Winter Nail Polish

The other day, I bumped into my friend Sandra at the playground, and she was wearing the coolest nail polish color: Wicked. Although it reads black, it’s actually a very, very dark red. So you get the dramatic look of black polish (a huge trend this winter) without feeling too goth or severe. Beautiful, don’t you think?
Thoughts? Would you wear it? What color are you wearing right now?

P.S. Another favorite nail polish and how to create the perfect ponytail.

(Photos by Yossy Arefi for Cup of Jo)

  1. Ana Leonor says...

    I wear it, all year round and love it, it really makes a statement. In fact I only wear 3 nail polishes: that colour (almost, but not quite, black); red (like passion red red) and pale white. that’s it. And they all match perfectly my wardrobe :)

  2. It’s my favourite but I hate the fact that essie nail polish chips in no time..

  3. Not wearing any polish right now, but I love this color!

  4. I’ve thought about getting Wicked many times… may have to do that!! My favorite dark polish from Essie is Smokin Hot. It’s a charcoal-ish deep plum. I also love layering Essie’s As Gold as it Gets over the top. It reminds me of a beautiful, clear night sky.

  5. I have a colour like that too – looks black but is dark, dark red. It’s divine!

  6. @Jo, i found the nailpolish online! Hope to see the postmen within an hour :-)

    @Sandra: thx for the spots you named in Amsterdam. For me it’s an hour drive so maybe i visit the store very soon! :-)

  7. I had this color for my wedding and I loved it!

  8. Love darks this time of year! I don’t know the name, but I’m wearing a very, very dark blue OPI that reminds me of midnight and winter skies. And it gives me that super classy feeling without feeling “goth,” like you said.

  9. Ah love it! I wonder if it ever reads unprofessional in the office but I don’t care! I feel so fashiony when I have my nails together!

  10. I love it I never thought of it as being depressing. I often wear it and if its too gloomy for folks, I put a shimmery coat on top.

  11. I’m wearing Essie’s wicked right now!!

  12. Wicked is a staple! Just like Linkin Park After Dark.

  13. I own this colour and I love it. It’s great for fall and winter.

  14. Have you tried Jamberry nail wraps? They’re amazing and my new favorite way to have a nice manicure!

  15. That’s my go to winter color and I’m wearing it right now!

  16. I love dark colors of winter, especially with undertones of plum and navy!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  17. Of course! About the rings & sweater:
    – single black diamond is my wedding ring, from a Danish designer, bought in a cute store in Amsterdam
    – tinier single sapphire on same finger is from Bird in Brooklyn NY I actually thought it was black until I left the store and noticed it was deep dark blue :)
    – gold with 3 diamonds is antique I’m afraid, 1897, it’s my engagement ring bought in a store along the antique street Spiegelgracht in Amsterdam. If ever you are there, you’ll have to find your own treasure :)
    – … and sweater from COS!

  18. Hi Jo,
    It’s great to see more women of color on your blog – there are a lot of us reading your blog and it’s so great to see us reflected in your content. Please continue to feature diverse stylish, smart women in your posts!

  19. Wow, love that color. I always go for a deep purple or navy that are border on black. I love that it’s a deep red!

    Also, I really love the sweater your friend is wearing in the photos! Any chance you know where to find it?



  20. That polish goes great with her outfit! Looks like the perfect shade for winter!

  21. I like dark colors for winter too.


  22. Love the polish and really love the sweater. Any clue where it’s from?

  23. that’s a beautiful color. I wonder if I have that one? I have a huge bin full of nail polish! Now that I am a mother I have really only gotten to putting on nudes or just a top coat. Love Essie mademoiselle. :)

  24. @nurse martens, yes! it wasn’t as dramatic as predicted, but it was bad enough that everyone still had a snow day:)

  25. Exactely the color I’m wearing right now :-) it’s the perfect fall/winter color

    xx Nina

  26. I love Wicked! It is my all time favorite nail polish! That and Devil’s Advocate. :)

  27. I love the polish, but I’m really jonesing for those rings. Think she’d be willing to share where they are from?

  28. I have the Wicked in my fridge right now. LOL I wear it anytime I feel like it, doesn’t matter what the season is. I love it. :-D

  29. I love that color! I usually stick to grays in the winter (I’m addicted to OPI’s Berlin There Done That), but this year I’ve been wearing more and more navy. I always get tons of compliments too! :)

  30. Just bought a lavender matte nail polish by Mavala. It´s so pretty. I´ve been using Mavala exclusively for a couple of years now. It´s long lasting and easy to apply and you mostly need only one coat of paint. I also like the small bottle size. Highly recommended!

