12 Funny Pins

12 Funny Pins

Enamel pins have been cropping up everywhere these days, from favorite blogs to Lena Dunham’s lapel. They’re quirky, funny and look great on denim. My friend gave me this Introvert one, which I’ve been sporting on my jacket. It’s a surprisingly good conversation starter.

Here are some more funny favorites. Click or tap on the images, if you’d like…

12 Funny Pins


Would you wear one?

P.S. Cute vases to make you smile.

(Photo by Stella Blackmon for Cup of Jo.)

  1. Oh all of these!! I would definitely wear the banana & the “ip to no good” one’s :-D

  2. samantha swenke says...

    Definitely purchased the Anxiety Ghost. Amazing.

  3. Kelly R says...

    I have that ramen one!!

  4. annie g says...

    I would definitely wear most of these. Esp the leather jacket. On my (fake) biker jacket.

  5. Chiara says...

    I saw these on Miss Moss’ blog not long ago! They truly must be making a comeback…

  6. I actually used to wear pins a lot as a kid, and still have some of them. Oddly, one of my favorites was that gold zebra pin the woman in the jacket is wearing!

    Also, in high school I did props for the theater department, and during our production of Grease I was tasked with finding a virgin pin, which as it turns out is just a circle pin. But, I always thought that was amusing, and I happen to have one that belonged to my great grandmother.

  7. Anna Marie says...

    I used to collect pins. I think a few are still on my jeans jacket. Others are in a box, I wonder where?

  8. I love that pins are back! I have some beautiful ones that were passed down to me. My favorite is a little Bee pin my grandma gave me! It’s never left my side I either wear it on me or pin it on whatever purse I’m using. When people notice they always say wow or I forgot how beautiful pins look. I also love wearing them as buttons for shawl style sweaters because sometimes I don’t want it flapping about! I am proud of my inner old lady ways!
    Xo Lendy

  9. Restless socks out of Australia has these Mexican-themed enamel pins that are also supercute – I just found them the other day and they’re almost out of the cactus ones! :/

  10. Raids says...

    Caroline! Who makes those stud earrings?!

    • Caroline Donofrio says...


  11. Ooh I feel like that lipstick pin would look really cute on a going-out clutch! Or somewhere similar where you’re going for mostly chic but could use a pop of fun ;)

  12. I don’t own any pins, but I love the way they look on denim jackets and backpacks! My favorite is the life lessons trio

    Meet Me in Midtown

  13. Haha! All of these are great. I love the lipstick pin and also the Overthink Everything pin! So adorable!

    The Petite Bijou

  14. Laura C says...

    I HAD some pins, used to like flags… when I was fourteen, I got an Italy flag pin, don’t know why. Several years later I ended up living in Italy and marrying an Italian guy. Some kind of predestination?

  15. I just wrote about being an introvert on a post, then I come to do my reading and find this? I reckon it’s definitely a sign that I need to buy that introvert pin. Also, all the other pins.

    XX Laura

  16. Anna Tallo says...

    Yes yes!!! I agree. Who made that jean jacket?!?

    • Caroline Donofrio says...

      Thank you! It’s Madewell, but unfortunately from last year.

  17. Love this… so quirky yet so cute! Also love that the girls over at A Beautiful Mess just posted a pin round-up… it makes me feel support for my own odd rainboot wellie pin on my bag.
    xx Lucy

  18. Introverts unite! So glad you’re enjoying your pin. Thanks for including us! :)

  19. Angela says...

    I have to know where Caroline got that jacket. So cute! I need a new one.

  20. Laura says...

    Funny that the Introvert pin sparks conversations …

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      haha, true.

  21. Caroline! WHERE is your denim jacket from?! I’m in LOVE!

  22. I’m adoring these pins and they always look so good on little denim jackets! Did anyone ever see the beaded Karl Lagerfeld pin? I love that one the most, but I always wear my “Aloha” pin as a gift from Hawaii! xo

    adorn la femme

  23. Hey Hey! Thanks for the feature. All of these pins are so rad <3 Wahoo!

  24. Thank you!! I’m the owner of Valley Cruise Press (we make the puffy shirt pin) and an avid reader. I’m so thrilled we’re featured today.

  25. I’ve seen them everywhere! I want to start collecting them now!


  26. Mollie says...

    When I was in my late teens I used to wear a small, red heart pin on the end of my sleeve on dates when I really liked the person. It kind of makes me roll my eyes now, but it definitely sparked some cute conversations.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      That’s so sweet!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      same :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      you’re so right! i had totally forgotten about that scene. #flair

    • Caroline Donofrio says...

      Hahaha, I had the same thought! I keep secretly thinking of them as my “flair.” :)