How to Make a Plan with Friends

How to Make a Plan with Friends

A few weeks ago, I texted four female friends: “Want to have dinner tomorrow night?” Cut to forty texts later, and we had finally figured out another day that worked for everyone. Until my friend suddenly remembered she had a work event that night.

Remember the New Yorker parody, Let’s Get Drinks? Maddening! You start out like this and end up like this.

But then I remembered a meeting site called Doodle, which I figured would save the day. You suggest a few days, and then everyone checks off which days they’re free (or not). You easily see on the chart which day is best. It’s a gazillion times faster than texting back and forth.

So we did a poll and found a day right away. But then…

Gemma: WAIT I am sorry I have a book launch that night. Can we do it the following week?

Anna: What??! We had a DOODLE poll. Is nothing SACRED?

[Another Doodle poll]

Joanna: omg, thank god, May 28th. same time, place, NO ONE CAN BAIL.

Lucy: What about be late?! I need to know how late everyone will be so I can plan accordingly.

And here we are. Cheers!

How to Make a Plan with Friends

Do you have the same scheduling insanity? Any tips???

P.S. Five-minute phone calls, and do you hug and kiss your friends?