Flowers every month, to get her through the winter, starting at $149.

Stroopwafels with caramel that melt over a hot mug of tea. $20.

Felted pan handle covers because a) she’s an amazing cook, and b) where have these been all our lives?! $28 for two.

Blood, Bones & Butter, $10.27, the gripping memoir of a New York City chef Gabrielle Hamilton (it was a wild ride!), along with her new cookbook, $27.

Faux fur throw, $79, the softest, coziest blanket (our friends have one), so she can cuddle up while reading books, watching Homeland and listening to Serial (and then call you afterward!).

Porcelain table lanterns, $35, beautiful handmade candleholders to make her dining table glow.


Snow Cloud Slippers, $49.50, because it feels like walking on clouds.


Bath perfume, $72, the loveliest light scent, which smells like you’re fresh out of the shower.

Head massage because it’s the grown-up version of getting your hair played with. Prices vary.

A card saying how much you love her, since that’s all she really wants anyway.

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(Book photo by Tara Noland)