Are you planning any vacations this summer? I keep daydreaming about summer trips, and when he can’t sleep, Alex has a funny habit of exploring destinations on Google Street View. (Have you tried it? It really feels like you’re strolling around town.)

So, let’s take a pretend trip. Imagine: You’re heading to Portugal. The big question is, what do you pack? Here are some ideas…


1. Straw hat to keep your pretty face shaded. (Here’s a $40 version, too.)
2. A maxi dress to wear to the beach and out to a romantic dinner.
3. Statement necklace to make even a white T-shirt and cut-offs look beautiful.
4. Beachy perfume with the scent of sand, jasmine, sea spray and mandarin.
5. Caroline swears by this lip butter for getting soft lips with a pop of color.
6. Comfy sandals. This awesome pair has been on my wishlist for three years.
7. Sunglasses to channel an old-school Hollywood starlet.
8. Patterned swimsuit. (I LOVE the back.)
9. Peace towel by the wonderful Lena Corwin.
10. Escape bag for all your adventures.
11. Dark & Stormy because it’s the perfect summer cocktail.

Thoughts? Would you wear these? Are you feeling wanderlust-y?

P.S. A genius tip for packing for your honeymooon, and 9 trends this spring.

(Top by Raúl Deamo. Graphic elements by Miss Moss)