Have a Great Weekend.

Have a Great Weekend

What are you up to this weekend? After visiting relatives in Pittsburgh, we’re finishing our vacation by heading to the beach. It has been wonderful to soak up the boys this week — Anton has been saying so many new words (like “actually”) and Toby has been out-of-his-mind excited about our rental car (a Kia!!!!!). Looking forward to sharing some photos on Monday. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Undo Send is officially a thing!!!

This headline made me laugh.

15 ways to have a better desk lunch.

Everyone needs a personal board of directors.

What Victoria’s Secret swimsuits look like on (awesome) real women.

Oh my goodness, this dog!

A twist on spaghetti.

…and margaritas.

A kindergarten class in a forest.

What a lovely way to keep track of time.

We re-watched American Teen the other night and it was so, so, so good.

9 ways to look smart in a book club.

This photo gives me baby fever.

Comma rules for grammar nerds.

How good is your eyesight? Take this cool quiz.

I’m psyched to be bringing this and this to the beach this weekend.

Have a good one. xoxo

(Photo by Shayla Moller, via Sycamore Street Press/Instagram. Eye test via Chasing Saturdays)

  1. Thank you Joanna! As always! love your posts!

  2. I live in Leipzig, Germany and here we have several kindergarden that have at least one group that is in the forest all day long and all around the year. They sometimes only have a little trailer which they only use when it’s really very cold. They even eat outside and use a composting toilet. And the kids enjoy being free, running around and climbing trees. ;-)

  3. Raynette says...

    these were great! thank you for sharing.

  4. Carmen B says...

    Yesss! Like a hawk, I have excellent color vision.

  5. Prudence Yeo says...

    Love reading the Victoria’s Secret swimsuit article and quite amazed by the responses it generated! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Hi! I just wanted to drop in and tell you how much I love your blog! I’m currently building my own (little by little), and love what you’ve done with yours!
    Keep up the good work!

  7. Carly says...

    The forest school link reminds me of this American mom’s experience sending her daughter to forest school in Copenhagen:

  8. julia says...

    That spaghetti recipe is a good hangover cure FYI! :) A place called Resto in NYC has something similar called Belgian Hangover Pasta.

  9. eva says...

    I`ve got issues with my eyes, and have really bad eyesight, but my colour vision is excellent. I surprised myself that I have made the test without even one mistake, and it was such an easy task for me. :-)

  10. These posts are always my favorite! That baby picture is precious!!

    Read about my adventures in Greece here!

  11. Lily says...

    The Madewell tee is so you and is going to look fab!

  12. Rachael says...

    I LOVE the forest school concept – my friend Elizabeth (a fellow teacher) runs one of two in New Brunswick, Canada. 10 four year olds all day, every day in the woods! They sleep better, have increased concentration, develop increased confidence and independence, among a host of other benefits that just can’t be met in traditional indoor programs. I love that you posted about this – thank you!

  13. Katie says...

    Okkk so that baby picture made me all tingly and also a little teary…so sweet.

  14. Luiza says...

    happy weekend Jo! We’re missing some “conversations with an almost two years old” with Anton like you used to do with Toby!!

  15. Thank you for the link to Rose & Crown, such a beautiful blog! Have a great weekend, Jo + team!

  16. There’s a forest preschool in Korea too, and the difference is that they spend the day in the forest everyday, winter and summer!

    Incidentally, I first learned about it through an adorable Korean television series called “The Return of Superman” where celebrities spend 48 hours with their (very cute) kids, no mums around to help :) I watch these on youtube on the official KBS channel, with english subtitles.

    It’s been really interesting to observe some differences in parenting styles (eg. a lot more cosleeping, or sleeping on mattresses on the floor, as opposed to cots), which I think gels with your motherhood around the world series.

  17. Robin says...

    BEST self tanner/bronzer ever!! I use it every few days and my legs look awesome!!!!!!!

  18. Hannah says...

    The Sallie Krawcheck article was a super interesting take on a personal system in the context of work circles/mentors. Thanks for sharing.

    Also, I SO want to take a business personality test.

  19. Casey says...

    Your grammar rules trip me up! I thought I knew proper grammar. How did I get through college without knowing this stuff?!

  20. Emily says...

    Oh! That spaghetti! My profs in grad school used to make that, only they also added oil packed sundried tomatoes and prosciutto or bacon, and called it Italian Sunrise. So good!

  21. Emily says...

    I thought it was so interesting that after reading that buzzfeed article, I’m actually interested in VS swimwear. Before, I just assumed it wouldn’t look that good on me, but seeing how beautiful those women looked in their swimsuits piqued my interest! If VS swimwear can look good on a variety of bodies like that, then I’m interested. Since they only ever advertise their stuff on one body type, I guess I subconsciously assumed it only looked good on that body type!

  22. Abbie says...

    The Kinder Forest!!!! Swoon. What I wouldn’t give for my kids to have that.

  23. Jess west says...

    The swimsuit girls are an inspiration and look amazing! I was feeling unhappy about wearing skinny jeans but now Im thinking I’ll look hot too! You go girls

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      agreed!! and they were all hilarious and cool, too!

  24. That lunch post is awesome and overwhelming. I need to pick up my lunch game plan.

  25. This eye test was so trippy. I had to stop myself from tilting my screen to make it easier. It’s really hard! Apparently I could see a worm from the top of a tree, or something hawk-like anyways.

  26. I love American Teen! It’s one of my favorites! :D Classic love story!

  27. Stephanie says...

    I love the BuzzFeed ladies in the VS swimsuits. They look fantastic, and I do think it’s important and refreshing to see women of varying shapes and sizes in swimsuits. But I’m really bothered by the “real women” in the title. The VS models are also “real women.” It’s time we celebrate all women. We don’t have to tear down the super thin, traditionally beautiful women to build up ALL women.

    • Emily says...

      I assumed they meant women who spend hours in makeup, likely an unusual/unrealistic number of hours exercising and dieting, and then are photoshopped on top of that. But that’s an important point in general.

    • Kendriana says...

      I agree, the whole “real women” thing is offensive.

    • Ruth says...

      I agree, as long as women feel happy and healthy, we are all beautiful!

  28. yael steren says...

    Have so much fun at the beach! I’ll be working this weekend and also shooting looks for the blog! Hopefully the weather will hold up!! xoxo yael

  29. my ‘unsend’ feature generally gives me an unnecesssary ‘second-guess-myself’ anxiety. Lol. Now what to do about that??
    plus I’m a comma-geek I see. hope that doesn’t add to my emailing complex!! (. . . laughing.)

  30. shauna k says...

    Aww shoot! The dog video is private, and I LOVE dog videos! :'{

    The bubble blower, now that is something my office could use. Gimme some quirk!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      dog video is fixed! thanks!!

  31. Have an awesome weekend – what a well deserved break!! Loved the article about a personal board of directors – it’s interesting how people close to you can see parts of you that you can’t sometimes.

  32. I especially love the piece about the Victoria’s Secret swimsuits. What brave and awesome women!!

  33. Allison says...

    Happy weekend, Joanna! Have you heard about Fund on Etsy? It’s like Kickstarter, but for Etsy shop owners. Etsy is piloting it now, and I think your readers would love it. Check it out! Here’s a campaign I love. (I’ll admit I’m biased . . . The designer is my sister!)

  34. Haha!! I was going to comment that I used to have classes in the forest in elementary school and…I grew up in Vermont. Then, I read the kindergarten-class-in-a-forest article and, of course, it’s based in Quechee, Vermont–only 30 mins from my home town!! :) :) x

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      that is so cool!