Who’s Your Celebrity Crush?

We’ve talked before about celebrity crushes. Well, Caroline and I have a new celebrity crush, and you’ll never guess who it is…

It’s Dr. James Hamblin!

Are you thinking, “Who??”

A senior editor at the Atlantic, Hamblin hosts a video series called If Our Bodies Could Talk, which covers all sorts of topics from multitasking to how old you look to sad desk lunches. And believe it or not, despite looking twelve, he’s actually a thirty-something doctor.

Watch this video and tell us you don’t have a crush on him, too:

Pretty cute, right? ;) Do you have a famous crush these days?

P.S. My last celebrity crush.

  1. Trishita says...

    Robert Downey Jr., Michael Fassbender and Chris Hemsworth.
    Woman Crush of all time is Jennifer Aniston!

  2. Shawnna says...

    My celebrity crush is tom kenny! ???? he is sooooooo cute.

  3. Katie says...

    wait, wait, WAIT: Matthew Goode. Slayed it on The Good Wife and can’t wait for him on Downton!

  4. Katie says...

    My celeb crushes (in order): Luke Wilson, Jim Halpert/John Krasinski, Miles in The Holiday/Jack Black, Keith Malloy (obvi reasons) and the Packers QB, Aaron Rodgers for always shouting out to Butte College & winning celeb Jeopordy! whilst wearing a grampa sweater.

    And if I could cut class with anyone, ever, it’d be Kristin Wiig.

  5. Mine is Amy Schumer….She is real pretty

  6. Cillian Murphy turns me to absolute mush.

    Yes to Sam Rockwell and Dr. James! However, I have to point out his resemblance to Haley Joel Osment (ew!)…he’s way way sexier though so I won’t hold it against him. :)

    And oh my goodness Adam Driver!

  7. Matthew Gray Gubler – SWOON <3

  8. Hiddleston, Fassbender, and Cumberbatch – the trifecta of crushes

  9. I’ve always had a crush on Sam Rockwell!

  10. hes so cute! Ive watched his videos for awhile, he and caroline should definitely date!!

  11. Joanna and Caroline…you are so right about him!!

  12. I take back what I said before :) Yesterday I was watching some reruns of ER and I realised that I’ve had a crush on Noah Wyle (Dr. Carter) since I first saw him in 1995!! I think I’ll love him forever.