Do or Don’t: New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. We got back from California late last night, and I’m looking forward to catching up:)

First order of business: Are you making any New Years Resolutions? I skipped them last year, partly because I had never followed through with them in the past (case in point: still biting my nails, still dressing like a 10-year-old boy), but I was in the mood to try some this year. Then I came across this Amy Poehler quote: “I am a firm believer that every few years one needs to shake one’s life through a sieve, like a miner in the Yukon. The gold nuggets remain. The rest falls through like the soft earth it is.” Isn’t that lovely?

So. My three resolutions have shaped up to be:

1. Create a weekly ritual. Remember this woman’s story of how meatballs changed her life? I’d love to create a weekly ritual, both for us and our boys (since kids seem to love tradition and predicability so intensely). Perhaps we’ll do family Taco Sundays, or Friday movie nights, or whatever random thing ends up sticking. Bonus: Studies show that rituals actually make food taste better. (For example, once you blow out birthday candles, the cake will taste more delicious.)

2. Stop eating cheese for every meal, for the love of God. In fact, I’m taking an unprecedented CHEESE BREAK for the month of January (which is going to be especially grueling since I have this print staring at me in my office).

3. Quit biting my nails. But for real this time. I ordered this magical solution two years ago, and it has been sitting quietly in our medicine cabinet ever since. I’ll be getting it out tonight.

What about you? Will you be making any resolutions or big changes this year?

Lots of love to you, it’s nice to be back! xoxo

  1. Natalia says...

    Wow, I’m a nail-biter too! It’s such an annoying habit of mine, and I’ve never thought of stopping it. I’m going to work on it!

  2. Husband and I are doing a Wednesday night game night. No screens, or devices. We also committed to walking hiking or if weather is bad even doing a dvd routine to work out together on the weekend. We want to show our son the value of taking care of the body. I’ll also probably loose the last 10-15 if I don’t get pregnant before hand again from “game night!”

  3. Hi Jo,

    I’ve decided to forgo the list of resolutions this year mainly because making them always puts too much pressure on me. It’s usually around March when I start to feel like a big dud because I haven’t even started most of them. Like yourself, I’ve doing something different this year. I’m going to make a wishlist of things I’d like to accomplish by the end. That way, I can simply move the one that didon’t come true out to 2016. No questions. No pressure. I’ll let you know how it works out.


  4. I love that ritual idea. I never thought about how important it would be for the kids. I might have to adopt that one. My resolution is to keep a journal where I write down all the good things that happen to our family at least once a month. And also to trust my gut (which is a really hard thing to quantify, but you know what I mean).

  5. I’m giving up one small thing a month to make my health & fitness resolution stick! So for January I’m not ordering lunch at work, February I’m giving up beer, March I’m giving up french fries, etc etc. I think this will make my goals easier to obtain!

  6. Yes going to try to stick to a few this year! I love reading everyones comments about nail biting, haha. I have to keep my nails short because I’m a cellist, and I used to bite them constantly. broke the habit by making a conscious effort to keep a pair of nail clippers and a file nearby, and using one of them briefly whenever I felt the urge to attack my nails. Eventually I just forgot the feeling of automatically chewing on them. Habits – and their demise – are different for everyone, good luck and stay resolute!

  7. For a while, my thing was always “be more glamorous.” It sort of summed up everything I would ideally like to do in all areas of life :)

    I don’t think I’m any more glamorous now, though, and at some point I stopped even thinking of resolutions.

  8. I love the sourdough pretzel bites! So delicious!

  9. I have one resolution (or goal like I call it) for this year and that is to work on building up my self estime and sense of self worth.

    It took me years to realize that is what is missing in my life.

    Happy New Year Jo and Caroline!

  10. Very inspiring resolutions. Thank you for everything you do for us and have fantastic year 2015!

  11. I had a dentist appt jan 2nd (that snuck right up on me!) so i made a resolution after that to take better care of my teeth. which means FLOSSING every day and believe it or not brushing my teeth less forcefully since my gums are receding! yikes.

    tell alex to get into hot yoga. my boyfriend is super into it because its such a solid, sweaty workout.

