Have you seen the Instagram feed We Never Met? London-based Alex Mendes and Hugo Catraio imagine short stories about strangers who they never actually speak to. They’re surprisingly funny and touching. Here are a few…

“Whenever he’s feeling blue, he’ll enter a cheese shop and say ‘surprise me.'”

“She reads his horoscope to him everyday, only instead of Aries, she reads Scorpio. It’s just more like him.”

“Bruno. She simply won’t travel without him. You can’t see him here though, Bruno was in the bathroom.”

“Every day he gets the bus that stops right in front of her window. It’s been six months now and all he wants is a glimpse of her. She, on the other hand, has moved on. Literally, she doesn’t live there anymore.”

“Every now and then you’ll find him dressed overly formal. That means he hasn’t done laundry for a while.”

“A self-proclaimed French-films lover. So far only watched Amélie Poulain.”

“She’s not ironic. She’s just so aggressive people assume she’s kidding.”

“Every day he sees her, he says ‘morning’ with the biggest smile of the world. She always replies with a wink. He thinks she’s falling for him. She does this for everyone she greets.”

“He has 521 friends on Google Plus. He doesn’t know he has Google Plus.”

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P.S. Lost loves and the trick to life.

(Via Sho & Tell)