Choosing a Haircut

Cup of Jo editor Caroline has had the same hair for almost thirty years (see above). She and her boyfriend just broke up, so she’s craving the classic Breakup Haircut—a fresh new look for a fresh start. But she isn’t sure what to do. Will you help her decide? Here are the three choices…

a) SHORT. “I love short hair on other people,” Caroline says. “But would I like it on myself?”

b) BANGS. “Looking like a sexy French girl (or at least trying to) is a not-so-secret dream of mine.”

c) DYING IT LILAC. “As I get older, I feel like this might be my last chance to try something crazy and (sort of) get away with it,” she says. Which should she choose? Whatever you pick she will do, and we’ll show pics! (I’m voting short!!!)

(Short hair photo by Refinery 29)

  1. Has she cut her hair yet? Cant wait to see the new look!

  2. I vote for a long bob! You can always add bangs later if you want. I’m a huge bang fan, by the way, but just sensitive that it’s a major change.

    If you decide you’re not quite ready, here are some alternatives to the breakup chop (my favorite is the visit to the Korean spa for a really intense scrub down):

  3. I vote all :) short bob with bangs and some violet! A bob with bangs is really striking and adding lilac (even a few pieces underneath) will be very dramatic. It will grow back and you can dye if you don’t like it!

  4. I voted on short! I recently chopped my hair into a bob and I love it! So much easier to deal with! It literally takes 5 minutes to do anything to it! You can get a traditional bob, or make it funky and textured! If you want bangs, maybe try a side-swept style. That would make any cowlick easier to deal with, AND it looks cute with any hair style! :)

  5. When will we see the results? wondering what the new style will be :)

  6. The best part about changing your hair is that it’s not forever! If yiu cut it short, it grows back. If you color it, you can change it back. Go wild!

  7. I say: Lilac!! I have been wanting to do it for a year and after seeing the picture on the blog, I did it yesterday! I love it! Maybe Short and lilac would go good together! :)

  8. Bangs!!!! I do bad things to my hair post breakup and find that bangs are the easiest thing to style if you decide to not very “you” after all…too short feels like something that will tip a girl that little bit too far over the edge at a turbulent time!! :)


    Ps wishing your friend adventure and courage and happiness – fab new hair cut included!!

  9. but caroline and the boyfriend just returned from italy together! I’m always sad when people split up, even when I don’t know the back story. but i second what kendriana said. post idea: i would love to hear more about insights drawn from your guys’ past relationships.

  10. While I think Caroline would look great with any of these styles, I voted short because I think she could look very Audrey Tautou! I’d say that is the epitome of sexy french girl. :)

  11. P.S.- I can’t believe that anyone would break up with you.

  12. Short! And donate it to a good cause!

  13. lilac and bangs!

  14. I agree with another commenter, that if you go short you should donate your hair to locks of love or something like that. I cut my hair short for the first time when I left for college as an 18 yr old and it was the best decision ever.

  15. i’ve tried all these cuts and bangs are by far the hardest. they take maintenance. the alexa chung cut is styled and your hair won’t look like that again after you leave the salon. the short one is easiest to keep up and make look like that day in and day out. you might find you have to go get trims more often, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles!

  16. Caroline, so sorry to hear about your break-up….

    My vote for the hair is short!!! And while you’re at it, why not go lilac too? :)

  17. I love these Caroline posts. Sometimes I’m not so keen when a blog adds a new editor and the voice I’ve come to known changes, but I really enjoy the addition of these posts and Caroline’s willingness to experiment for our entertainment! :)

  18. Short or Bands or Both!
    Please, no purple. Everyone and their dog has purple or grey hair these days. I for one am ready to see the end of this trend.