What are you up to this weekend? Alex and I are going to a wedding tomorrow night, and I’m excited to dress up and dance awkwardly. Also, thank you so much for your podcast recs. I listened to The Living Room this week and was so moved. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Great news: Loeffler Randall is having a friends and family sale.

Why is your millennial crying?

Behind-the-scenes of While We’re Young. (Have you seen the movie? I really liked it.)

The funniest kitchen tool.

How to arrange…weeds.

A genius trick for serving cheese and meat.

Why Deb from Smitten Kitchen hates packing lunch.

The case for creating a moral bucket list. (Worth reading.)

How to get rid of songs that get stuck in your head.

Google sent a reporter this GIF instead of “no comment.”

What? This invention is insane.

Pretty Mother’s Day gifts.

How to find affordable Broadway tickets.

Ha! A great bachelorette party banner.

Made me laugh.

(Photo of the Richard Serra exhibit “Promenade,” Paris 2008. Nessie ladle via Kottke, bachelorette banner via Swissmiss, millennials via Miss Moss)