Let’s Talk About Cheese…

Great idea: Place toy animals on a cheese tray to show which kind of milk was used in each cheese (goat, sheep or cow).

Cheese-rolling festival in Gloucestershire, England, where guys hurtle themselves down a hill to catch a cheese wheel.

A mouthwatering mac n’ cheese slideshow.

Made me laugh.

10 cheeses and their literary counterparts. (For example, Hemingway is like a Cabot Cheddar: Straightforward, no bull.)

How to make your own cheese wedding cake.

Biggest tip: Never eat cold cheese!
My personal secret to a great grilled cheese.

And an insane twist on a grilled cheese.

United States cutting boards. (Above is Brooklyn.)

P.S. How to create a perfect cheese plate, and stinky birthday cheese.

(Child photo by Jill Greenberg; literary cheeses via Shoko)

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  2. Great tips. All to easy to plonk some cheese down with little thought. I adore a good cheese board! Especially with some crunchy slivers of pear.

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  3. WOW! It looks amazing….Loveeeee cheeeese

  4. I had a “cheese cake” at my wedding featuring Humboldt Fog, I think I ejoyed it even more than the real wedding cake ;)

    Did you eat raw milk cheese during your pregnancy? I am pregnant for the first time and can’t stop dreaming of fancy french cheeses. Currently resisting but I would give anything for a super stinky blue or camembert right now!

  5. I had a “cheese cake” at my wedding featuring Humboldt Fog, I think I ejoyed it even more than the real wedding cake ;)

    Did you eat raw milk cheese during your pregnancy? I am pregnant for the first time and can’t stop dreaming of fancy french cheeses. Currently resisting but I would give anything for a super stinky blue or camembert right now!

  6. Hi Joanna,
    There’s something I feel I really need to ask you. I’ve been thinking about it from time to time lately, and this post seems like a good opportunity.
    It seems like you’re very conscious about food, both health-wize and quality-wize, and I was wondering what your thoughts about veganism/vegetarianism are.
    Please don’t see it as criticism, I’m definitely not trying to preach…
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Fun entry, Jo! Love your blog, just discovered it recently as i’m a newbie on the blog scene.

    I have a friend who did the cheese wedding cake and looked like a typical wedding cake from afar! Saw it on pinterest and thought it was a unique approach for bride/grooms that don’t have a sweet tooth.

    In terms of cheese, i’m a cheese addict and these days i’m LOVING ricotta — it’s so versatile and feels/Is less guilty than other cheeses. Goes amazing w/ honey, w/ olive oil, pesto, marinara, etc…. on bread, pasta, anything!

  8. While I love grilled cheese sandwiches, more often than not I always find that they are lacking a certain “something.” And I think that something might be dijon! Can’t wait to try out your tipp, thanks!

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  10. Um, this might be my favorite post ever.

  11. I wish I could find an easy mac and cheese recipe that comes out all gooey like the picture. Love my cheese.

  12. Awww, those little animals are too cute!! xoxo

  13. I’ve never seen mac and cheese that looked like that, but it looks so good! Lately the only cheese I’ve been eating, though, is string cheese. :(

  14. I love that post! Love it!
    And I truyle love cheese! I was a vegan for a while and cheese was by far the hardest thing to replace. Its texture is just impossible to recreate, its smell, look, all its different shapes and sizes….sorry, I’m dreaming away here :-)

    Greetings from Europe,

  15. I love dijon mustard on grilled cheese too! Learned that from my mama!

  16. Cheese is my kryptonite. I could eat it for every meal if I wasn’t worried about turning into a beluga whale! My favorite post lately (minus baby + toby ones, of course)

    :) Dakota

  17. I recently discovered simple cheese-making with lemon juice. So delicious and easy! All you do is bring whole milk up to 80 degrees C, take off the heat, then add teaspoons of lemon juice until it curdles strongly leaving curds and yellowish whey. You drain it, tied up in a (clean) old tea towel for half an hour then stick it under a weight for a couple hours. So much fun to do with kids and really involves only about 5 minutes active time. We add lemon zest to the milk to make the resulting cheese all lemon-y. Be sure to save the whey and make these muffins:

  18. Love the animal idea. I love good ole block cheese with crackers, one of my favorites. And how can you go wrong with mac-n-cheese….

  19. How funny… cheese has been on my mind too today. Whole Foods was selling a Westminster Royal Addition Cheddar in honor of the royal baby – have you seen it? It’s delicious! It went into my ‘Fit for a King’ Mac n’ Cheese, which then went promptly into my belly. The recipe is on my blog, if anyone’s interested in celebrating with Will & Kate tonight. Have a good day!

  20. a CHEESE wedding cake? brilliant, wish we had thought of that.

  21. yay and yum! going to go make a salad with lots of cheese now :) hope all is well and it’s time for me to say: CONGRATULATIONS ON BABY number 2! <3

  22. My favorite topic. That mac & cheese slideshow…. I’m dying.

  23. jm says...

    I love taleggio cheese, so now I might have to read a Tom Robbins novel!

  24. Oh man, I’m always up for talking about cheese. I bloody love the stuff. Fancy, plasticky, blue, stinky, I’m up for all of it. That mac and cheese looks a bit sexy, doesn’t it? Mmmmm. So hungry now.

  25. jm says...

    So cute to put animals on a cheese board – and maybe a little flag for the country? Cute post. Makes me want to have a wine and cheese party!

  26. As a born&bred Wisconsinite, I’m ALWAYS ready to talk about cheese, though I’d prefer to eat it.

  27. I gave one of those cutting boards to my parents last year for Christmas- shaped like our home state, Wisconsin. They loved it!

  28. I swear there’s a man wearing a Borat swimsuit in the cheese-rolling festival picture!

    • Hahahaha there so is!

    • OMG! That’s crazy funny. :)

  29. I can’t get on board with gooey cheese, although everyone else seems to love it! It just grosses me out, I stick to Vermont cheddar. After seeing that mac and cheese slideshow, i think I need to make some tonight.

    If anyone would like to check out my new blog, I’d be grateful:

  30. CHEESE! I love it, embrace it, feed it to my kids daily. My three-year-old knows the difference between cheddar and gruyere, and hates string cheese. Loved this post!

  31. Before mac n’ cheese came from a box, it was a delicious casserole. An ooey gooey, bubbling delicious casserole. The mouthwatering mac n’ cheese slideshow left me drooling. Time to bust out the Pyrex! :D

  32. Boring health & safety officials tried to stop the cheese chase after too many broken limbs year on, year out. Boo them!

    I think rebel chasers still did it anyway. Cheer them!

  33. Sigh – cheese, my deepest weakness. I can’t wait to eat stinky veiny deliciously bacterial blue cheese again after baby 2 comes along. With figs and honey and almonds. And a glass of wine. YUM.

    • I hear ya Erin! I am pregnant with baby #2 as well and what you just described sounds delicious :) Wine…sigh

  34. I love the idea with the tiny animals! As a cheese enthusiast, I’m always trying to sneak more cheese into our dinners to convince my husband cheese isn’t as horrible as he thinks haha.