  12. Jo, I was a nail biter and stopped when I got my brackets at 27 years old. It is impossible to bite your nails with some tons of iron sticked over your teeth. So, two years later when finally I got rid of the brackets, I got two goals: 1) Perfect smile and 2) New nails! I lost the habit!

  13. The only way to stop bitting your nails it to get a manicure every week for a month. Don’t be ashamed. They’ll see it as a project and support you. Good luck :-)

  14. To help me stop biting my nails I just kept reminding myself about all the nasty bacteria that live under your nails. I don’t need that in my mouth!

    Good luck!

  15. I’ve been a nail biter all of my life (I will be 40 this year, gulp)! A friend of mine sells Jamberry nails and it has helped me so much since I can’t really bite through the wraps easily and I look forward to changing them each week for the fun colors/designs. My little boy calls them “Mommy Stickers” and my 7th grade students can’t wait to see how I did them each week. I will probably have shorter nails, but at least they are cute!

  16. I quit biting my nails a few years ago after nearly two decades. I jokingly suggested to my boyfriend at the time that he should poke me if he ever saw me biting my nails. He ended up taking me up on it and started tickling my sides if he even saw my hand nearing my mouth. It could be annoying at times, but even though we’ve since broken up it cured me of my nail biting.

  17. I’ve stopped making New Years Resolutions – not for any particular reason but I guess I feel like I’m always thinking about how I can do things better and the added stress of making it all magically happen as of January 1 never worked for me.

    We have a great family tradition: Sunday Movie Night! My kids (8, 4 and 2) love it. My 2 year old obviously can’t watch or participate in a meaningful way but she’s watching the rest of us and taking it all in. The movie is chosen by a different person each week (we rotate) and it’s been magical. Happy to tell you the ones that have been big hits with my 4 year old. Shoot me an email.
    As for the cheese, well, I hear you. Cheese is pretty freaking awesome. I quit dairy cold turkey when I was nursing my youngest (and it changed her from a projectile vomiter to a normal infant in 30 days). After the initial shock, I got used to it. I was totally dairy free for a year and now I find that while I love cheese, both practically and conceptually, I don’t *need* it in the way I once thought I did.
    Maybe you can try giving it up just for 7 days to see how you feel?
    Anyway, good luck. And happy new year! – Gillian

  18. I love the idea of a weekly food ritual! Especially taco night. Might have to incorporate this in my home as well.

    Happy New Year!


  19. haha, the cheese one made me laugh :-)

    I had a tad too much dairy during the holidays (blessing and curse of living in Switzerland!) so I am going back to my grain-free, dairy-free lifestyle. In a minute. Just as soon as I finish this homemade Earl Grey latte with whipped cream.

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  21. From one fellow nail biter to another, painting my nails regularly at home made a huge difference. Once I started to see how nice they looked I was less inclined to bite them. As you know Essie is the best polish, Bahama Mamma is a beautiful dark burgundy. Also – keep a small nail file in your wallet so if you catch a nail you file is instead of biting it.

  22. 1. Facebook on weekends only
    2. Limit phone use around my 1 year old
    3. Keep a dinner diary–Thanks DALS
    4. More books, less internet

  23. I love weekly rituals..its Taco Tuesday’s at our house! :)

  24. Cheese is definitely a gold nugget!

  25. Dear Jo,

    I was a pro nail biter all my life up until a few years ago, and what stopped me was this simple revelation: my nails look so much better when I clip them! Instead of painting my nails (good idea but I’m too lazy and the bitter nail polish wouldn’t stop me) I just clip them every few days when my nails start growing in, and it’s somehow stopped the nail biting. I do sometimes bite my nails during extreme stress or restlessness, but it only happens maybe once or twice a year.
    Don’t know if that helps, but good luck to you!

