Short pajama set, $102, because they’re equal parts adorable and elegant, just like her.


Sexy winter nail polish, $20. (This color is pretty, too.)


Design-y houseplants, starting at $38.

Anti-stress coloring book, $13.46, because apparently they really work!


Japanese foot mask, $18.20, because OMG it’s the most amazing thing. All my friends are obsessed with it. You wear little plastic socks filled with gel for an hour, and then five days later, your feet start peeling (stay with me here) and you’re left with the softest baby feet. It’s nuts/bizarre/hilarious/fascinating and will lead to 1,000 group texts.


Himelli mobile, starting at $25, to display on her bookshelf.


Blow dry thickening spray, $28, so she can get the perfect blow-out every day.


Made-in-America weekend bag, $99, for trips and sleepovers (you’re never too old).

Bon Appetit subscription, $12/year, because the magazine is really smart and funny and surprising (even to a non-cook like myself). I always find myself dog-earing the pages.

Dog pillow, $30, to be her best friend when you’re not around.

A print, $23, that’s funny ’cause it’s true.

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(Coloring books via Design Scouting. Tabs print via Diana)