I love your Friday posts. And of all your posts, if I don’t remember anything from any other day, I hope I remember what Mr. Haggerty said to his son that day so long ago, about being proud of himself and not sneaking around. That was so good and so moving! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Oh my gosh! Yes.. bangs on you, yes!!! I always want to do something drastic, like a pixie cut, and always feel a little underwhelmed when I look in the mirror after a trim (even though that’s all I asked for). What I really want is instant growable hair: like one day long and wavy, to go with my outfit, and other days short and sassy.

    More procrastination/creative outlet this week while working and doing my masters simultaneously, I wrote my travelogue for cortina d’ampezzo, a northern italian town near the Dolomite mountains! It was so majestic.

  20. Joanna do you get your hair colored? You always look naturally beautiful! I got a few grey hairs after having Luna…so I definitely experiment with hair color! Red has been my 2015 color.

    I am definitely going to watch Master of None because he’s hilarious!

    I love having my coloring book instead of coloring Sesame Street! tHese are my favorites

    P.S. Frozen peas only worked on day 1! Little trickster! I keep putting them on her plate in hopes that she’ll get desperate! Haha! ;)
    Xo Lendy

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      I don’t color my hair but I’ve recently gotten more curious about it. I have grey hairs too which are so annoying! I pluck them out but they keep coming:) I’m thinking a glossy slightly reddish brown maybe. My sister dyes her hair a lot and it always looks great — she is so much more experimental with her hair than I am, and it’s fun to watch!

  21. LOVE the melting Olaf – so funny!

  22. Nina says...

    I loved the Father’s advice to his son. Awe inspiring.

  23. Alissa says...

    I turned on “Master of None” for one episode . . . and was able to pull myself away five episodes later. It’s great.

  24. I haven’t even clicked through the links yet, but I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I’ve been reading for so many years, I’ve lost track… but the thing I still love so much is your consistency. Your writing is always authentic and your content is always a perfect mix of fun, enlightening, and interesting. Your blog is like a favorite worn in tshirt that goes with everything and is always there when you need it. Thanks. :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Oh my gosh this made my whole weekend:) thank you so much, kaela.

  25. sazzy says...

    Myths of creation on Graham avenue in Brooklyn has a great selection of adult coloring books! Worth checking out !

  26. yael steren says...

    Lol – i always do the same with my hair. Although about two years back I made a drastic change and cut it super short! I’ve been growing it back ever since! I’m going to be styling some clients this weekend and then taking photos for the blog!! xx yael

  27. KSullivan says...

    This summer I had an unplanned reconstructive knee surgery & had to move back in with my Mom (I couldn’t drive for 6 weeks). [Which was more painful? The injury itself or the mind-numbing recovery? The former, but only because it was crazy excruiating.] Anyway. My Dad sent me a bunch of colored pencils & this Secret Paris coloring book (link below?) & I’m fairly certain it preserved my sanity while she & I revisited Cheers, Fraiser, The West Wing, and Broadchurch on Netflix. I’ll never roll my eyes at adult coloring books again. So great.

  28. great links, the suicide link is great. we really need to change the rhetoric around suicide. Need to take away the word “commit”. This will really help with the understanding, empathy and as well the stigma.

  29. hah! i’ve been looking for that flowchart my entire life. so good.

  30. Amanda says...

    Those bangs would look awesome on you, do it !

  31. I love the “buy online and pick up in store” option at Nordstrom. All the fun of the mall without the stress of looking for just the right thing!

  32. I’ve thought of adult coloring books as something to do with my hands while listening to all the podcasts I love!

    So excited to watch Master of None–we’re almost done with Parks and Rec and I’m already starting to mourn!

  33. That article about coloring books is too funny because I also eye rolled when I first saw that trend, but then my MIL brought me one and it’s totally my Netflix routine now! They go hand in hand now and I feel like I’m getting two things done at once. (But not really getting anything at all done at the same time haha.)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Haha that’s awesome. It’s better than snacking which is what I usually do while watching tv!!

  34. Yes to bangs! You look great with them ;)

  35. Alice Quin says...

    My friend’s son died of suicide years ago when he was a teenager. As his mother, she still struggles alot with guilt and stigma. Thank you for talking about issues like this. One more reason why I love your blog!

  36. That coloring book idea sounds like fun ♥♥ Hope you have a great weekend.

  37. Cynthia says...

    Enjoy getting your haircut! I love it, because I’m being pampered. Do try something new, as hair does grow back. My stylist does something slightly different each time. The coat is a timeless classic! Unfortunately, I have enough coats right now.

  38. malaika says...

    Ha! I went to college with the girl with the bedroom :)

  39. My husband and I are enjoying the beautiful fall scenery in New England this week. We’re leaving Connecticut, heading to Vermont, then up to Maine and back. I saw this post on Twitter, glad I clicked through! I like the short sentences and quick links you’ve got here ? Hope you have a good weekend too!

  40. Carmen B says...

    I have that Secret Garden coloring book, and I love it.
    It’s been a great way to unwind after particularly stressful days.

  41. ashley b says...

    omg my mom got me some adult coloring books randomly a few months ago, and they’re a huge hit. i have friends over for dinner a lot, so everyone has their own page they work on over multiple visits. it’s like having a guest book! IT’S AMAZING.

    see here:

  42. janelle says...

    Appreciate the adulting link, my Dad died of suicide not too long ago. I struggled with how to talk about it to others without reinforcing the stigma associated with it….because we in general probably need to be talking about it more.

    Others have said it before, but you really do a great job talking about these difficult issues that we all have to face in one way or another. Not too heavy, but it is part of life. Keep up the good work ladies!