  26. Have you thought about hypnosis for nail biting? My friend bit his nails his whole life and after one hypnosis session has never done it again!

  27. I usually make one big resolution a year. Last two years were related to running (starting and then keeping it up.) This year it’s knitting, would love to learn.

    I have the same cheese issue and my 42 year old gut is asking me to please stop. I think it’s time to listen. But I LOOOOVE cheese.

  28. i am so torn on new year’s posts! every year i seem to make them and not keep them. this year i decided to make a few more reasonable resolutions that i think i can really keep:
    1. write down at least 5 things that i’m grateful for every day.
    2. drink more water!
    3. contact at least one of my siblings every week in some way (i have 5!)
    4. (this is my hard one) do things the first time i’m asked – i’m such a procrastinator!

    i actually wrote about my resolutions (especially about being more grateful) here if you (or anyone else!) would like to see!

  29. hahaha. the cheese one. girl, i know. but what is better than cheese?!

  30. I love New Year’s resolutions! Even if they don’t always stick, it’s so important to take stock and see what changes you can make. This year, I’m going to work on tracking my spending better. Over the last year, I’ve gotten better at eating veggies, so I’m going to try to keep that momentum going! Happy 2015, all

  31. I used to bite my nails all the time when I was younger. My mom got so sick of it that every morning and every night she would dunk my fingernails in nail polish remover. Two days later I never bite my nails again. Good luck on your new years resolutions. This year I am sticking clear of resolutions and just focusing on being happy and thinking positively. Hoping 2015 is a good one!!
    xo TJ

  32. Hi Joanna! Happy 2015 – may good things come your way.
    This year, for the first time, I decided I will not create routines or follow any resolutions. I will just DO things the second I FEEL they are right, for example: today I was driving 350 kms to do a job. I decided to get out of the highway, stop by the nearest hairdresser in a tiny small town and cut my hair short. I was dying to do it for a long time and I just decided today was the day. I am so happy with my decision.

  33. My resolution is to enjoy every moment!

  34. These are great- especially taco night. Easy enough to change up if you get bored of traditional tacos, and yummy enough to make a good memory for the boys!
    I make goals, not resolutions, each year. This year some of mine include: joining Toastmasters and getting over my fear of public speaking, getting better at my French, incorporating meditation into my daily habits and doing more writing, blogging etc.

  35. I should probably stop eating cheese every meal (for the love of god) too but it’s just so good, what’s a girl to do?!

    Kristina does the Internets

  36. LK says...

    My husband and I opted for New Years goals instead of resolutions (same thing, I know, but the wording helps). We are going to so declutter Wednesdays. We have to spend at least 20 minutes every Wednesday clearing up clutter in the house. I’m very messy so this ritual should help me get on track. We are also planning to buy and new house this year so everything that goes along with that will be the goal.

  37. Eating cheese at every meal…i laughed out loud to that. My resolution is to skate more, and raise the puppy! Good luck to us! :)

  38. rituals make me so happy. i have such fond memories of the little simple rituals of my childhood (that my parents didn’t even necessarily plan to be rituals, they just happened) and i hope my kids feel the same way.

  39. Cheese is a completely appropriate meal.

    I make goals vs. resolutions because I’m way better at goals.

  40. That’s so interesting that rituals make food taste better! My husband and I just moved to the U.S. from South Africa, and he went back over the holidays to visit his family. One time when we were skyping, I asked him if he had gone to one of our favorite restaurants back in Johannesburg (we went there every Monday night for date night) and his response was: “Yeah, but it doesn’t taste the same. It’s not as good without you here.” :)

  41. I’m not really one for new year’s resolutions, but I do find that with the coming of a new year, I always tend to reflect upon life a bit more and finish some things that I have been procrastinating on. I’m one of those people who sets goals year-round, so the new year is more of time to re-focus for me, more than anything. I don’t really come up with anything too new or out there. I see my life as a work in progress and some things are ongoing and/or will take forever to “resolve” lol.

