I recently got this sweet email from a reader:

Hi Joanna,
What music do you listen to? I was recently asked this question in a mom group I’m in. They were going around asking what kind of music everyone was into. When it came to me, I totally drew a blank. My first thought was, ‘Uh…The Itsy Bitsy Spider?’ My pulse on the music scene is pretty non-existent these days. My one-year-old son loves music, so I find myself listening to a lot of Caspar Babypants and Raffi these days. But there are times I need a mom moment to enjoy music that I Iike. Something other than my classic tunes I’ve been listening to forever. There’s so much music out there, it’s daunting. I’m curious, what are you listening to these days? Do any of your friends have a knack for compiling great playlists?
xo Lacey

I wished I had a million recommendations to give her, but here’s my response:

Hi Lacey,
What a good question!!! I, too, am so lame at music right now and listen to the same things over and over…although I do love them (God Help the Girl, The Left Banke). I never know the new bands or singers and am always out of the loop! This might be a great question for me to ask CoJ readers and see what people say. People always have amazing feedback, and I have made so many real life choices based on reader comments. Thanks so much, and have a great day with your cutie,

So, we are turning to you, lovely readers! What are you listening to these days? Old or new? We need to know! I swear I was so cool about music in my twenties but now I know nothing.

We do listen to the God Help the Girl album ALL the time at home that it has become almost a family soundtrack. I’ll overhear Toby singing, “Is your heartbeat racin’? Is this your soul you’re facin’?” and he’ll ask me to call him James (the main guy). Here are the boys rocking out—I love that Anton’s headbanging to indie rock :)

P.S. Toby dancing as a three-year-old.