Four-year-old Toby has always been a chatterbox, and one-year-old Anton is starting to follow suit. It makes my heart swell to overhear them chatting away while playing. So far, Anton’s conversation mostly revolves around “Tibby!” (Toby) and “big cados” (big tractors), and here are a few things Toby has said recently…

“Are dinosaurs real?”
“Are princesses real?”
Are monsters real?”
“Are bears real?”
“Is Stuart Murdoch real?”

“I’m four and a half and three quarters.”

“Can I turn seven for my next birthday?”

Toby has started picking up some of my valley-girl inflection. The other day, Anton was walking slowly down the sidewalk, when a mom pushing a stroller came up behind him. Toby hurried over and asked, “I’m sorry! Is my brother, like, totally in your way?”

“Can I wear just my underwear and belly like daddy?”

Toby: “Am I allowed to drive a car?”
Me: “Not until you’re 16 years old.”
Toby, after a worried pause. “But I can drive a toy car??”
Me: “Yes.”

Toby still has his imaginary family: his wife, Bo, and their two kids, Matt (6) and Janna (2). But he also has another alter-ego, Peter Dachman, a bachelor who works at the newspaper with Alex. He comes over for breakfast before work sometimes.

Toby’s birthday wishlist:
1) Toy house
2) Toy motorcycle
3) Toy tree
4) A little doll to snuggle with
5) Blue sports jacket, size 5

Nana: “I like the new ceiling light in your bedroom.”
Toby: “It’s new.”
Nana: “Who got it for you?”
Toby: “Oh, the handyman gave it to me.”

Me: “Toby, stop growing up so quickly!”
Toby: “But, Mama, I can’t help it, it’s my body.”

What about your little ones? What sweet things are they saying and doing?

P.S. Toby in conversation as a little kid, and a how to teach your child not to interrupt.

(Photo from our Instagram)