  42. Okay, I am 44 years old and also still bite my nails. I will put on the bitter stuff tonight and do it with you!

  43. We have a 1 year old boy and we just started doing Flapjack Saturdays. :) He is only one, but he loves it! We love the Kodiak brand the best.

  44. My best tip to stop biting your nails it to carry a nail file or emery board with you always. Buy a pack of 10 and stick one in every purse, and have one in every room. Also, think about all of the disgusting things that are under your nails (pinworm eggs are probably the grossest possibility I can think of…). Good luck on your resolutions Joanna!

  45. I choose a word at the beginning of the year – last year it was Clarity – and use that to define my intentions. This year: Less. I know what I mean, if nobody else does.

  46. Loved reading about your resolutions. It *does* feel like a fresh new year and start. One of my resolutions is to cook dinner once a week using ingredients we have around the house.

    I have to chime in on the nail biting — as a former biter, shellac manicures worked for me. The polish stays put and pretty for 10 days straight and your nails just grow and grow.

    Best of luck!

  47. As a forever nail biter, my strategy for (mostly) quitting is letting myself bite one nail – the pinky on my right hand. I call it my freak flag. Getting manicures sounds more effective but my pinky will probably continue taking one for the team over here. ;) Good luck and happy new year!

  48. That pic of you and one of the twins is GOLD! Makes me laugh hard! The alt on that is he is dressing above his age of course – emulating his fashion role model! Good luck on the cheese front – i’m a fail when it comes to that one. Same with the nails – if you have success – post ASAP! A ritual a friend of mine has is a random adventure once a week – can be anything – exploring somewhere new, making a hut at home, etc etc – it’s all about something different and the kids love it!

  49. How funny, I just posted a blog entitled “Nix Your New Year’s Resolution: It’s OK!” :)

    That said, though, I do like to reflect on my past year and the year to come. My sister often chooses a word or catchphrase for her year, and I’ve adopted that practice as well. Last year was “Courage” and this year is “Peace.” It’s neat to look back on your year, too, through the framework of that year’s word. For instance, in my Courage year I stood up to some awful bosses and also moved from L.A. to Colorado!

    Plus, I LOVE your cheese resolution…I can relate!

    Oh, and on the point of making family rituals…my husband and I really like The Book of Family Traditions (the new version). My mom used it while we were growing up and we are a family steeped in ritual and tradition…and she gave us the book for Christmas last year!

  50. No advice regarding nails here, but my husband and I have successfully implemented several rituals (and we don’t even ave kids! Well, human ones :) Our favorite and most celebrated is breakfast burrito Sunday night. It’s a great way to end the weekend. My advice is the pick something you already naturally do…we happened to have breakfast burritos pretty often, so one night we just decided to make it Sunday nights. Now, come hell or high water, we’re home Sunday night. But in that vein, remember that rituals can evolve. Sometimes we switch it up a little–pancakes or biscuits or something–but the overall theme and familiarity is there.

    My husband sums up the power of the whole thing almost every Sunday night post-dinner: “Ahhh. Now I’m ready to face the week.”

  51. Mmmm, cheese! I couldn’t. Good for you. Yoga! Yoga! Do Yoga! It changes lives. This year I hope to use my kitchen more, take a 3 month road trip on the West coast, and promote goodness in my little Ogden city.
    Happy New Year!
    Erika Wynn

  52. “that rituals actually make food taste better.”

    Hell, yeah!
    Friday night was pizza night when I was an aupair in Ireland and I’ve never had better pizza before and after!

  53. Love the ritual idea! I wanna try!

    My resolution is to be more present in the moment and just let the kitchen be a mess and play with the kids. I need to just get over it. It’s a big one, but I gotta try!

