My friend Courtney lives in rainy London and has four kids, yet somehow always manages to look put-together. I’ve always been curious about how exactly she does it, so I was psyched when she agreed to share her four fall uniforms…

Look #1: Dress, scarf, similar hat, booties.

“I have a teeny tiny closet, so I’m really selective about what I buy. I’d rather buy one nice thing than five trendier things. My closet is filled with things I’ve worn forever, things I’ve had for years and years. Dresses are really easy to wear because you don’t have to think about your top and bottom—it’s just one thing to throw on. And they’re feminine and flirty.”

Look #2: Sweater (similar here), similar coat, jeans, scarf, bracelet, booties.

“I wish I had more time to think about outfits in the mornings, but, with four kids, I’m often in a rush and end up throwing on favorite jeans and a comfy sweater. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I always ask myself, “Would a Parisian wear this?” and then try to put together my outfits based on what I think the French would do! They are so good at accessorizing, so even if I’m wearing jeans and a simple sweater, I’ll try to add a few accessories. I feel best in skinny jeans. I like the slimmer profile and think they suit my short legs!”

Look #3: Sweater (similar here), skirt, bracelet, nail polish, booties.

“These suede booties are definitely my go-to shoe—I have them in black and tan! They’re super comfy and easy to wear—perfect with jeans or dresses. My lovely husband teased me about wearing too much black a few years ago, and after assessing my closet I realized he was right. (Black is so easy! It goes with anything!) I’ve made a lot of effort in the past few years to add more colors to my wardrobe.”

Look #4: Shirt, pencil skirt, booties (similar here), similar beanie, nail polish.

“It has taken me years to figure out how to dress for this crazy London weather! It’s become a habit to grab a hat and scarf as I walk out the door—even in the summertime, as it’s never quite warm enough for my liking. Also, hats are my way of hiding my often messy, unwashed hair. ”

Thank you so much, Courtney! Really digging the black nail polish!

P.S. Courtney’s beauty uniform, and more pretty fall outfits.

(Photos by Lesley Colvin for Cup of Jo)