So. The other day, I was in the bathroom, brushing my teeth and minding my own business, when I randomly glanced at the top of my head and saw ALL THE GREY HAIRS. Where did they come from?! I’ve noticed the odd silver hair now and again, but suddenly, out of nowhere, they’re coming up in droves.


Should we pluck? The old wives tale says, “If you pluck a grey hair, three more come to its funeral.” Experts say that’s not true, but plucking is tricky (they’re wiry little suckers!) and once you have a certain number of greys, it’s too many to handle.

Should we dye? Salons can get expensive, so do you know any boxed dyes out there that really work? I would say embrace the greys, but… I don’t want to. :)

For inspiration, here’s Sarah Harris, the fashion features director at British Vogue…

And the lovely Joyce from Advanced Style and her animal friends…

Have you started noticing greys? What do you do? Are you dyeing or embracing? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. My beauty routine, and 16 hair tutorials.

(Sarah Harris photos by The Sartorialist and Into the Gloss)