  54. The only way I’ve found resolutions to work are when you break them down into little things you can accomplish every day. So this year I am writing 1500 words every day (as an aspiring novelist, this is important), drinking 8 glasses of water every day, plus one for each boozy beverage (I’m so dehydrated!), doing some exercise (even if it’s just a half-hour pilates video) and reaching out to 1 friend each day (just a text!) I’ve found lofty goals don’t usually work unless you make them more manageable :)

  55. For your nailbiting–try using Jamberry nail wraps. They don’t taste like anything, but they stick super strong to your nails so you physically cannot bite them off! Why punish yourself?? Let yourself have cute nails while you break your habit!

  56. more meditation and yoga. be kinder to myself.

  57. I make goals instead of resolutions, like finding a new job or lose weight. then I post them on our fridge. I managed to check off 80% last year except finding a new job :( That is priority #1 this year!

    I love rituals, we have dinner at my parents every Sunday night and I love to have a cocktail Friday evening to set off my weekend.


  58. This is the first year I’ve written down my resolutions. I’ve resolved:
    1) Do not look at work emails until actually getting to the office.
    2) Drink a large glass of water first thing in the morning.
    3) Call my friends and family more often.
    4) Do something outside every day.

    Good luck on your resolutions! I love the idea of a family ritual. I hope you find something quirky and fun.

  59. Joanna! Speaking as a child with experience in food-related rituals, do not, I repeat, do NOT subject your children to eating the same thing every sunday, tuesday, friday, whatever day of the week!

    we used to have ‘taco tuesday’ at my house, and for a really REALLY long time, I could not stand the smell of taco beef.

    love LOVE the idea of a ritual that does not surround food though! like a game, or a book, or a designated hour for some activity (baking perhaps!).

  60. oh alex, do it!! (and take joanna) it’s wonderful. i flirted with the idea of hot yoga for years. finally tried it. and now my body craves it. it’s the toughest workout i’ve ever done but i love it!

  61. I tried everything when I was trying not to bite my nails. What worked for me? Getting acrylic (or gel?) nails. I hated the feeling of having fake nails, but having them meant that I no longer had access to my own nails. I kept them on for a few weeks (or maybe longer…I can’t remember) and my nail biting issues were history.

  62. Since I was 12 I had bitten my nails down to nothing. It was horrible and made me so self conscious! About three years ago when I turned 32 I told myself I was done with it. I told myself if I got through one week of not biting I would never bite them again and…I haven’t! I was totally shocked that my nails grew in normally (that is how bad they were!) and seeing them look nice was a huge motivator for me! Goid luck!

  63. I’ve totally been wrestling with this… I want to make some ‘commitments’ to myself. Maybe I’m just mincing words and too much of a chicken to call them resolutions, but gentle reminders to myself of what I want to give myself this year.

    Along with those commitments, I’d like to start building that ‘wish list’ (I hate the term bucket list!). Things I want to do… around the house, for travel, guiding life principles, ways I want to be when I’m older, capture things I’ve learned in 2014 and intend to apply in 2015 and so on…

    So how’s that going you ask?

    I can’t decide on a format! Digital or paper? I love paper, so I’m leaning in that direction but geez, how do you choose the right notebook for such a collection of thoughts?

    Humph… so alas, I have made no resolutions, commitments or anything but have hummed and hawed over a notebook! Does that count?

  64. KJ says...

    Best of luck on the nails–I, too, have decided to stop biting my nails after an entire lifetime of doing so. It’s not been easy, but I’ve got little nails now and I’m excited to keep them around! My trick has been to paint them with a clear nail growth polish while they are starting to grow beyond their stumps (I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish). Then, once they started to get a little length, I went out and bought a neutral polish to keep them shiny and strengthened. I’ve found that if I keep them painted and have nail files EVERYWHERE, I won’t futz with them nearly as much. If I can do it, you can, too! Happy New Year!

