Over the holidays, we took a two-week trip to California to visit friends and family. We went to San Diego, Palm Springs, LA and San Francisco (whew!) with two little dudes in tow. Here are a few photos of the chaos, if you’d like to see…

San Diego:

First we went to La Jolla to see some friends. What a gorgeous place! The weather is 75 and sunny every day.

We went to a playground on the beach each morning…

…and had the best tacos of our lives at The Taco Stand.

Alex always makes fun of me for bringing depressing books on every vacation, but this book was so good. In particular, I really liked the protagonist—a Harvard psychology professor with Alzheimer’s—which made the book that much more compelling.

Palm Springs:

Next we drove to Palm Springs for Christmas with Alex’s family.

That night, the plan was for the boys to eat dinner together around 6pm and for us to have a grown-up meal around 8:30pm. But Toby begged to stay up for “second dinner,” as he called it, and we of course said yes. It was so cute watching him try to stay awake until 8:30pm. (“Mama, I’ll just take a little rest on the sofa…”) But he made it! And he ate all his steak and potatoes and green beans before sleepily declaring it all very “fancy” and heading to bed. :)

A few days later, Alex’s sister got married in the back garden! Toby was the (nervous and giddy) ring bearer.

He did a great job!

Here’s the happy couple getting attacked by a stick.


Then we drove to LA with my dad and brother.

Our first stop is always the Santa Monica pier…

…where Anton learned the all-important game of Whac-a-Mole.

One bonus of grandpas: They help you see dogs over fences.

And Toby, inspired by the recent nuptials, got married at a playdate in LA.

One evening, we played the nerdy game Set, which I have given my dad for Christmas. (I swear we’re having fun.)

And we ordered one of our favorite LA delicacies: salad pizza (with avocado and an everything-bagel crust). Only in LA would they think to put salad on pizza.

San Francisco:

Finally, we went to San Francisco to visit my sister and her husband.

Anton got a new jacket, which I think makes him look like an English professor in his 60s…

…and my sister called Alex and me out on being inadvertent twins. What she didn’t know is WE ALSO HAVE THE SAME WINTER COAT.

Whew! It was a great couple weeks and a total madhouse most of the time. When we got back, we were laughing about how now we need a vacation :) Hope you had a great holiday xoxo

P.S. Past vacations to California—Toby was so tiny!