Vermont cotton ticking apron

We’re flying back today from Atlanta, where we visited Alex’s sister. (Thanks so much for all the restaurant recommendations!) Are you planning any trips this summer to see friends? Here’s a round-up of little gifts for the host or hostess…


1. Sweet organic apricots, $31, from Frog Hollow Farm in California, for everyone to enjoy.

2. Whale pillow, $25, to tuck into their sofa and make them smile. (This adorable whale is also personality packed!)

3. Aesop hand wash, $39. The packaging is gorgeous, the scent fills the whole room and it lasts forever. It’s the kind of thing you might never splurge on yourself but would love if someone gave to you. (And most of my friends secretly fill it with different soap when it’s done because the bottle is just too pretty.)

4. Funny vases, $76.

5. Key lime cheesecake, $38. Made with real key lime juice.

6. Danish wooden bird, $59, to peek out from their bookcase.

7. Portuguese soap, $14.50. Choose between orange, lemon, fig, apple — or sheep, goat, cow or donkey milk! Love the packaging.

8. Best friends tray, $42, to show her how much you love her. (This cat dish is also cute.)

9. Manchego set, $60, complete with crackers, Marcona almonds, quince jelly and a two-pound wheel of cheese. YES!

10. Wooden peg game, from $4.12, for a funny challenge/IQ test before dinner. (Remember playing these in Cracker Barrels growing up?)

11. Photo at top: Green ticking apron, $88, made from Vermont’s finest cotton, with two deep pockets.

Thoughts? What do you normally bring when visiting friends? Any other suggestions?

P.S. Three tips for hosting houseguests, and the #1 thing you need for overnight guests.

(Graphic design by Miss Moss. Peg game via Momfilter)