  65. I try not to commit to resolutions as I always feel a massive pressure on myself to achieve them and then get annoyed if I don’t. I have however decided I shall just make an extra effort to try and love a little more and be a little kinder xx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  66. Happy New Year! I read your blog all the time but never post, however today i felt compelled to help you with your nail biting! (Part of my NYR to be more social i guess?!) I was a nail biter for over 25 years and i am now about 2 years into nail biting ‘sobriety’, and the only thing that seemed to help me was regular shellac (or Gel) manicures. It’s a bit of an investment but having my nails done properly realllllly stopped me from going to town on them. You have to find someone decent who knows what they’re doing but its definitely worth it. I am one million times more confident in meetings now that my nails aren’t disgusting! Plus i feel so much more lady like pointing and typing, haha. Good Luck with your resolutions!

    Samantha in Toronto

  67. For several years running, my fiancé’s new year’s resolution was “drink more wine and eat more cheese.” I think he finally reached that goal, so this year his resolution is “read less” (he participated in a challenge at work in 2014 and read 52 books in 52 weeks) :) My resolutions, on the other hand, tend to be more open-ended–as in “take more risks” or, this year’s goal, “don’t over-think everything.”

  68. this year i’m trying to just focus on a mantra instead of a resolution and hope that the matra will kind of work it’s way into the things I want to change. this year i want to be “lighter” – to not get so stressed and anxious so that i can enjoy the everyday even through the chaos that it can sometimes bring. on another note…i want to be able to get into the yoga pose “scorpion” by the end of the year even if it means having someone spot me :-)

  69. It’s been my resolution to stop biting my nails for YEARS. I can never do it. If your method works for you, please share! :)

    My goal for the year is to widen my circle of compassion. (Inspired by the “Trick of Life” article you shared and by Robert Thurman’s Expanding Your Circle of Compassion TED talk)

    Happy New Year!

  70. I resolve to take hikes by myself. We have awesome access to incredible trails steps away from our home, and hiking totally energizes me; yet I never manage to get out there without a small child or two hanging on to me. Hiking with kids is precious and I do plenty of it, but there is something completely different about stopping every 20 feet to find acorns, collect a new bark sample, or build another mouse house… than hiking in silence and working up a little sweat.

  71. I love the idea that once every few years is a good change to “shake” life. It almost seems that new year’s resolutions slip so quickly from January to December that they never catch on. As a newlywed, this year (and in the next few), I intend to seek out older couples with wisdom to share; I want to start our marriage traditions early.

  72. Most years I do resolutions of some sort, last year it was to 1) mind -read more books, 2) body – be more than a fair weather runner, work out more consistently (3-4x/week instead of 2-3), 3) soul – listen to it, and don’t be too swayed by big $ when it comes to career next steps.

    This year I think I’m going to do something similar to what Cap Hill Style is doing.

  73. NAILS. ME TOO. I’ve been a nail biter for…as long as I can remember. I turn 29 in two days (!) and this has seriously got to stop. It’s gross, disgusting and embarrassing. I stare at everyone else’s (so it seems, lol) perfectly manicured nails and get so jealous. The only brief times I stop, they look good for a week or two at the most and then BAM, I manage to bite them away again. (Work, dating, life, boredom…you know the drill.)

    How am I going to do this? Well, I got a manicure exactly one week ago and plan to keep them painted and invest in myself with a weekly manicure as that seems to be the ONLY thing that keeps me from biting them! (Seriously, I’ve bitten through all that “no bite” stuff all my life, ugh.) I’ve also told my boyfriend to please yell at me whenever he sees my fingers go near my mouth, because I know he would love back scratches with ACTUAL nails instead of fingers/stubs. I need all the help/motivation I get! Good luck to you!

  74. Cheese for every meal? Yeah, that’s me too :)

  75. I want to try to be more patient… I’ve already been cursing at every other driver on the road but I’m trying… Slowly.