  31. I’m wearing Wicked right now! When I saw the pictures, I thought “oh that looks like Wicked” and there it is! This is a great polish, I’ve been wearing it in the winter since 2011 and still love it!

  32. I personally love a dark colour for Fall/Winter and light fun colours for Spring/Summer. This colour looks great and I will be on the hunt for it! Need to add to my collection.


  33. I’m wearing a petroleum coloured nail varnish which looks black alike this one but it’s not really…super cool for winter :)

  34. Yep! I own this, and it’s one of my favorite’s for winter. The red undertones also come out more in real life vs. in photos. Love this one.

  35. I love wicked… love navy blue and black for winter but right now have a sheer nude.

  36. This is my go to color! I’ve been wearing it every fall / winter since I can remember – It pairs well with anything and feels luxurious!

  37. Yes, the color is gorgeous. Later in the springtime althought I wouldn’t put it.
    Currently I use a light sea-green color.

  38. I’m wearing that color right now! I love it. However, I may have to take a break from the gel manicures soon…sigh…

  39. I’m actually wearing Wicked right now. It’s replaced Lincoln Park After Dark as my favorite polish.

  40. Right now I’m wearing Bevin from Zoya. Which is a dusty seafoam green. I was feeling a bit down and wanted to go black, but sometimes it’s not always the best to have your nails reflect what you’re feeling because it could just make things work. So I went for something a little brighter. (:

  41. wicked is an oldie but goodie! i also love lincoln park after dark by OPI.

  42. Joanna, I wore Wicked on my wedding day! We had a late November wedding with dark berry bouquets and I have exceptionally pale skin so it looked especially striking (at least I like to think)! Hope you are keeping warm on this snowy day! XOXO

  43. My new favorite is the sally hansen no light gel polish! It seriously lasts SO LONG and it’s not very expensive! I’m wearing a bright cheery red now, and it’s my favorite shade. It’s what I usually wear.

  44. I’m with “M”. I’d wear this in the fall into Nov/Dec…

  45. i actually prefer light colors all year long, so mine is an orangy red which i am very thrilled about :)

  46. A similar slightly cheaper version is Revlon Vixen. Actually wearing it right now and love it!

  47. I’ve got the perfect gray. It’s got a bit of brown and green in it, and the color shimmers depending on the light hitting it. I finally got a gel manicure, so it’s been perfect for the past 2(!) weeks.

  48. i actually just bought and painted on black polish yesterday — i came very close to choosing wicked instead though!

  49. What a gorgeous color! I’ve never seen anything like that. So great for winter. Thank you for sharing!

    Circus & Bloom

  50. I’ve been wearing a lot of black. I even did a matte black. But I was getting mopey from the winter and did a neon coral. I’ve started trying spring and summer colors in winter

  51. wearing that exact color at this very moment!

  52. Thats what im wearing RIGHT now!!! One of my absolute favourites! It actually turns out like a reallyyyyyy dark aubergine/black.

  53. How funny, I am wearing that color right now! I would call it a very dark purple though.
    I’ve gotten lots of compliments since I started wearing it. :)

  54. Great pics! I love essie, and need to try this color!

    Also, I’ve found an effective way (so far) for me to stop biting my nails: every morning, I put it on my to do list for the day “Don’t bite nails.” :) Sounds silly but gives me a newfound focus towards accomplishing it. Thought I’d share since I know that was one of your resolutions!

  55. This is my favorite nail polish ever! I’m on my 5th bottle or so! Wicked is the perfect color for autumn and winter, but I also wear it on my toenails on spring and summer. The only con I find is that it chips really fast :( but whatever, I’m re-buying this forever.

  56. M says...

    This feels December-ish to me! I wear wicked and other very dark reds/purples often in November and December but since the new year it’s been all pale pinks and shimmery sheer nudes!

  57. Can’t bel it’s a really dark red. Look so black. Nice one though!