Back From England

Hi there! We got home last night from our trip visiting family in England. It was an amazing although totally chaotic trip with twenty adults and six rowdy children under four. Anton was teething, so a few nights were NUTS (I had to remind myself: babies be babies), but we loved spending the days on rocky beaches and the evenings drinking beers at the pub. I’m looking forward to sharing a few photos this week.

How have you been? Read anything good? Watch anything good? Cook anything good? Get a new job, or leave an old job? Take a trip? Cuddle a baby? Break up? I’d love to hear what you’re up to and thinking about these days…

Meanwhile, a new Motherhood Around the World post is coming right up! Hope you’re having a good morning, and sending love through the Internet. It’s nice to be back. xoxo

P.S. 10 tips for traveling with babies, and how to entertain toddlers on a plane.

  1. I read a great book in two days: What I did while You Were Breeding. Highly recommend. Welcome back

  2. I wanted to tell you about three documentaries I’ve watched recently while in nap jail: SOMM, Spinning Plates, and Tiny. Found on Netflix or OnDemand- can’t remember which I watched where ;) xoxo

  3. Welcome back! I missed you!

    I’ve read two fantastic books lately – “The Fault in our Stars” by John Green, and “Wonder” by RJ Palacio. I highly recommend them both!

  4. LC says...

    Jo, I was visiting Ireland and the UK when you were there! We actually stayed for 18 days, and it was my first time visiting. My favorite places in England were York (I loved Yorkminster Abbey), and the Cotswolds. Both places were so beautiful, and the people were lovely. We didn’t get to Cornwall, but it’s on our list for next time!

  5. tatanicka, congratulations on your sweet baby girl. i’m thinking of you and sending you a big hug! i promise: IT GETS SO MUCH EASIER! lots of mama love xoxoxo