We’re wrapping up our month of comfort food with a comfort breakfast: this decadent eggnog French toast. How delicious would this be to serve guests over the holidays? Today, Jacquelyn from Lark & Linen shares her recipe…

Eggnog French Toast
by Jacquelyn Clark of Lark & Linen
photos by Melina Hammer

With the holidays quickly approaching, I find myself craving comfort food like it’s nobody’s business. Creamy mac and cheese, heaping portions of mashed potatoes and rich, decadent breakfasts galore. In our home, French toast is always reserved for special occasions. And what’s more special than the holiday season? This version, complete with a hearty dose of eggnog, as you do, is particularly awesome since you can quickly whip it together the night before. Come morning, you simply pop it in the oven and wait for your family to awake to the sweet, sweet, scent of warm cinnamon-y goodness.

Recipe: Eggnog French Toast

What you’ll need:

7 large eggs
2 cups eggnog
1 1/2 oz rum (optional)
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp cinnamon
a pinch of salt
1 1/2 tsp real vanilla extract
1 loaf of French bread, cut into 1″ slices
icing sugar, for dusting
maple syrup, in abundance
whipped cream, if desired

In a medium bowl, whisk together eggs, eggnog, rum, sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, salt and vanilla. Dip your slices of bread into the mixture (making sure to coat both sides!) and place them on a greased baking dish. Pour the remaining mixture overtop, cover and place in fridge overnight.

The next morning, preheat your oven to 450F and bake the dish on the bottom rack for 20-25 minutes.

Cool for a few minutes on wire rack, and then serve with a dusting of icing sugar, a whole bunch of maple syrup and a dollop of whipped cream.

Thank you so much, Jacquelyn!

(Recipe by Jacquelyn Clark. Photos by Melina Hammer for Cup of Jo. Thanks to Caroline Donofrio for her help with this series)