  76. Hi Joanna! Happy New Year! I just wanted to tell you that I am also a life-long nail biter and have made that same resolution millions of times but there is one thing that works for me. (And I think I’ve tried IT ALL including getting hypnotized!)I get a weekly manicure. Doing my own nails does nothing to help me stop but getting a manicure works for me. I think it mostly has to do with the way they are able to trim my cuticles. If I go too long and my cuticles start getting raggy, I’m done and have an immediate nail biting relapse. That happens every few months. But then I start getting my manis again and in about 3 weeks they grow out nicely. (I think it also helps that even with the manis I keep them very short.) You may have already tried this but from one nail biter to another, I had to let you know! Good luck!!!

  77. I never do resolutions, but I am committing to being more open this year: Open to possibilities, changes, curveballs, etc.

    I do love the idea of weekly traditions. That meatball story inspired my husband and I to start bi-weekly sunday suppers last year with our entire Facebook contact list as invitees. (We, of course, limit it to 8 adults plus children each time, but it’s been so much fun!) We also do friday night movie nights with our kids, including popcorn and candy and blanket forts! The boys love it!

  78. I like the idea of focusing on one word for the year- I haven’t chosen mine yet- maybe “kindness.”

  79. My new years resolution (for maybe the 4th time) is to try to actually remember peoples names when they introduce themselves!

  80. I bit my nails until I started dating a guy who did nails for a living. That same guy works in midtown for an investment company, still does my nails for me, and is now my husband. Needless to say, I do NOT bite them anymore :P

  81. to help with the nail biting, which i used to do… try getting manicures every week or other week. Maybe even do the gel manicures and do that every two or three weeks. You won’t want to bite your nails with polish on them and especially when they look so pretty.

    my resolution is to improve my patience.

  82. I set goals at the beginning of each year, but I try to keep them manageable so I can complete them!

    This year my husband and I decided to go on a spending diet (from the blog “And Then We Saved”). We are in a lot of debt from graduate school, and we hope it works!

    I’ve also made it a goal to run a half-marathon and to give myself 1.5 hrs every weekend for spontaneous, unplanned activities! (Can you tell that I’m a planner?) haha

  83. Great thoughts Joanna! Mine would be to get our finances straight… boring.

    ***Thought for you re nail biting- I used to be a HUGE nail biter, and sorry for TMI, but I had no problem biting through yucky tasting polish- I would just spit the bits out (its not like I would chew on them… gross)- SO the one thing that ultimately made me kick the habit- paying for manicures. YUP. I know, but when you are paying for it, its a whole lot harder to ruin a good manicure then one you do yourself. Even try shellac, it lasts longer and it will help you grow out your nails. Sorry for the novel- but I wanted to mention it!! xx C.

  84. I am a huge believer in New Year’s Resolutions! Being that I just got married my resolutions this year include changing my name and combining finances… woohoo! {}

  85. My standing resolution each year is to go someplace I’ve never been. I am passionate about it, it’s attainable (and can be as grand or small an adventure as my means for that year allow), and it enriches my life. Works for me!

  86. Sure, it’s always nice to have hope! 1. Save for a new car (only about $5,000 to go). 2. Finally lose last 10 pounds of baby weight (my baby is almost 5). 3. Run 5 mile race (up to 3 miles in training).

  87. I never do them either, but this year I am, and it’s to simplify my life, physically and mentally. I’m already cleaning out closets, my husband cleaned out the basement, and I’m cleaning out the kids toys/clothes too. Donating everything, or throwing it out if it’s junk. Also spending less time on social media and my phone in general. Focusing on one thing at a time (i.e. just watching a movie, not watching a movie AND checking Instagram)… etc! It’s already sticking and feels so good!

  88. Oh, I can’t quite bring myself to do anything as declarative as a resolution. I am committed to simplifying, figuratively and literally. I want less things and less commitments so that I have more space and time to revel and revere.

    My youngest is 6 and though I’ll always harbor a flicker of hope for another, we are done. Going through our things was the start of my paring down in order to have more.

  89. So, what is your new reason for eating cheese for every meal?

    I made a Thanksgiving resolution this year, as my New Year’s resolutions don’t usually work. I resolved to both stop being late for appointments and also to stop being annoyed with other people for being late. So far, it’s working!