Smartphone leather gloves, $98, for chilly days and PDA.

Olive oil, $35, for displaying on his kitchen counter and elevating pastas and toasted baguettes.

Mt. Fuji Ice Mold, $15, which makes an ice cube that looks like Japan’s highest mountain. (The bubbles naturally create a white peak and clear base!)

Pulled pork, $49, enough for 8-12 sandwiches—plus buns and slaw. (Former Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl says it’s the best North Carolina barbecue she’s had in a long time.)

Palo Santo sticks, $15, to make his home smell woodsy and warm.

A welcome mat, $50, that will make his guests smile.

Eat like a New Yorker tote, $26, to woo him back to NYC, where he belongs.

Everything bagel pasta, $9. See above.

Knife keychain, $11, for impromptu picnics. (This one‘s cool, too.)

Bike horn with 24 fun sound effects, $20, because you know he’d actually use it.

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(Pasta photo via Cool Material, pork sandwich photo via Gourmet.)